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  1. Que version 4.9 es mejor?

    Ultra7Up lamento que te decepciones de la version 5. Quiero recordarte que sea beta o alpha esta en pleno comienzo. Seguira avanzando y lograr ser aun mejor. Tranquilo que maxthon seguira siendo el mejor navegador Web
  2. As we know Maxthon updated their browser and I get MX5 launched the app for Android and Iphone MX5, this post aims to clarify doubts that there are many post in the forum with features that do not have the mobile version as the desktop. It is very simple to understand, MX5 Mobile is in very early Beta stage of development. is a version that lets you try the browser that certainly is not bad, As update will be added all the fantastic features that you work in Maxthon from your computer. Not discouraged in supporting Internet browsing fast and fun way. More Doubts not hesitate to contact me.

    Huddlestone... Has comprobado tu conexion de datos? Osea tu red? Por que en mi celular anda perfecto y en EDGE para que no me consuma la bateria. En cuanto a la descargar de videos, Recuerda que apenas hay una version resientemente de maxthon MX5 y prodrian ir agregandole caracteristicas no te desanimes.