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  1. You Tube on smart tv

    Sory my friend A.S. i don't know unfortunately Rusian language, if you know Serbian language we can talk on Serbian. Best regards. Pozdrav iz Srbije.
  2. You Tube on smart tv

    No, MX5 does not have these option at all, It would be nice to have it.
  3. You Tube on smart tv

    No, I think that is not google cast addon. If you use Vivaldi browser on DuckDuckGo search engine this possible also exist.and it working perfect.
  4. It would be good to make the possible as Vivaldi and Google chrome browser to show when something music video playing on You Tube can be possible to display on the smart tv.
  5. 64 bit MX 5

    When you will be able to make MX 5 64 bit ? I think it would be much quicker and smoother on 64 bit systems.
  6. Skin and background

    It would be good and nice to create a skin extension for the MX 5 browser and more defolt backgrounds, as well as the ability to add picture as background like in MX 4.9