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  1. Skin and background

    It would be good and nice to create a skin extension for the MX 5 browser and more defolt backgrounds, as well as the ability to add picture as background like in MX 4.9
  2. Add your country number to account center

    Serbia +381 please.
  3. Mx-v5.0.1.1700 Crash Report

    Hi BugSir006. Well I sincerely hope that you will soon solve this as soon as possible. Best regards.
  4. Mx-v5.0.1.1700 Crash Report

    Hi BugSir006. Yes I mean most site. Yes I try to open the same site with MS Edge and MS Edge open every site like lightning.
  5. Mx-v5.0.1.1700 Crash Report

    Can you speed up the opening website?.I use win 10, 64 bit. and the website is so slow open.