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  1. The update does not work option

    have you read the topics about updates (difference between official and betas) well i'm using only portable versions and i can't tell you more voodoo child
  2. What is this message?

    i suppose the message is: access denied related to rendering engine no trouble with MX 5.2. 000 but above versions switching cores won't help voodoo child
  3. Ad Blocker

    please do refer to threads talking about ADB in MX5, and also take a look at adblock custom rules https://adblockplus.org/filters voodoo child
  4. you can delete the subfolders keep the origins folder. anyway you can save the folder content before deleting as usual
  5. Downloads Not Found.

    you know what : It's unclear. the download manager tells file not found if you try to download to a location that doesn't exist: external hard drive not connected, name changed, file deleted or something like this. Another case is that you try to download once more from a source that doesn't exist anymore. voodoo child
  6. and so you got it uninstalled, don't you let's have a try with portable version if you're still in trouble there is something wrong with you PC voodoo child
  7. Home Button

    take a look at settings > general > homepage > manage homepage voodoo child
  8. just tried with portable version, the last one and it works well. Win x pro
  9. Adblocker?

    Everybody knows you've been sued and ABP had to be installed manually. i read the release notes ( and now if you excuse me i must go ) helpful extensions of the chrome store are not available. in fact you can't access the Chrome store; if i remember well voodoo child
  10. Irritating advertising

    It happens when you set : automatically clear data on exit, when all items are selected I guess it's the server who check data; and display this ad and this server is located in the Beijing valley If our kindly friends from maxthon team could do a nice job by removing it; we can then call them good people peace voodoo child
  11. try https://www.yahoo.com no need to type maxthon IE!! make up your mind; IE is dead
  12. v5.1.2.200 extensions gone?

    on the left you mean the sidebar? open the menu item and then view you can try the
  13. there are many ways to introduce changes Here you are clearly telling the world that they are few maxthon users and moderators so we make a change Nowadays each word has to be considered : is it a bad or a good sign ? how to provide a positive message of Mx ?
  14. Extension for intercepting new window/tab requests?

    something like Ublock origin let you know that you are redirected block and tell you; you can choose to skip kaspersky AV has some interesting features, blocking suspicious sites and darkening search results wich are boring advertisement sometimes scripts can led you to third part ad parteners webpages or just hidden content of a website Traps are not only used by scammers
  15. Sooo do any MX5 skins exist?

    Let people achieve a more accomplished browser; MX5 is still in early dev. If you want skin before a good stuff can be released; that your point of view. If someone is working on skins i'm happy for those who call for, though i don't bother.
  16. Adblock Plus Not Working

    Are you sure to have set ABP not to show acceptable ads in the settings
  17. Last.fm Scroblr for Maxthon

    Jumping through threads you will find out that Maxthon is not a clone, is based on a kind of chrome core; but not compatible with chrome store. the extensions are few and poor if that particular is not that probably because it is not possible to fit this browser API had to be confirm by supervisor
  18. hi as far i never use the side bar there is still the shortcut ctrl+J