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  1. Maxthon Multi Search

    there are options for languages when you click on a search engine in multisearch rather simple with google; you can look into others and find a menu that contains options or settings and finally find languages
  2. A big problem

    it was an old error using chrome; the browser don't trust a site i suggest testing to uncheck those items in setting->privacy if it doesnt help i can't help; maybe another answer can be found there is no need to know the site name; it's a browser setting
  3. Best Ad-Blocker setup?

    I suppose you have check the policies of ABP not to allow acceptable ads now disable run script for all sites and enable just when necessary disable flash in the config panel ( some sites will be out ) there is no toggle switch extension in maxthon to disalbe/enable JScript yo can also try some violent monkey scripts with no guarantee
  4. My opinion on MX5 and the bugs I found

    there are two parts in your post the first is the usual whinning boy blues song and the second is about computer security i can't do a thing about maxthon developping stuff; on security flaw it goes witout saying syncing and the cloud are all time vulnerabilities, use at your own risk so are the social networks. It's a big deal.
  5. Last Session list is gone :(

    so you say that the list when you click on the arrow of the search bar show you only three items and nothing in the history as well?
  6. 5.02.2000 the endless story of 5

    So if i try to catch you you had some trouble with bookmarks. I don't want to take it the wrong way: you tried to save a new bookmark and it fails; that's what you mean. I can't reproduce; everything is allright with 5.02.2000 for me; i'm using portable version on win 10 pro. try to make snapshots of what you're doing. is it an update of an installed version or portable; are you connected to your account or as guest. is it a syncing trouble with portable devices and so on.
  7. MX5.0.2.1600 proxy issue on IE mode

    if you want to use a proxy you had to set it the proprer way. nothing to do with maxthon. So you mean that you have your own proxy for your office use. If you can access the web without the proxy, there is something wrong.
  8. Taskbar won't hidden when fullscreen

    already been discussed, take a look anyway there's no answer
  9. just take a few minutes advanced uploader requires flash 9 ( flash is on his way to death recent browsers chrome based, but not only, disable flash ) i don't know about MX updates and flash. basic uploader works
  10. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    i miss the open all commands prompt on right click sometime i wonder you seem to be to much on the hurry; i find myself imagining you as a bunch of young puppies
  11. Extension for intercepting new window/tab requests?

    something like Ublock origin let you know that you are redirected block and tell you; you can choose to skip kaspersky AV has some interesting features, blocking suspicious sites and darkening search results wich are boring advertisement sometimes scripts can led you to third part ad parteners webpages or just hidden content of a website Traps are not only used by scammers
  12. PLEASE, fix the "lag" when loading something.

    MX5 is a new variation of maxthon; not fully achieved; and that's why you can experience troubles here and there. That is the reason why i personnaly use a portable version just to have a try. I'm not using it as my main browser most of the time people didn't make difference between the developping process with trial and errors and the advertisement promises
  13. Browser keeps starting with locked tabs

    First you try to do a scan with your AV, then try with MBAR, and other PUP killers like adwcleaner or zhp cleaner. If you are a MX master you don't need help for MX itself, you can try to lacate last modified files. something else is a restoration point but it's not enough; you have to scan for viruses and other crapwares then.
  14. Need status bar translation...

    May i ask you the usual questions: What is your browser version; portable or not. When did you come to find your status bar was in chinese. From where did you download MX; Have you made any update or changes recently