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  1. where has my QA gone ?

    since QA is a webpage and you can't get QA i would suggest a trouble with the connection or your account what is the last action you've done before you lost QA? AV update; ADblock new list, host files, violent monkey script, VPN or other action which could have any influence on MX. If not could be your account.
  2. Administrative Privs

    you got an account for your son ( maxton account?) on his computer he got a guest or family account ( windows ) that's what you try to say with : no administrative control everytime you have to enter your password ( maxthon account password or windows admin password? ) if maxthon register the password so you'll never be asked; if windows i don't know what to say at first sight, i use maxthon portable on a computer with windows guest account and with a personal maxthon account and no trouble
  3. works for me with the last official or the last beta (portable)
  4. problems with Violentmonkey and picViewer

    i guess it's an issue with 2.6.4 version of violentmonkey; remove it and go to github to find violentmonkey-2.6.3.mxaddon and copy in appdata roaming mx5 users addon ( beware there are two addon folders, one for guest and one for your account ) current version is 2.7.0 not avalaible for maxthon
  5. try github https://github.com/violentmonkey/violentmonkey-mx/releases and install manually in appdata roaming maxthon3 users guest addon see if it works
  6. i try to figure out what you've done: so you've installed MX 4.1 then delete ( can only be a portable version ) and not uninstall and you upgrade 5.04 ( to 5.1 i mean )
  7. and what about the MX settings?
  8. 5.1 sound and Flash plug-in

    you run windows and you say you have only maxthon browser and nothing else? why are you trying to play vids on youtube with flash player?
  9. they are many threads about that, multiple process is part of new browsers, nothing to deal with. so there is a difference between MX5 and 4; you always can use a guest account on mx5. finally stay with MX4 if CPU usage is a killer point clicking on the x or delete menu gives no warning ( supposing you do it for fun that is not a good thing ): so on the other browsers it's the same unless there is a recycle bin
  10. if not open the web page delete the link and recreate i can just mention that: have been already discussed, and you could have found the answer since the trouble comes in a couple of weeks ago
  11. Organizing favorites or bookmarks

    you can do a lot of things when it comes to favourites and bookmarks. Take a look at all the icons here and there and use right click. I guess there is a tutorial somewhere but i don't remember you say magic fill should be printable. that also the hackers best wishes; they can stole more easily all your passwords. magic fill could be a major security weakness; you will never know what's going on; but one day you'll find out and cry Find a mooc on data and internet security and once finished the course you will be another person.
  12. this link doesn't exist ; has been removed or something i cannot access to
  13. try to delete your shortcuts one by one and recreate them open the website page; delete the qa shortcut and recreate a new one and so on
  14. if i catch you you mean in MX5 the entire text has the same color (same font weight) and on others browsers the first part (domain name is black ) and the relative page in this domain is gray correct?
  15. Can not uninstall

    if you're logged as admin just click continue and this will work it's just windows warning; if youre not you'll be asked to login as admin and you will be prompted if you are the admin it's a warning; if you are not you will get the logon screen