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  1. you still got the option of local account with MX. I use wifi a lot because i'm often on the run. There was some troubles in the early days of MX. I'm suspecting a premature launch to compete Opera i use portable MX last version along with win 10 pro creator edition and nothing wrong so my default browser remain edge; faster to connect to wifi spots because there is less latency. then i use MX or another. Cloud account in MX is an idea but wifi is not wire connection and may dramatically slow down data flow I'm lucky enough to have my organisation supplying me a handy smartphone, which i use when things goes wrong that's life not simple life
  2. everything is working perfectly for me. anyway i don't wont to access to your sites no https clear all browsing data not only cache
  3. Mxnote scroll problem

    no need of sidebar to access maxnote just click on your account icon and there you are and you got a scrollbar
  4. Can I rename the QuickAcess folder?

    that's the way to do it
  5. Unwanted games on desktop !

    trust me ain't MX5 fault try adwcleaner or similar
  6. in fact this question has flown thousand times; mostly it's automatic and you're asked by MX5 otherwise
  7. URL position in Address bar

    as you know this is a shortened url; if you are visiting a thread on the forum when you click in, the whole url will be displayed. if you click on the home button you will be on the root and then you can do what you say you want to do
  8. so you can see you had the dropdown address selected and so on this will bring you to where it's intend that means you had first selected the suggested dropdown by hiting the down arrow key so hiting the up key will choose the address bar item in this case no issue just the real thing, do it the right way and it will be fine
  9. this should be an easy one :)

    you got a quick tool, on the toolbar click on the arrow you'll see the translator icon, just enable so this will not automatically translate you still have to click on i hope this works i still don't have 4.4 anymore
  10. Think first it's a convenience of win 10 to place and rearrange open windows on the sides of the screen; so if you try forbidden moves blame microsoft not MX
  11. hi, i can't reproduce; no trouble with tabs for me; using mx5 no matter what i do version 5.03.4000 win 10 pro creator update
  12. the entire users when you uninstall you'll be asked is whether or not you want to keep your user data you can as a safety precaution store a copy
  13. right; if you're running win10 the icon of the manager is enlighten when finished; just take a look on the tasbar. for google search just set your search engine to google if you're a fan; nowadays and since long; address bar and search bar do the same
  14. so something went wrong, i suggest to find a 4.4.8 version of maxthon then uninstall maxthon and keep your settings then install the fresh 4.4.8 maybe you can achieve this by looking deep in your computer if there's not this version ready to install something like an old zip remaining in the downloads folder
  15. That's right tested with 4 browsers, MX5 does not display this web page smoothly. it's a php file which contain a PDF viewer and many javascripts.