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  1. there are many ways to introduce changes Here you are clearly telling the world that they are few maxthon users and moderators so we make a change Nowadays each word has to be considered : is it a bad or a good sign ? how to provide a positive message of Mx ?
  2. so when you got a trouble and you try to fix it, it's fine to tell people about what you've done there are plenty of mages in this forum but with no powers; it's a funny name made-up by some comics fan. anyway HTML5 player works fine on my computer with win10 pro; but the mini player doesn't. With MX or opera vid don't load; with edge i got a black screen. My AV warns me about non secure connections and stopped them but it's not related to this issue i tried various tricks about flash and java; tried to explore the webpage code; but it leads to nothing Now i know that i will use html5 player and forget about the mini player. that makes my day
  3. super drag error on github.com

    Well also tested with portable;;; on win 10 pro 1703 15063 you can move a text selection in any text box have you tried usual things like clear browsing data or using a portable version; another browser?
  4. super drag error on github.com

    misreading of the word "mage" ! for me i'm a voodoo child but few people know here so nevermind; be more precise, that what we are asking for almost every time
  5. Google doc backspacing error

    works also perfect with 4.9 on win 10
  6. super drag error on github.com

    what do you are intend to do; if selected you can drag and drop to open a new tab
  7. Youtube new design

    no trouble with it for me have you tried the usual clear browsing data i'm running last beta but never experienced any issue before
  8. mx5.1.0.2200-beta

    purple haze all around
  9. well honestly i don't know the reason why, vista is miles away and i can't try to see what's happen maybe due to the MX code and vista. WIth win 10 works, i don't have win7 no more. MX 5.1 comes with a new core maybe not compatible with vista, i can't tell
  10. it's a general protection, means MX try to access protected memory and fails
  11. you mean you have PDF files on your computer and you've set the file association with acrobat? ( right click on a pdf file property and open with to check) if you mean, when you got a file on the web and maxthon will open the pdf that's because it's built-in reader i guess there is an icon of acrobat on the toolbar to set adobe reader as default reader ( but i ain't got Acrobat since years )
  12. so you're not actually copying a snapshot into your mail, you're attaching a file to your mail; isn't it. second thing: at work there are rules and you had to follow them and a browser had to be approved as all softwares if not a soft cannot seff attribute rights; keep this in mind because you know this
  13. i took a snapshot of the whole page and export as html and i got the snapshot as in maxnote and with the original clickable link at the bottom of the page the same with two random webpages i saved as a bookmark and then export as txt and i got the link ( not clickable anyway it's plain text ) no html naturally share button i don't give a damn using portable
  14. Youtube stopped working

    In forums like this there is no instant reply, it's not a chat. Please be patient. are you using a wireless connection? have you made a search on the web to find an answer i've you tried to delete all the browser data have you tried uninstall and reinstall a new exe please note : this will be the only answer i will give to you for this subject
  15. AV and firewall will let you know if there is lack or permission you'll get an error message so if retro mode works there is a connexion, if MX don't stop searching it's website trouble, i don't use MX5 all the time, i use four or more browser when needed anyway the way i usually do is to put a copy of the new portable version in a folder and copy the user data of the previous version so i keep 3 versions alongside