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  1. Nothing is safe if i enter your computer i will stole all your passwords encrypted or not
  2. Maxthon now update automatically?

    i guess there was an old topic about that; a simple trick use portable voodoo child
  3. Reader mode

    snowleopard has answered you question; now it's more a request to get an auto reader mode feature
  4. No trouble for me running MX portable try to clear all data, exit MX; if it don't solve go to passkeeper and delete the line related to your account (after saving it ) then go to the login page to fill manually; MXwill suggest to save a new password for this account
  5. it seems to be CTRL+S and not S, underlined letters are planned when building the code you can enter a shortcut for the choosen items in shortcut management
  6. i use only portable versions, something bothers me are you speaking of stable versions or uptating to beta versions; i think there are in this forum previous threads about this; have you read those carefully
  7. have a closer look to settings and manage shortcuts voodoo child
  8. wrong download location PDF

    have you checked the usual causes voodoo child
  9. Had Some Problems, I Now Have Questions...

    To give you answer: Which version were you running previously 4 or 5? if you were running 4 and you decline update at the time it's not a odd thing that you never have been asked for a long time. talking about computer freezing, you say computer was fixing errors, i guess you were prompted after a restart; and that is probably because there were errors on the disk. Could be a bad sign; but i don't know if it's a hard disk or SSD, how old is the HD, and what you've done to lead to disk errors. It's not as simple as people think About Maxthon i use portable versions only and for fun; I can't tell about the whole story, now if you take a look at the threads they are miscellaneous troubles, issues every now and then. I call it The Happy Beijin Valley sweeties
  10. Default Download Location

    i guess there is a thread about that, anyway the download manager is there to manage and it works voodoo child
  11. undo "don't ask again"

    right click on the file and choose properties and change open with association
  12. unusual error message

    WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. (wiki quote) This is a problem that needs to be addressed by the game's developer. try with a 64 bits browser and be sure you have enough memory can you tell if this is the first time you play that game with MX
  13. Maxthon 5 Favourites Broken

    Which version; did that happen on first install or an update; and did you read the previous threads on that matter seams there are frequently topics around for this subject voodoo child
  14. crash

    there was a crash when opening Телеканал Карусель – официальный сайт – смотреть детские ... https://www.karusel-tv.ru/ The first time, once MX reloaded everything goes right
  15. I got this the attached note is as it appears, i don't think this is new but i guess this is a bad translation for the current version; i use portable MX