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  1. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    and another idea is to have (Auto version updater) on Maxthon 5 when you check your version so that it can Updated to the latest Official released version.. maybe good for users that do not wan't to always delete MX5 and install newer version manually
  2. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    I think that i go back to MX 4.9 and wait untill there is a good version of MX5 because my site's/games laggs as homer simpson on MX5 so i think i go back to 4.9 ;s my father did it to
  3. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    Wilser, what is an "Core" and for what is it makes for on MX5?
  4. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    and i'm really a skype user in Browser, so i been liked it to have an: Skype browser call Plug-in (Skype browserhost.exe) in maxthon 5 #idea.
  5. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    and maybe another idea is to have an "Updater" for Maxthon 5 (Adobe Flash Player" or to have always the latest Adobe flash player in Maxthon 5 (updated-itself) because, who want's to manually copy and replace files for just Adobe flash player? and Later this day i will add another Issue but now i'm going to skool
  6. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    It's an Maxthon-issue i think let's try to add abonnement to Maxthon 5 (there will come only a window with play store) https://adblockplus.org/nl/subscriptions Google chrome has already The option when you click on "Add abonnement" that your adblock plus window appear with the filter and that you can succesfull add in in your adblock.. and sure that would be a nice option for users, because nobody wants to add filters manually type it in the Custom filters. xD
  7. Hi there, I think for Users that use Skype in Browsers, i really like to have an "Skype webplugin.." for Maxthon 5 and laters versions (3) and To "add" Button in the Original site of Adblockplus for Adding new Abbonements and straight add these filters in Adblock plus, without to install it manually (Please "Add" button so that we not to type filters manually in Adblock Plus). (4) Google chrome already Have these setting when you click on "Abonnement now" that the Adblock plus window appear with the Filter to succesfully add. and Found issue's in: "Nightmode" there's No Button: "Settings Night-mode" Just blank bar.. Fix this please. (1) and there's also no Button in "Capture" just Blank bar.. fix this also Please. (2) 'Brent. [BUGS and ISSUE'S]
  8. Maxthon and [Facebook-Call Issue]

    and i'm using a Audio and Voice splitter Cable, for my Headphone.. and my Default audio System is: Realtek High definition audio.
  9. Maxthon and [Facebook-Call Issue]

    So, i need to check (Default Device) by Microphone settings? and test it again.. and is on both computers (3) that i have this issue. Thankyou, i will try that when i'm back home.. but it's on different computers :s but i text you when its solved
  10. Hi there, i recently use maxthon again [Latest version of MX5 and MX4.9] and i use Facebook-call everyday to talk with friends to play games on my Console. but on Maxthon it won't work when i click on *Make call* i see a new window with this text on it: Call Ended.. and when i test it in Retro-Mode it says: *Activate Microphone* but i already have sets my Microphone to my standard, i tested it and my Mice is good? i tested/checked everything on the both Maxthon browsers and nothing works.. on other browsers facebook-call will work but not on these 2 browsers help me please..
  11. Hi there, it's a long time ago i have been her for an new question.. but this really struggles me.. always when i do a Facebook-call it won't work, or Microphone not Detected. but i have set it and tested it with software and my mice works?? Please help me i did everything, retro-mode, ultra-mode nothing work..