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  1. Upon searching this forum, I see that there is no provision for exporting Bookmarks or Favorites. If I had known, I would not have upgraded my browser. My bookmarks are a very important part of my work, and now that I am going on the road, I need to get my bookmarks over to my laptop computer. I also can't seem to find an online help file. Only this forum seems to be the place to search for answers, like how to export bookmarks. So, it is possible that I am not finding the right messages that show that this feature was eventually added back in. But, for now, I am very sorry that I even started using Maxthon. -Joe While all the messages I found indicated that it was not available, I did finally stumble upon the ability to export bookmarks. From the menu choose tools, and then Import/Export user data. And while that problem is solved, that leaves the issue of a searchable help file. If I could have searched for the word "export" in the help file, it would have saved me half an hour of reading notes on this forum, all of which said that it is not possible yet. And even those threads were closed, so no one can add a message saying "it is possible". -Joe
  2. I found a solution. By renaming that folder of favotires, Maxthon could not find it. So, it defaulted to the parent directory of favorites. The, I could right-click in a blank area of the favorites bar, and then select the directory I want for the favorites bar. -joe
  3. I accidentally set the row of bookmars that are across the top of my screen (that show/hide when you hit Cntrl-B) to be my ENTIRE set of bookmarks. I am on verion Now, I can't figure how to set it back to how it was. Because the list is quite long, at the far right, there is a >> button, which opens a pop-down window that shows all of them in columns. Normally, to reset what folder is chosen to display across the top, you right-click on that bar, away from existing buttons. But now there is no place you can right-click to get that menu. I tried in the pop-down window with the bookmarks in columns, when I right click on a blank area, it does not give me that pop-up menu that used to offer me the chose of what folder to display there. I tried to use the "reset all settings" in the settings menu, but that had no effect on the problem. Any ideas? -Joe
  4. Blank Web Notification windows

    I am on ver, I will get the MX5 version. -Joe
  5. Blank Web Notification windows

    I don't see that the attachment went through, using the Drag n Drop method. So, I will try again. -Joe
  6. Over the past few days, on some web sites, I start to get a series of small windows that appear on the lower-right side of the screen. They accumulate, and stay until I manually close each of them. One of the web sites where they appear is I do not know the cause, or what they really are. I am on version 4.4.8 of Maxthon. Since they keep accumulating, it is enough of a problem that have to stop using Maxthon if I want to visit the problem web pages. Attached is a screen grab showing what they look like. Any idea what the trigger is for this?