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  1. Dear developers, please decide on the linear numbering of MX5 releases (including alpha, beta and RC), then this confusion will cease to be possible
  2. MX - in general, not a bug, but very inconvenient: the browser "forgets" previously completed logins. Prior to this version, the completed logins remained after restarting the MX: Facebook, VK, Yandex, Google, Mail.ru... (if you were not manually logged out, of course). Now you need log in to your account every time, when MX5 launches. However, logging into Maxthon Passport is still automatic. It looks as though MX5 itself clears the cache/cookies on exit, however the option "Auto clear on exit" is not enabled. Update: Just now I tried to clear ALL browser data (except for its settings, of course). Then I restarted the MX5, log in into the VK, restarted the MX5 again, the completed login was not saved.
  3. Hello! Previously, for small screens on smartphones, it was not so obvious to me, or I didn’t use the MX5 so often on these devices to notice. But on a fairly large tablet today, I noticed a lack of comfort for tab closing. MX5 for PC can almost “from the cradle” close tabs by double clicking on their title. But on the tablet (version MX Android) it does not work: the usual double tap (as on PC) does not cause any effect. And in the application settings, I did not find anything like that would activate this feature. To close an unnecessary tab, you have to more accurately press [X], which on a relatively small screen at 10" after three (or more, for especially stubborn users) opened new empty tabs, (or switch to the right tab) causes a "butthurt". Summary: it is desirable to add the ability to close tab by double tap on its title, enable/disable this, and the checkbox "close tab by double-tap" in the MX for PDA settings (Android, iOS, etc.).
  4. The bug from MX (sometimes manifested in earlier MX5) and to the current If the MX5 is maximized on startup, it is not always possible to display the Win 8.1/10/Srv2012R2 taskbar, moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen. To switch between applications, or click the button in the taskbar, you have to minimize or resize the browser window. At the same time, the MX5 icon in the taskbar does not look pressed (although I launch the browser by clicking on this icon). There is no definite consistency in this event. Now I have restarted the MX5, and everything has become OK. That is, it looks as though MX5 sometimes launches its window in the form of "Dialog Window + Monopole Window", speaking in programmer jargon.
  5. In this version the failure I described, there is no more. Thank You!
  6. Thanks for the information. Here is the current crash report. Today there were two of them. MaxthonCrashData.zip
  7. Yes, I will, please tell me where the report file is located. I will attach it here.
  8. MX5 ver crashed when I use function "Organize Favorites" - "Site update and check" MX5 ver failure when using the "Organize Favorites" function - "Site update and check" I send an auto report twice (or more). Specified description: MX crash is not clear on a specific record of the favorites, but not systematically: on the previous launch - 5 seconds ~15 elements of the favorites, now: about 30 seconds, 40 elements. But this is repeated every time you use this feature. So I can assume the disadvantages of programming this function. Please correct these issues for the final release. [Some offtop next: Also, I participate in the translation of MX5 into Russian (in MX5 Windows projects, and less often for Android: I don’t have an Android device now). Therefore, if you expand the functionality of MX5, which requires new texts, please add these lines to the translation project more closely. And for longer text (often the text does not fit on the buttons after translation), or, create recommendations for translators, for the limit but understandable ordinary people cuts)] Please separate these functions inside MXNote: Update favorites icons and Check favorites links, as I suggested earlier: )