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  1. Well, one never knows. You know ... given that at any given time, there are a myriad of threads going on all over the place regarding various issues. We very likely assuredly don't have the luxury of there being a little crew of Forum Thread Reading Associates at Maxthon HQ whose sole purpose is to ensure that ALL threads get read. Hopefully they do stumble upon it. It would benefit Maxthon just as much as it would benefit us the users that the fix be implemented the sooner the better.
  2. Thanks, DaveMax ... Brunes. The $64,000,000 question is: Are the Maxthon Devs aware of this issue now? I always wonder in situations like this whether the Devs are aware of a problem or if it's only us the members discussing it in a thread.
  3. So do I understand correctly ...........? So then this isn't entirely a Google issue, but also partly a Maxthon issue? In other words, there IS something that Google needs to fix ... but, so does Maxthon? Right? Cuz if my Opera browser can minimize the occurrence of some of those Invalid Certificates, then that means there is something that Maxthon needs to tweak / tune as well, right?
  4. Interesting test results, Brunes. It'd be great if the Maxthon Devs get that data. Of course, like you, I too am just a Freshman around here. I don't know how to go about ensuring that the Devs get data like that. Then again, you might try sending it via Menu > Help > Send feedback Reference this thread along with the findings of your testing.
  5. Ahhh, now I get it. You cleared things up, 7twenty. Yes, apparently I was misinterpreting the 2 modes completely backwards as to which one was active at any given time by the indication in the menu. So I do see now that all my websites ARE being displayed in Ultra mode contrary to what I previously thought. @Joemax --- Hey, Joe, that Lightning Bolt Ultra Mode-indicating icon bit is an excellent piece of info. No mistaking things now with that in my face indication. @7twenty --- Regarding my explanation regarding the micro-dotted outline Reply Box not entirely making sense? I have attached an image to show what I meant. As you can see, upon having switched to Retro Mode ... when I would place my cursor inside the Reply Box, it would not expand to show all the text attributes and stuff. It would just get a dotted outline and nothing else would happen. That additional info regarding the Invalid Certificate issue is good to know, 7twenty. If that gets ironed out by the Devs, hopefully I can return back to MX5 even with Windows XP. Thanks, JoeMax ... 7twenty! That was a pretty good, very useful batch of information.
  6. Okay, help me understand this more. In my case, as far as Browsing settings, I have checked the Enable standard rendering in Retro Mode setting. I do NOT have the Always use Ultra Mode setting checked. If Ultra mode is used by default on all sites, why do I see the Switch browser core: Ultra -> Retro indication on ALL sites as per the attached image? Shouldn't I be seeing Retro -> Ultra? Or am I misinterpreting which one means Retro and which one means Ultra? Oh, and interestingly enough, just for the heck of it, while on THIS site, I clicked to change the setting to Retro -> Ultra ... and the Reply Box to this thread didn't want to work. A micro-dotted outline would appear around the collapsed Reply Box and nothing else would happen after that. So, I switched it back to Ultra -> Retro. (This is on Maxthon
  7. We'll see if some of the other members here can confirm / duplicate the issue you're experiencing, Brunes. I can't do it myself since I no longer have MX5 installed. You might have to just resign yourself to using Retro mode for those Google pages. Heck, frankly I was surprised, borderline shocked the other day when if I interpreted the info in the Menu window correctly ... ALL of the websites that I use were being displayed in Retro mode. I would have thought that if most websites supposedly try to stay up to date with technology ... MX5 would have been displaying most if not all of them in Ultra mode. Who knows. Maybe I have an incorrect understanding of how the dual engine system in MX5 works. My understanding is that it is supposed to be automatic and that if it is a website with up to date technology --- MX5 will display it using Ultra mode ... unless the User forces it to use Retro mode. If it is a website using older technology, MX5 will display it in Retro mode. Can anyone confirm whether my understanding is incorrect so that I can update my thinking on how the dual engine system in MX5 works?
  8. Did you confirm with other browsers that they didn't exhibit that problem and that it was only MX5 with the problem, Brunes? As of last night, I finally waved the white flag and cried uncle. Yeah, I ripped MX5 out and went back down to I was downloading some apps at On some of them, the image for the green download button just didn't want to display no matter what I tried. I even tried individually opening the images in another tab so that the data would then be in the cache. But, nope. Trying that just threw up yet another Invalid Certificate message. And with those green download button images not being able to be displayed, I of course could not download the apps. I concluded that that Invalid Certificate Fest was not going to stop as long as I kept using MX5 with Windows XP. So I declared my MX5 experiment DONE for now.
  9. I tried, Magdalene. However, it had an issue that I didn't like. And it was another one of those issues that appeared to be Windows XP compatibility-related. You know ... as in not likely to get fixed. I brought the issue up here on the forums. It had to do with the displaying of the entire page now being off by I believe 2 or so pixels vs. the LOOK on Like a very minute, micro zooming action was incorporated in the displaying of the page. As micro as it was, though, it was enough to throw off certain things ... like how many Favorites were now displayed in my Favorites Bar vs. on for starters. And I believe it was chopping off a 1 pixel height bit off the very top of the tabs --- as in the top outline / border of the tabs. I believe it was 7twenty who confirmed that he could duplicate the issue when he used Windows XP. Given that was supposed to be an official update to, in my opinion, the issue was significant enough that it should have been fixed ... otherwise, that would make inferior / defective compared to But, I didn't kid myself. I faced reality. I knew that with Maxthon Cloud 4 being way in the backburner now that MX5 is around, the issue was not likely remotely going to be fixed. So, I just went back down to
  10. I already knew about the Chrome having kicked support for XP to the curb at that certain point in the past. That's why I had switched to Maxthon Cloud after enjoying several years of Opera as my browser of choice until Opera 36.0.2130.65 became the WALL of no more support for XP after that. However, while Maxthon Cloud 4 has been cool with my XP ... what I didn't know was what was going on under the hood of MX5. I somehow assumed that MX5 would also somehow be fully-compatible with and fully-support XP. So thanks for the heads up regarding what's going on under the hood of MX5, Magdalene. At least Maxthon allows us XP users to download MX5 and test drive it and decide for ourselves whether it's compatible enough for our uses with our XP. This unlike how Opera and Vivaldi won't even allow you to install the newer versions if Windows XP is detected. I'll continue evaluating MX5 and monitoring the situation in general with MX5 in my XP. If at some point some compatibility issue makes me start pulling my hair out, I can always go back to It now makes perfect sense why my Opera 36.0.2130.65 just happened to have no trouble bringing up those Vivaldi pages. It's that Opera 36.0.2130.65 was the last Opera version that still supported XP.
  11. Hmmm ... Odd. Unfortunately this is probably pointing towards it being a compatibility issue with Windows XP. And that means it's not likely to get fixed. Doh! On the bright side, as of this morning, on my 3rd day of using MX5 ... accessing my Gmail with my MX5 is working fine --- so far. I've done several takes and I haven't encountered the dreaded Invalid Certificate message yet. I don't know if it'll suddenly start making some cameos later in the day, but for now I'm good. The accessing Vivaldi issue is still solidly there, but ehhhhh, that one is not a big issue, not a deal breaker at this time anyway given that as long as I have Windows XP, I cannot use Vivaldi anyway. It's just that I happened to have those links in my bookmarks and in testing them and having them fail with my MX5 and not with Opera and Maxthon Cloud 4, I figured it indicated an issue that Maxthon might want to look into. Oh well. As long as my Gmail keeps working, I'll be satisfied. Thanks, DaveMax, joemax, No.1MaxthonFan.
  12. I am using the absolute latest version of MX5 --- Jussst in case it could possibly make a difference, I am using Windows XP SP3 Pro. I have avast 12.3.2280. I use NetZero Dial Up. Despite all those, though, I wasn't experiencing this issue with Maxthon Cloud and Opera. Yeah, just like yesterday ... today I again still encountered the Invalid Certificate way more often than not with gmail. This while not having a problem with Opera. And I'm talking a VERY old Opera --- 36.0.2130.65. And as for the Vivaldi experiment? Wooooo, that one is worse. My MX5 will not bring up the Vivaldi Blog, Vivaldi Forums or Vivaldi Community anytime. Those 3 aren't even a case of sometimes. I get the Invalid Certificate message with those 3 ALL of the time with MX5. Again, while not having a problem with Opera. This seems to me more like a bug rather than just a glitch. Hopefully it can be fixed very soon. I sure don't want to be forced to have to get used to clicking on "Continue" at the Invalid Certificate message ... or to have to bring up Opera every time I have to check my gmail.
  13. Why am I intermittently getting Invalid Certificate messages when accessing gmail via the official gmail button on the Speed Dial that came with MX5? I sure hope that's not gonna be the norm. That would get me seeing red here soon. Then MX5 will give me one of those same Invalid Certificate messages when trying to access while my Maxthon Cloud Portable and my Opera 36.0.2130.65 WILL bring up the Vivaldi site. Could it be that MX5 is purposely blocking the Vivaldi site because it is a competitor?
  14. Alrighty then, Magdalene. I quickly followed that path and appears easy enough to follow. Once I finish recreating my Favorites, which should probably be sometime later this evening, I'll see about actually saving my just out of the oven, freshly-created Favorites to an HTML file. Thanks, Magdalene. And thanks everyone else also for chiming in with info.
  15. Well, I took all of that time to uninstall Maxthon 4 because any which way that I looked at it, it's been kicked to the curb. Support for it, both from Maxthon itself and from here on the forums in general is now slim to none. Like I had some issues with the new update and it was obvious that there was no interest in fixing them. Then this past week my Maxthon Cloud 4 started displaying right in my face the message that my version of Maxthon was "very old and loading speed was slow and that I should upgrade." Then I started experiencing some mysterious, suspicious glitches. I know Maxthon would deny it, but I was convinced that Maxthon probably injected them on purpose so as to force holdouts like me to finally upgrade to the new version. So with everything and everyone doing their best to bulldoze me into upgrading to MX5, I finally did. So with that having happened and MX5 presumably being light years ahead / superior to Maxthon Cloud 4 ... why would I keep it around? I do still have the Maxthon Cloud install file just in case I need to go back to it. Otherwise, I figured the idea was to toss Maxthon Cloud 4 out the window as far as it being installed ... and never look back. As to Maxthon 4 and MX5 installing into completely independent folders? I tried MX5 back in its infancy and while I don't recall the specifics now, I vaguely recall encountering some issue that made me wonder if they were REALLY truly independently installed. I've just never been a fan of multiple versions of software simultaneously installed. Just like I have also never been a fan of installing newer versions of software over the old versions. I've always preferred ripping out the old version by its roots before installing the new version. But, that's just me. As to going the Passport account and syncing route? Nnnnggg, not for me. I'm not a fan of Cloud anything, syncing anything. I prefer to avoid registering, joining, signing in into anything if at all possible. So like when I installed MX5, I naturally skipped the signing in option.