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  1. Sorry about the long time to reply. Several things got in the way yesterday. @7twenty That "" added to ABP unfortunately did not do the trick. The notification resumed relentlessly. @SnowLeopard I did about as thorough a clean install as it can get. I first performed a Clear Data function from within the previous MX5 version. (Did not include the Delete Cookies and Delete other website-related data categories.) I then performed routine thorough cleanings with CCleaner, Glary Utilities & Wise Care 365. I then out of routine maintenance also tacked on a run of Defrag just because it seriously needed it by now. I then installed the Portable version of As for it being trivial to want to send it packin'? As I've mentioned previously on more than one occasion, IMO ... MX5 already takes a noticeably unusually long time to bring up the GUI vs. Maxthon 4. Throw in this notification that refuses to stay gone after the initial appearance --- and it just adds even more time to the already long loading time of the GUI. This cannot possibly be making MX5 look good in the Browser Wars in the category of which browser comes up the quickest. Anyway, as of yesterday I went back down to Several factors collectively gave me a bad vibe about this version. Aside of the issue mentioned in this thread ... appeared to me to be noticeably slower than the speedy, although I only tried that one out very briefly before seeing that was available. Then at some point I had to close down after I couldn't get it out of the "Cannot connect to the website" condition shown in the attached image. Then yesterday morning my computer's bootup sequence got stuck midway. I can't prove that was's fault, but the bad things just seemed to be piling up. So, I decided to just wait for the next version and hope that one does not have that "The Thing That Would Not Die" version of that annoying notification and that it works much better in general.
  2. Or ... I wonder if it couldn't have something to do with that the UserData folder that I use to install (export) my bookmarks and stuff onto new versions ... was created in the pre-5.2.1.xxxx period. Maybe there's some incompatibility there.
  3. So you don't see it even an initial time? I wonder if it isn't isolated to Windows XP, which is what I have? Or to the Portable version, which is what I am using.
  4. Before this, I had been using This morning I very briefly used before quickly finding out at Major Geeks that was now available. So, I don't know if any of the other versions after also exhibit this problem. Anyway, as shown on the attached image, there is an annoying ad sort of thing there at the top of the GUI. It comes up EVERY TIME I bring up MX5. Sure, it can be X-ed out. That would be tolerable IF it happened only 1 initial time. But, EVERY TIME? NO! That thing has got to go. And it shouldn't have to be one of those under the hood fixes that we the users have to perform via AdBlock Plus. It should just not be there. It was bad enough that before this, the rendering of the MX5 GUI takes noticeably much longer to load than the Maxthon 4 GUI. Adding that annoying ad thing just adds to that already long load. Is there a setting that can make it stay GONE?
  5. I haven't installed yet, but I did see this issue right after installing, which is what I currently have installed. As to the slow opening of Maxthon? I've thought all along that just bringing up the MX5 GUI has been slow compared to bringing up Maxthon 4. Given that I don't do the logging in / sync thing with MX5, it HAS made me wonder all along, "Well just exactly what is MX5 doing all that extra time to simply bring up the GUI compared to Maxthon 4?" And since it does it even while off line, this time my having Dial Up Internet cannot be blamed for this problem.
  6. mx5.2.0.2000

    I've been wondering lately why new Official Releases are actually available on Major Geeks first for a couple of days before they're released HERE at Maxthon, the very source where logic would dictate that they're supposed to be released to the public FIRST. So, earlier today I already downloaded MX5 Portable from Major Geeks just as I've downloaded the previous 2 versions of MX5 ... from Major Geeks as well because they too were not available at Maxthon by the time they were available at Major Geeks. Likewise, the changelog is available first on Major Geeks instead of on Maxthon as you would think the case would be. Odd.
  7. That appears to have worked great on the USA Today News website, 7twenty. That did the trick. No more annoying float down videos. Then I tried the same thing on the TV Guide website. Unfortunately lightning of good fortune didn't strike twice. The javascript filter stunt didn't work on the TV Guide website. Here it pretty much stopped everything from working. Only like the header displayed and then things were dead in the water. Oh well. This one isn't as annoying as the USA Today News one was. We can't have everything. Thanks for the fix, 7twenty.
  8. Okay, I have attached the AdBlock Plus window with selected. What exact syntax am I supposed to type there in the box at the right? I understand there is specific syntax of symbols that has to be used. If it works on the USA Today web site, I'll give it a shot on the TV Guide web site as well. I still think that MX5 should incorporate the function within itself as opposed to depending on the addon AdBlock Plus. It would help its cause for when it has to slug it out with other browsers in the periodic reviews / comparisons where they juxtapose all browsers on a chart and put checks on what functions / perks each has ... and which ones they DON'T.
  9. As far as the videos' loading being stopped as well? Given that I have Dial Up Internet, I'm not an impromptu video downloader kinda guy. When I download a video, it's pretty much going to be because I searched for it on YouTube or someone sent me a specific link to a video. I'll then download that video with my 4K Video Downloader app. So videos not loading in web pages would not be an issue for me. However, I'm leery as to what else it would affect. Either way, MX5 should probably incorporate a setting like what Opera has for JavaScript. The images I attached are from an ancient Opera 36.x version, the last version that still works with Windows XP. But, I'm assuming the latest versions still have an option like that. That way I would be able to try specifying to block javascript specifically on the USA Today News web site. My listings also have an annoying video download at the bottom right as well. But, that one doesn't break off and relocates itself from some other part of the site. This one always just starts loading down there from the get go. On the plus side, this one at least has a button to close it and it disappears downward. The thing is, sometimes it doesn't get out of the way entirely. A little bit of the top of it will still be visible.
  10. At least in your case you have a wide screen monitor and the video is out of the way of the page. In my case, I have a 1280 x 1024px monitor. The video winds up intruding in on / obstructing between ¼ and a third of the page there on the bottom right. Definitely neither good nor welcome in my case. I guess it's then something that comes with more recent versions of the Blink engine, right? Cuz as I mentioned, I didn't used to experience this with Maxthon 4. Either way, it'd be great if Maxthon could incorporate a setting to be able to disable this in case users like me want to.
  11. I don't recall experiencing this problem with Maxthon 4. I have only encountered it with MX5. In thinking about it, I believe I really only encounter it when browsing USA Today News. Let's say for example on this article: When I scroll down, the video that is at the beginning of the article just breaks off and up and floats on down to the bottom right of the screen. I can close it with the X, but that is useless. Upon scrolling back up and back down, the video float down action just repeats itself. I do not care for that. Is there some setting that is supposed to prevent this from happening? I pondered the possibility that it is a USA Today News site issue. But, like I said ... it didn't used to happen with Maxthon 4. Is there a setting that is supposed to prevent that from happening?
  12. A Quick Access Page Background

    This is not a skin, but rather just a Maxthon MX5 background image that I put together for use on the Quick Access page. This particular one is sized to 1440 x 900px. Hopefully the text clears the Quick Access tiles on a 1440 x 900px monitor. I couldn't test it for that since my monitor is a 1280 x 1024px monitor. The one that I'm using on my monitor is laid out slightly differently. You can also use the same image as the Theme Skin for a Dark Blue area in the upper area of the GUI. (Tab Bar, Favorites Bar, Etc.) Enjoy.
  13. I like this theme!

    Okay, I did some resampling, recropping and came up with 1440px Wide versions of both of the images from above. I saved them at a slightly lower JPEG Quality Level so that they wouldn't be too heavy of a file size. ENJOY! @ the OP If you need more detailed steps on how to actually install the images in your browser, let us know whether you're using Maxthon 4 or MX5 and we'll help you out with the steps. I wasn't sure whether you just needed access to the images or need more detailed help with the actual steps.
  14. I like this theme!

    Unfortunately that's not a design (Skin) that comes with Maxthon. For that LOOK, I used a custom image from my stash of background images. Just for demonstration purposes, I have attached a downsized version of the image that I used. (CGI Sea) And I also attached a downsized version of the custom image that I used for the Quick Access Page background. (Blue Speed Dial) Together, the 2 background images create a certain LOOK. I did not attach the actual full-sized images for you to use because the file sizes would be what is probably considered too big to be attaching in these forum threads. The file sizes for the full-size version of those images are a little over 500 Kbytes each. Also, while I do still have the original versions of those 2 images ... the images I use on my Maxthon are cropped to MY monitor's 1280 x 1024px size. You probably have a different-sized monitor, don't you? Unless someone knows where I can upload the full-size images for you to use.
  15. Adblock Plus Not Working

    Thanks, BugMiss. Here's a bit of bonus info. After coming back from my sister's house with all my software apps updates ... after experimenting around with MX5, I did eventually perform yet another reinstall of And this time around --- neither logging into my Google account nor bringing up my BlogSpot Blog nor attempting a Major Geeks download jump started Adblock Plus. So that proved that 7twenty was correct regarding saying that that last time that Adblock Plus suddenly started working again around that time frame of when I logged onto Google and brought up my BlogSpot Blog and performed that Major Geeks download --- was just coincidence. Adblock Plus just eventually starts working on its own later on. But, I have yet to zero in on what makes it not work in the beginning and what makes it start working later on. Let me ask this: Okay ... upon EVERY fresh install of Maxthon, does it ALWAYS attempt to update the EasyList as one of the 1st things it does upon being connected to the Internet? Cuz if that is the case, then as I was telling 7twenty, that could be the culprit right there. Maybe the initial download of that EasyList updating attempt always fails because of my Dial Up and so I start out with a corrupt EasyList and thus, no Adblock Plus in the beginning. Then later on once I've let it be, it eventually manages to update the EasyList and starts working again.