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  1. In the past week or so, I've been getting emails from websites saying that I need to change my password due to unusual activity. Some sites, like Cineplex, I haven't logged into my account in awhile, so it's not me that is trying to access my account. I have gotten emails from Outlook saying there's been unusual activity and when I check m activity logs, there's unsuccessful login attempts from other countries. Yesterday Amazon had my account locked until I changed my password. I have a paid Bitdefender service so I'm pretty sure I don't have virus. And I checked the sender of these emails in case they were phishing scams and I a;lways reset my password from the actual websites, not through the button by email, but they were all legitimate. I'm not accusing Maxthon, but it seems odd
  2. When you open the new favorites it opens in a sidebar which does take a few seconds. But at the top of the new sidebar there's a button you click [see pic below] and it reverts back to the old list view style
  3. V - MultiErrors

    Weird thing is, I upgraded to and I'm not having any issues with Passkeeper, all of my websites are listed where it usually is and they function as they should on websites. Also, favorites are working fine too
  4. That's strange, I'm not getting that error in Retro mode, it's working fine for me. Are you on the latest version of Maxthon, v If you are, Maybe @BugSir006can help.
  5. It looks like you have Violent Monkey installed [top right], check that any scripts installed on that are not causing your issue. I use several scripts and a sometimes multiple scripts conflict with each other, and some only work if you revert the YouTube page to the old design. To do that, click on your Googlre account picture [top right] and click on Restore Old YouTube. Try these suggestions and let me know
  6. On the newest version of Maxthon, I no longer can login to my Swagbucks account. I tried logging in using Chrome and on my mobile phone and it works. I tried changing UserAgent strings and even did a fresh re-install of Maxthon with no luck.
  7. Now on the newest version, Swagbucks doesn't work at all, in ultra or retro mode.
  8. It says I entered a wrong email and password combination. However it's correct in Passkeeper and autofills like it should. I've tried manually re-entering both fields and same error. When I switch it to Retro mode, I'm logged in but the page doesn't load properly and it's unusable.
  9. No Maxthon3 folder on mine, just Maxthon 5. Edit: Hornet331's suggestion gave me history going back to February 2017 but not further. In my user history folder I have 6 parts so everything is still there, it's just not showing in Maxthon
  10. I'm a bit upset by this too. Up until now I never cleared my history. My history went all the way back to 2010. And now it's all gone. Yes, 7 years is a lot, but it has come in handy many times. In university, sometimes I'd have an assignment and I remember l read an article related to the assignment in the past, but l couldn't remember the website and googfle searching wasn't working, so l'd search my browser history and there it is. I cannot even count how many times I needed it. Now, it's all gone
  11. FB purity wrong display

    FB Purity works fin for me on MX
  12. Why is the extension review process so slow?

    I know it's not answering your question, but I absolutely love FB Purity!! Thank you so much for creating and continuously updating this gem for Maxthon as well