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  1. FB purity wrong display

    FB Purity works fin for me on MX
  2. I have a suggestion, someone at Maxthon should make a deep youtube video showing how Maxthon works and the features. Not a quick 2 minute video but 10-15 minutes at least. That way new, an old, users know exactly what Maxthon offers and how to access and use them. Like the video l sent to you, @BugSir006 showing every step l took to figure out the WWE Network issue. ps how do l tag someone? I can't get it like how BGFun tagged me
  3. I use to do that too because l liked seeing the news on the same page, but then I tried the built in QA and never went back to that website. Maybe BGFun uses it for the same reason? BGFun, when you say that you're going to switch browsers over this issue, hear me out. I started using Maxthon in 2010, I think it was MX 3 that time? When version 4 came out, there were features that were taken out that l liked. But I quickly enjoyed the new features that MX4 added. Same thing happened with MX 5. My mom still has MX 4.8 on her laptop and sometimes I'll help her with an issue and I get surprised how much better Maxthon 5 is now. What I'm trying to say is, yes there are differences and things taken out, but allow changes to come and see if you'll like the newer additions. We get so used to certain things that when it changes, our first reaction is to hate it, but if you give it a chance, you may see why the changes were needed and will love it more. I'm not just talking about Maxthon, but life in general. Embrace change. Maxthon/the world cannot get better without changes
  4. I am no expert on this so if l'm wrong, someone please correct me. First off, did you uninstall MX 4.9 and delete your user data or is it still there? my suggestions below requires that you still have MX 4.9 and/or your user data. To check your user data, open your Explorer and direct to %appdata% and see if version 4 is there. Close Maxthon 5 before doing these 1. Your start page: Since you weren't logged in and just had that Maxthon Now page as guest, sounds like all your settings were saved as a cookie. Go to your appdata, Maxthon 4 folder, Users, then your user folder, then see the Cookies folder, copy EVERYTHING in that folder, then go to the same place in MX 5 [Appdata, maxthon 5, users, your user, cookies] and delete EVERYTHING and paste in the new data. now open Maxthon 5 and see if the Maxthon Now page is how you like. if you need to set it as homepage, go to your Settings, General, Manage Homepage and change it to 2. Favourites: I'm not sure if you're still having issue with this, but if you are, do the same steps as above, but instead of copying and replacing the cookies folder, it's the favorites folder. I regularly keep a backup of my user folder just in case upgrading to a newer version causes issues. I think it's something everyone should do too.
  5. Why is the extension review process so slow?

    I know it's not answering your question, but I absolutely love FB Purity!! Thank you so much for creating and continuously updating this gem for Maxthon as well