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  1. Forced Auto-update?

    I've been saying this for the last few releases too. We should NOT be forced to update, especially since the quality of Maxthon releases aren't usually very consistent and features tend to break in many new versions.
  2. I'm having the exact same issue. I manually updated to and had many issues with extensions not working, so I completely uninstalled it and went back to .1000 which worked fine. When I close the browser and open it again, it automatically updated to 3000. Maxthon better not be doing what Microsoft is doing with Windows 10 by forcing users to upgrade. If this is your new strategy, then I'm going to stop using Maxthon. Honestly, since MX 5 this browser has gone downhill.
  3. I have the same issue as well. Also, sometimes when I click a video, the current page will either freeze or it will load to a blank white screen and I have to refresh in order for the video to load.
  4. Passkeeper security issue

    nope, it's been there for awhile now.
  5. FB purity wrong display

    FB Purity works fin for me on MX
  6. Why is the extension review process so slow?

    I know it's not answering your question, but I absolutely love FB Purity!! Thank you so much for creating and continuously updating this gem for Maxthon as well