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  1. Ghostery tracking blocker

    Couldn't find an email on the website, but their Facebook page has this email as contact...
  2. Ghostery tracking blocker

    awesome, please post their response!
  3. Ghostery tracking blocker

    wow I just tried this on my Chrome browser and websites load instantly!! Yes Maxthon please add this extension to our browser
  4. For many versions, Maxthon will randomly decide to stop loading pages properly. I couldn't figure out why, I now figured it out. After I use CCleaner, that's when it starts to incorrectly load and I have to refresh sometimes 2 or 3 times before pages load correctly. CCleaner doesn't have Maxthon in it's file detection, so it must be thinking MX is both Chrome and Firefox and deleting necessary files for Maxthon to load pages correctly?
  5. I know it's not answering your question, but I absolutely love FB Purity!! Thank you so much for creating and continuously updating this gem for Maxthon as well
  6. awesome, this fix may also be the cause of the Netflix issue for everyone too
  7. Issue sync between mx4 and mx5

    Maybe they changed something, but when I upgraded from 4 to 5 with the first official MX5 release, all my data, history, favourites, etc worked fine. except QA didn't because its totally new system When you're copying the folders over, make sure to delete the default folders and completely replace it. It might be an issue combining MX4 and 5 files, So when importing Favorites, delete the favorites folder from your m5 user folder and paste the entire m4 favorites folder
  8. Issue sync between mx4 and mx5

    Go to %appdata% in your file explorer, then Maxthon 4 folders, Users, your folder, and copy whatever data you want and paste it in the Appdata MX5 user folder
  9. I contacted support about this last week and they were going to send the info to the developers and get back to me. Probably with holidays they are behind so l haven't heard back yet
  10. this is what l'm getting using default UA on Ultra mode and with adblock turned off. retro mode is fine though. I'm not sure if the issue is on my end, but it's getting annoying having to switch UA's between websites. Previous versions up to v worked great for me, after that l'm noticing more problems with each new version
  11. Could it be something with the proxy or something else? I'm not familiar with the advanced settings for internet so I don't play around with that stuff. I've always had it set to use IE proxy, maybe issue with this? Edit: Going on using the Chrome UA gives this error. So maybe my issues are related to this?
  12. I'm not sure what happened. I just did a fresh install of newest version without changing any settings and all these issues started
  13. Thanks BugSir006.. l sent you a message with my login. PHYR's suggestion didn't work either. And with Netflix, ultra mode gives error [picture below. Sorry don't know how to reduce image size on here] and in retro mode videos don't load
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. l tried Retro mode but I get the error that the browser is outdated and the loading icon just keeps spinning, no loading.
  15. I can no longer load any videos from as I get error " Media Error: Video not available " I tried updating flash player, turning off adblocker, trying every UA string, turning of my firewall and all steps in this article I tried loading videos from Internet Explorer 11 and it works fine. EDIT: Netflix doesn't work either