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  1. I just went on and noticed Maxthon is featured on the main page! That'll get some people to at least see what this browser is about.
  2. A Maxthon Tracker?

    I support Maxthon a lot, but not when it comes to spying/tracking users and possibly selling data to taobao. This is the second time in less than a month that I've posted about unusual activities when using Maxthon.
  3. When I opened my browser for first time today and started checking my Facebook, I noticed that the URL changed and the name on my tab changed to something in Chinese language. I closed Maxthon then tried again and the same thing happened when I went to check my email [see image below]. Is this a tracker from Maxthon or something else? EDIT: It keeps happening and when I opened a new tab l cannot switch to it. I have to close Maxthon and open it again. I did a virus scan on my computer, and I tested this on Chrome and it's not occuring on that, so this makes me think it's a Maxthon issue.
  4. about the last betas

    When you upgrade to the newest beta, version, you will be happy to see a big difference and many of your issues fixed. - With "the star" on the top left of favorites bar, it hasn't returned. BUT if you look at the far right, there is a >> button which does the same thing. Plus, there's a star on the left right above the favorites bar and the text size is normal. - To add a favorite, hover over the folder you want to put it in and at the very top of the slide out, you will see "Add to this folder'. Click that and you'll get a popup which let's you name it. - I'm not sure if they changed the size of the scroll bar, but to me it looks like normal size. Hope this reply was helpful.
  5. If they take any out, people complain, they keep it in people complain lol Hard to make everyone happy
  6. Another thing is on the QA, the search bar is stuck on Baidu and you can't change it and no search suggestions come as you type. I wouldn't mind this but Baidu is all in Chinese lol. Searching from address bar works as it should so no issue there. This issue is on version and I did a fresh install
  7. Please re-add the ability for Quick Access to recognize website logos when adding new sites. Mine looks so messy with a mixture of screenshots, colour blocks with text that doesn't fit, and logos from my older adds from when QA had this feature.
  8. FB purity wrong display

    FB Purity works fin for me on MX
  9. Why is the extension review process so slow?

    I know it's not answering your question, but I absolutely love FB Purity!! Thank you so much for creating and continuously updating this gem for Maxthon as well