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  1. Looked everywhere in MX5, searched the forums, can't find out how to turn off the search bar. In "Skins" menu, there is a check box for "Search Box". When checked or un-checked, it does nothing. Can the search bar be turned off? Is that feature inactive because I'm using the 1700 beta? Many thanks,,,
  2. Recently got a 4K (AKA UHD) computer monitor. It's not a TV, it's a true 27" monitor. There are a few issues that I've never had before that popped up since I have been using it. *The visible mouse trails for Mouse Gestures is very thin, and very hard to see. * The red underline in spell checker for mis-spelled words is so thin I can hardly see it. * The hot areas in clickable icons have apparently shrunken. Sometimes I must click 2-3 times to find the right place. * Mouse gestures do not work reliably or not at all on some pages. Many thanks,,,