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  1. The only way to create a search engine alias in M5 is manually, which is pretty tedious. Other browsers can create them very quickly by right-clicking the "Search" combo box, and selecting "Add a search engine". Thanks!!!
  2. In this version, the in-page search (CTRL+F) causes M5 to freeze. Have to boot it out in Task Manager. I use that feature a LOT! (Using Windows 10 latest updates)
  3. I never use that, I use the back (<) arrow or mouse gesture.
  4. Usually CTRL+click saves a picture to the folder of your choice. It no longer works in the google picture search with the latest M5 Beta. Don't know if M5 or google is at fault, maybe we need a new or selectable hot key. Many thanks,,,
  5. Speed dial icons

    Yes please! They just take up too much room, and I have to make my icons smaller to fit the page. Not everyone has a giant monitor, or can see tiny icons and text.