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  1. Thanks ody, will check user tree. Didn't think of that because I use the portable version. Totally afraid of syncing, I've lost all my settings messing with it. Believe me, it takes a month to restore all my settings, passwords, search engines, and Quick Launch. Actually, the ideal solution would be to save my settings to editable INI and DAT files and turn off Passport completely. Passport has been totally unsatisfactory from day 1, it puts a month of tweaks at risk.
  2. I would like to convert to offline, but not lose all my settings for Speed Dial, passwords, cookies, and search engines. Can this be done without losing a solid month of work to set it all up? Also, I would like an exact copy of my configuration of M5 on my wife's laptop without it attacking mine on line and destroying it. Possible, or not? Thanks,,,