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  1. MX5 Crash

    I got a lot of crashes with the previous 2 releases. So far, no crashes with The crashes were sudden and final... no freeze, no error messages, just POOF! and it was gone. Re-launch was always fine, so nothing was hanging in memory. Hope 2000 has returned M5 to its former reliability!
  2. Got it! I had to make a desktop shortcut to reveal Google's new search string. It's shorter now. ( Funny how the old search string comes out vertically!
  3. My default search engine is Google. Normally, I can type anything in the address bar, and it will search with Google. Been working perfectly for years. In the past week or so, it stopped working. I didn't change a thing, maybe Google did. Now, when I type text into the address bar, it comes up blank and pretty much frozen. Funny thing, normally, when I type random words into the address bar, it comes up with a long Google search string in the address bar and returns search results. Now it only shows "" and a blank page. Did Google spoil the search string, or could this be a M5 bug? My current search string for Google is: "" (without the quotes) Thanks as always! That search string goes vertical, I guess I just found another bug!