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  1. Adblocker?

    Yay it's back!
  2. Adblocker?

    I'll see if I can contact Raymond Hill.
  3. Adblocker?

    OK thanks.
  4. Adblocker?

    This is a very good question. It looks the same to me.
  5. Adblocker?

    Oh right, my bad, I didn't realise you'd actually been sued. How about convincing the coders of uBlock Origin to port a version for Maxthon? That would be really good.
  6. Adblocker?

    Is that the portable? I had to add ABP from Addons and Extensions. I didn't imagine this. I just wanted a straight answer to why it was missing. I should have known better. This is another reason my default browser is now Vivaldi and I only run Maxthon as a portable. They're actually helpful on the Vivaldi forums.
  7. Adblocker?

    Is it my imagination or has ABP disappeared from V portable?
  8. Extension Requests

    Thanks, I used Flager for a couple of years but it doesn't seem to work well with recent versions of Maxthon (including Mx v4.4.8.1000). Before that I ran Maxthon Flag. Flager is the most recent but hasn't been updated since November 2013. The Comodo extension looks interesting.
  9. Extension Requests

    I think a WOT (Web of Trust) extension would be good.