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  1. Yes. There's absolutely no need for the pop-up/nag screen.
  2. I discovered a way to stop it. I uninstalled the desktop Maxthon and now only run the portable.
  3. I sometimes feel I'm getting the two fingered salute from Maxthon these days. If I report any bugs with Vivaldi they give me support, encouragement and genuinely seem to try to understand what the problem is and fix what's wrong. No browser developer is ever going to please everyone, as browser use is so subjective, but I get a feeling on these forums that if you don't like what's happening you can go elsewhere. I don't think this bodes well for Maxthon's user base. ' Even in giving free stuff away, like Maxthon or any other browser, 'the customer is always king'. But in the computer world that adage seems to have been completely binned. ' It depends what you mean by 'free'. I honestly think increasing monetisation is the Maxthon agenda these days. Removing the ability to block third party cookies is a strong indicator of this. Even Google Chrome allows you to block third party cookies.
  4. "For all the talk of hand holding etc, apparently now we need a great big banner stating that MX4 is obsolete, even though there's a link to "Maxthon5", MX4 hasn't been updated for over a year, the release notes menu shows both MX5 and MX4.9 and almost everyone after kindergarten knows that 5 comes after 4." You're missing the point. Mx4 is still available for download and you can see its availability quite plainly on its respective web page. Historically it was not unusual to have two or more stable Maxthon releases concomitantly. Furthermore, in the past, versions of Maxthon have gone long periods of time before eventual upgrading. So this could (and certainly appears to be) an entirely normal long term release cycle. This fact, or whether the browser is indeed dangerously outdated and incompatible or not, isn't made plain or obvious even at a kindergarten level on the Mx4 download page. There's no need for a histrionic banner stating that the browser is actually obsolete. If it is actually obsolete (Released 06/05/2017 sic) and poses any kind of security/compatibility risk or problem it shouldn't actually be made available for download. If it is just an older release but doesn't have any security or compatibility problems it shouldn't need any kind of nag screen or dropdown in the browser itself to consistently remind you that it is an older version. As anyone downloading it would almost certainly be aware of the fact that it is actually an older release. It doesn't take a degree in 'Applied Bollocks' to grasp this. It makes me wonder if something disingenuous is going on. It still doesn't make any sense. ‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks.’ ~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet: Act III, scene II
  5. Vivaldi is now my default browser on Windows.
  6. So, is V4.9.5.1000 up to date or not? Because according to this 'nag bar' suggesting I should upgrade to the latest and better experience, it is. Nowhere on the page above does it state that this browser is obsolete and I'm not getting 'the full experience'. Surely anyone downloading this version would know that this hadn't been updated since 2017. Do I really need a 'Nanny State' dropdown reminder to inform me about something I already know? If V4.9.5.1000 is 'too old' surely this should be mentioned on the download page itself? Maybe it's me that's long in the tooth, I just don't know anymore. Will there be a nag screen for that? ROTFLMAO
  7. Personally I think Google keeps changing YouTube's coding. It might not all be Maxthon's fault lol.
  8. You're welcome. Incidentally, you can run the portable from a directory folder on the C-Drive rather than a thumb drive. You can see I run both v 4 and v5 versions. I have two v5 versions as most updates are borkers these days and I can quickly revert to the earlier release. When you run it directly from the C-Drive you can actually make a desktop shortcut. Good luck.
  9. I know that Mx switched from a WebKit based core to a Blink based core. It could explain some lag in security updates but I think that there hasn't been an emphasis on security updating with Maxthon as much as with other browsers. This really needs to be addressed.
  10. Sadly lacking in
  11. The trouble is that the issues in question seem to be ignored in favour of ever more rapid development. The internet is less secure now than it was ten years ago. There are far more exploits in the wild and other browsers (even Chrome) have responded to these threats with various preventative measures. I'm not entirely sure how relevant the cryptojacking test was, especially as on Windows most people should be running an AV, but the only other browser I've tested on that page that fails is K-Meleon. And K-Meleon is basically abandon-ware. I think Mx 4 was when a lot of things started to change. Some changes were good, although whereas other browsers started to make an effort with security hardening, Mx didn't. Sorry, a lot of this probably isn't related to the OP's original issues. Except maybe one; I have a portable version of v4.9.5.1000 basically as a back up for when the new Mx version inevitably borks. It's not unusual to get a Maxthon pop-up informing me that the browser is out of date. Which is odd as I thought that was the latest official release of Mx4.
  12. That's quite a subjective comment. Browsers have come a long way since MyIE, there's only so much you can add to the browser that's useful anymore. As for being fun? it's a browser, not a game, be it v1 or 5 i don't think it was ever "fun", it just did it's job. Reliability seems to be different for everyone; some people post here every other day with issues, others like me rarely have an issue. I admit it could be perceived as subjective. As a whole there are still some very useful features on Mx. When I said it was fun I was essentially referring to the skin customisation, which although still exists to a point, in previous versions there was far more inbuilt choice. I recall being able to make the GUI appear like IE or even something totally different. Only Palemoon now really has this capability. I can live without the vastly different skins though as they were just cosmetic or an aesthetic. I can even live with the 'Win 8' style flat 'Fisher-Price' GUI design. Reliability has definitely changed for me though. For seven or eight years I rarely had even a slight glitch with Mx. I've run Mx as a portable for years, it was invaluable for me at work. Now I can't even get my bookmarks 'Favourites Bar' to work properly. I fire up the portable, put my password in and get my bookmarks from about 2010. WTF? True, but that's something that Maxthon has always done. Remove/change options for some unknown reason then add them back at some stage. Now that you mention the TP cookie thing, i'm also a little annoyed. It's not rocket science, the reason is as plain as a Soyuz nosecone: monetisation. If there's things to complain about with Maxthon, i think it's biggest failure is not giving enough user control to various options such as cookies (ability to delete by date/site), thirdparty cookies, granular control of plugins/cookies per site (it's always enable or disable everywhere), lack of disabling media auto play on sites, access to advanced options (like chrome://flags). In my subjective opinion; Mx's biggest failure is now putting monetisation and its own agenda before its user base. Development of the browser is now more rapid, but some basic security problems (flash plug-in update) have never really been addressed. Perhaps prioritising known bugs would be more productive than releasing new versions so quickly. The "issues" the OP mentions are all without merit and basically come down to not wanting to deal with change because they're comfortable with what they have. Possibly, but I think Mx's changes and improvements are generally being undermined by a corporate style attitude that is alienating many long time users. I understand it is expensive to develop a browser, but disabling third party cookie blocking and using irritating nag screens are not the way to ameliorate development expenditure.
  13. Thank you, Captain Obvious lol.
  14. "If you find that people like the earlier versions it is not a question of living in the past but of Maxthon making errors in what they thought people wanted." This.
  15. My guess is that it's a story without a happy ending.