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  1. That's quite a subjective comment. Browsers have come a long way since MyIE, there's only so much you can add to the browser that's useful anymore. As for being fun? it's a browser, not a game, be it v1 or 5 i don't think it was ever "fun", it just did it's job. Reliability seems to be different for everyone; some people post here every other day with issues, others like me rarely have an issue. I admit it could be perceived as subjective. As a whole there are still some very useful features on Mx. When I said it was fun I was essentially referring to the skin customisation, which although still exists to a point, in previous versions there was far more inbuilt choice. I recall being able to make the GUI appear like IE or even something totally different. Only Palemoon now really has this capability. I can live without the vastly different skins though as they were just cosmetic or an aesthetic. I can even live with the 'Win 8' style flat 'Fisher-Price' GUI design. Reliability has definitely changed for me though. For seven or eight years I rarely had even a slight glitch with Mx. I've run Mx as a portable for years, it was invaluable for me at work. Now I can't even get my bookmarks 'Favourites Bar' to work properly. I fire up the portable, put my password in and get my bookmarks from about 2010. WTF? True, but that's something that Maxthon has always done. Remove/change options for some unknown reason then add them back at some stage. Now that you mention the TP cookie thing, i'm also a little annoyed. It's not rocket science, the reason is as plain as a Soyuz nosecone: monetisation. If there's things to complain about with Maxthon, i think it's biggest failure is not giving enough user control to various options such as cookies (ability to delete by date/site), thirdparty cookies, granular control of plugins/cookies per site (it's always enable or disable everywhere), lack of disabling media auto play on sites, access to advanced options (like chrome://flags). In my subjective opinion; Mx's biggest failure is now putting monetisation and its own agenda before its user base. Development of the browser is now more rapid, but some basic security problems (flash plug-in update) have never really been addressed. Perhaps prioritising known bugs would be more productive than releasing new versions so quickly. The "issues" the OP mentions are all without merit and basically come down to not wanting to deal with change because they're comfortable with what they have. Possibly, but I think Mx's changes and improvements are generally being undermined by a corporate style attitude that is alienating many long time users. I understand it is expensive to develop a browser, but disabling third party cookie blocking and using irritating nag screens are not the way to ameliorate development expenditure.
  2. Thank you, Captain Obvious lol.
  3. "If you find that people like the earlier versions it is not a question of living in the past but of Maxthon making errors in what they thought people wanted." This.
  4. My guess is that it's a story without a happy ending.
  5. IMO Maxthon isn't changing for the better. It used to be innovative, fun to use, reliable and useful. Change should be for the better, not make things worse by not allowing third party cookie blocking and introducing nag screens.
  6. Maxthon has finally 'improved' so much that it's relegated itself to only being run as a portable on my Win 7 desktop. This way I don't get pointless pop-ups and I can still use what used to be my favourite browser on Windows for over a decade. So, I download the portable, extract the files and run it. I put my password in and my bookmarks of many years should all come back. I can then choose the particular bookmarks I have stored for the GUI 'Favourites Bar' display. Except I can only seem to get the bookmarks that I had several years ago. Maxthon portable Mx V seems to be synching with 2012 or something. This also happened with the last portable update, although that mysteriously righted itself after a few weeks. Is this a known bug, or do I need to contact Dr Who?
  7. Extension Requests

    Thanks, I used Flager for a couple of years but it doesn't seem to work well with recent versions of Maxthon (including Mx v4.4.8.1000). Before that I ran Maxthon Flag. Flager is the most recent but hasn't been updated since November 2013. The Comodo extension looks interesting.
  8. Extension Requests

    I think a WOT (Web of Trust) extension would be good.