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  1. Adblocker?

    Yay it's back!
  2. Adblocker?

    I'll see if I can contact Raymond Hill.
  3. Adblocker?

    OK thanks.
  4. Adblocker?

    This is a very good question. It looks the same to me.
  5. Adblocker?

    Oh right, my bad, I didn't realise you'd actually been sued. How about convincing the coders of uBlock Origin to port a version for Maxthon? That would be really good.
  6. Adblocker?

    Is that the portable? I had to add ABP from Addons and Extensions. I didn't imagine this. I just wanted a straight answer to why it was missing. I should have known better. This is another reason my default browser is now Vivaldi and I only run Maxthon as a portable. They're actually helpful on the Vivaldi forums.
  7. Adblocker?

    Is it my imagination or has ABP disappeared from V portable?
  8. Delete Maxthon account

    I checked that link out. It's scary.
  9. Delete Maxthon account

    Like Hotel California, you can check out but you can never leave lol.
  10. Well, unless Maxthon improves drastically, I doubt I'll be using it much again. The snapshot tool is useful though, so I've decided to run the portable version from a directory. Any sign of the stupid pop-up though and it gets wasted (again). Seems to be running well. Vivaldi is still my default though and I can't see me changing that in the foreseeable future. If Maxthon wants to improve its user base it should look to browsers like Vivaldi, and their non-nagging, non-spying, secure, reliable and trustworthy ethos and policies.
  11. Best to stick to Maxthon then. Good luck.
  12. Well, to be perfectly honest rick.lane, I didn’t uninstall Maxthon simply because of this egregiously pointless, irrelevant, unnecessary and irritating pop-up, although it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. When I first saw it I almost thought it was a malware alert. Which is kind of ironic when you think about it. Apparently, the pop-up doesn't even function properly when it is clicked on anyway. How useless is a nag screen that doesn't actually work? lol As I’m perfectly aware that Maxthon isn’t my default browser, I don’t really see the necessity of a pop-up informing of this fact. What is its purpose or raison d'être? Because it seems to have none, other than nagging me into using Maxthon as my default browser. Surely the decision I make for my own default browser on my own personal computer is mine to make? Which makes me ponder on why it’s so important for Maxthon to be the default browser on my system. At one point in time, several years ago, Maxthon was my favourite browser, and my default. It was light, fast, relatively secure and had a plethora of inbuilt functionality negating the need for adding extensions. I used Maxthon at home, and even at work as a portable. It was highly customisable and was everything I wanted or could possibly need as a browser. Over the past couple of years Maxthon has become less reliable and buggy with each release. Its flash plug-in, once guaranteed to play anything, has ceased being viable for me and is so out of date it’s basically now a security hazard. Even when I reported here that Maxthon’s flash wasn’t running on the sites I normally streamed, the only response were fanboys informing me that it must be my fault because it worked perfectly for them. And you just can’t argue with that. Three years ago when Jon von Tetzchner released his own Chromium based browser ‘Vivaldi’ I downloaded it onto my laptop running Ubuntu. Unlike Maxthon, it ran perfectly on Linux. Usually when I report any bugs with Vivaldi they appear to take notice on their forums and reply to me promptly, helpfully and with courtesy. Maxthon has become increasingly less relevant for me and Vivaldi is now my default browser on Windows. Maxthon was my default until only a short while ago, but repeated buggy updates rendered it more or less unusable for me. I noticed I was using Vivaldi increasingly more and its Chrome extensions work perfectly. I only have three, but one of them, uBlock Origin, is an adblocker that actually works. ABP for Maxthon is sadly lacking in many respects. So, this lament may be predominantly whinging, whining, grumbling, grouching, carping, beefing and bemoaning. It has taken me many years to finally do it, and I say goodbye to Maxthon with a heavy heart, but there are just better alternatives now. And alternatives that show me a modicum of respect without the need to nag me. My new default browser on Windows.
  13. It's been a good seven or eight years but I've just uninstalled Maxthon. There is just no reason for a nag screen like this. I don't get this with Vivaldi. So long, and thanks for all the fish.