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  1. Well, if they read this thread they will be. lol
  2. This is almost certainly a Maxthon bug. I've tried to repeat the certificate warning with Firefox, Vivaldi, SeaMonkey, Chrome, Opera, K-Meleon and Pale Moon. Only Maxthon claims certain sites have invalid certificates, when they almost certainly don't.
  3. This happens to me now sometimes in Win 7. After clicking continue it's often fine. I even get this (above) on Android in the Guardian newspaper.
  4. I think it's just an intermittent bug, I kept seeing it in Gmail a while ago. It doesn't happen for me now, it didn't in your Vivaldi link either.
  5. Strange Icon in IMDb?

    MX5 does appear to recognise my system.
  6. Strange Icon in IMDb?

    It affected Firefox the same way until I changed the adblocker to uBO, so I'm pretty certain it's an adblocking thing. I have no idea why the UA is showing XP as I'm running Win 7. OK thanks, I'll look into this.
  7. Strange Icon in IMDb?

    I deleted the ABP lists and updated them earlier but it seemed to fix itself before that. It seems to be working fine now, but it was sporadic earlier. This is my UA: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/5.0 Chrome/55.0.2883.75 Safari/537.36 I think it's up to date. I'm still pretty convinced this is an adblocking problem with IMDb.
  8. Strange Icon in IMDb?

    Now it's back again! Vivaldi's starting to look good again.
  9. Strange Icon in IMDb?

    Seems like ABP's lists have updated. Yay!
  10. Strange Icon in IMDb?

    My suspicions have been confirmed. For some reason this is an adblocking problem. Also, it is cross platform. The same thing happened to Firefox on Ubuntu, but not Chrome. I changed the adblocker on Firefox back to uBlock Origin. The problem disappeared. Good argument for a uBO version for Maxthon?
  11. Strange Icon in IMDb?

    Thanks for the replies, the original icon has disappeared to be replaced with this: So MX5 doesn't support Win 7 then? As MS still do. I don't really want to shag around with the UA as that can cause more problems. But Firefox 56 suffers from the same problem. However, IMDb renders perfectly in K-Meleon, SeaMonkey, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi and Pale Moon. I don't know why I'm getting this with Firefox and Maxthon. My suspicions are the adblockers (Adguard on Firefox).
  12. Is anyone else seeing this strange icon in IMDb? I’m running Mx on Windows 7. I’m also seeing it in Firefox but not Chrome. It’s always in the same place whatever page you are viewing in IMDb, if you click on the icon it takes you back to IMDb’s homepage.
  13. Pepper Flash v24.0.0.186?

    Yes, I agree. I just wondered if recent exploits affected Maxthon.
  14. Pepper Flash v24.0.0.186?

    OK thanks for your reply. I was just wondering, as most Pepper Flash updates are security related, does the outdated flash pose a security risk or don't any possible exploits affect Maxthon 5?
  15. I’m just wondering why Pepper Flash is still at version in Mx5 ( when it is now in virtually every other browser. Is this a security concern?