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  1. Hey guys I am having an issue. Awhile back my browser stopped notifying me of the newest beta releases. I have been beta testing for years for Maxthon on both windows and android. I like to help out in the forums but it is getting really hard to recreate problems and find fixes when I don't have the newest version. Can someone put me in touch with a developer or tech? I know I haven't been removed from the group of beta testers, I haven't done anything but help.... I could download the newest version from a third party site but that seems kinda shady and somewhat rude. I even tried sending this information through a bug report but it wouldn't let me send because it said my email address was invalid...
  2. Hey guys, I am getting an invalid certificate error for gmail (not that domain, but their servers). The little shield next to the url isn't a shield anymore, it's a lock and I think it changed colors (color blind). I pay for the domain so I went to admin.google.com and got chat support. They said "gSuite" (whatever you want to call it, they keep changing the name) doesn't require a certificate. I tried disabling my extensions and reconnecting to my extender but nothing seemed to help. This happened about 5 days ago also. I left it alone for awhile because I got to my email through IE. I went back to the site, using MX btw, and it didn't error. I may have rebooted at some point - I don't remember. But today it started doing it again. I'm not great with networking and such so I need some help fixing this. Any ideas? I will look up some stuff while I am waiting for an answer and do more troubleshooting. Is this version the latest for beta? If not, I need to update it and it hasn't told me to do so. thanks klear6
  3. Now I just get an error 400 for mail.google.com whenever I try to go there, and I am looking for link to the beta dl
  4. Beta releases

    Don't mind me, I'm kind of a .... let's be kind and say scatter-brain....where here? I need to dl it so I can fix the google errors.
  5. MX5 Google-breaking bugs!!

    I am getting an error 400 every time I try to go to https://mail.google.com ????
  6. I am using Astrill set to OpenVPN. No port forwarding, no proxy. When it is on, no matter what server it is using (of the bunch I have tried) I cannot get the extension center page to load. It gives me an error 101 after trying for about a minute and getting no response. I'm not sure what is going on here. I reset my router and my extender, and rebooted. I cleared my cache and cookies. I chatted with Astrill and they had me reset my settings in their program. None of those things made any difference. Help?
  7. OK, here's what I tried. I ripped the certificate out of IE and imported it to mx. Didn't change anything. Switched the browser core to retro and it no longer gives the error message...so, um, can someone interpret that for me?
  8. "There is a way to turn an entity into data. They have a life of their own, and it is difficult to distinguish them from normal computer files. In our actions of everyday, while we sit at the computer, this byte entity observes us, and studies our every move and fear. The game is simple: following the arrows is the key, if you get caught you lose. A sound will predict its arrival It is White Face" I found this in the program folder for the newest beta. On windows 7 x64. What the...?
  9. I have forgotten or never knew how to change what page opens when I create a new tab. Can someone please tell me?
  10. Change New Tab

    Ok sorry, I didn't read the headers, my bad. But when I click on the new tab button it doesn't take me to the homepage I have set, it takes me to the default maxthon "my favorites" page. Am I just not understanding something?
  11. Hey Tony, I have been a beta tester for you guys for forever now but I for some reason can't get the latest beta version.  Do you have a download link? It might be because I had installed an older version to test a couple of things on a new windows setup and when I updated it didn't link me to the beta.

    1. Tony


      they stopped posting betas a while ago in the tester area - they seem to ignore that now - any new releases or betas are posted on the main board either in the 'maxthon news' area or via the release notes dropdown



  12. Stop GIFs

    I need to know how to stop GIFs from playing until I mouse over them. I was using an extension called Stop Gif but since I updated the browser today it no longer works. I am epileptic and it's not good for me to see random flashing GIFs so I need some control over this. I've been looking for a violent monkey script or something but haven't been able to find anything. Is there a setting? Can someone update the extension or make me a new one? Sorry to bug you all....it's just kinda important. BTW I diabled all extensions and tested Stop Gif but it still did not work....
  13. Browser no longer crashes when typing in the address bar. Much better! Couldn't find my original thread so I'll just post this here. =]
  14. Change New Tab

    Can't see new tab position & action part. Says browser is fully up to date. Am I missing an advanced settings option or something? I only see :
  15. I have never used multi-search until now. Which was kinda dumb. that aside, I am having problems. Heres a screenshot. Whats supposed to be in the big empty space?
  16. 2 things.

    I'm running the newest versions of mx5 on windows 7 x64 and android marshmallow. On my pc it crashes when I try to type into the address bar most of the time. Makes it really hard to search for things quickly. On android I can't get my bookmarks to sync. All permissions are turned on and I cleared the cache with no results... Whats going on with this? This browser is pretty important to me as I live online more than irl. Please help. klear6
  17. BS Detector

    Can someone please help make a port of "BS Detector" for MX5 - use at your own discretion? Or is there already one that I am just missing?
  18. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Hi. Thanks so much. LOVE having the tabs at the bottom. Question: Where do I dump the background image files? I can't figure it out and I feel dumb.
  19. Sidebar Favorites

  20. Sidebar Favorites

    Guess I forgot to do that since I upgraded. One more problem solved. Thanks again.
  21. Sidebar Favorites

    Duh....thanks. I got hung up because I didn't press "Show More Apps." I'm used to using 7 not 10. Thank you! =D Also - excellent extension thanks so much!
  22. Sidebar Favorites

    I tried that, it tried to take me to the windows store because it didn't know what to open it with.
  23. Sidebar Favorites

    Sorry guys, I feel clueless - I downloaded the extension and now I don't know which folder to dump it in. Or is there a link in the extension center for it? Really sorry, I'm usually more informed about this stuff but since I upgraded to 5 I want to make sure I am doing things properly or my testing feedback will be pretty useless.