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  1. Nitro

    I set up a computer for my son. Its actually a Kurio tablet PC running Windows 10. Not my OS of choice but it needs to stay as is. Anyways, it is slow as hell. The system is slow, and the internet is slow. I need a fast browser. I am willing to spend quite a bit of time testing Nitro as I teach him to use the computer but you have to make it able to sync his bookmarks first. Not the rest of his web clippings or anything, just the links to the pages for his favorites. Can someone add that please? It's too much of a hassle to have to keep importing them back and forth. It really doesn't have the power to handle MX5 (which I have it running now). So...I need some help. 1. How do I set up the settings of MX5 to make it run as fast as possible? 2. Are there any plugins to make it run faster? 3. Anyone familiar with Windows 10 (which I hate): Are there any unneeded services I can disable to put less strain on it? 4. Can a dev please ad a manual bookmark sync to Nitro and release it as an alpha or something? Thanks guys =]
  2. Proxy prob

    I had no problem before but today I looked at my settings and it was set to use ie proxy. So I set it back to no proxy and now pages wont load. I do use a vpn, I am using wifi through an extender. What more info do you guys need to help me out?
  3. Can't Sync

    Wasn't having any problems until today. Then I logged on to my other laptop and added a couple of links while I still had the browser open on my desktop. Turned off the laptop, and went back to the desktop, tried to sync and it hangs up with a little "!" in the middle of the sync circle. How do I figure out what's going on and fix it? Nvm, updated the version on the laptop and now it syncs, sorry about that guys.
  4. Hey Tony, I have been a beta tester for you guys for forever now but I for some reason can't get the latest beta version.  Do you have a download link? It might be because I had installed an older version to test a couple of things on a new windows setup and when I updated it didn't link me to the beta.

    1. Tony


      they stopped posting betas a while ago in the tester area - they seem to ignore that now - any new releases or betas are posted on the main board either in the 'maxthon news' area or via the release notes dropdown



  5. BS Detector

    Can someone please help make a port of "BS Detector" for MX5 - use at your own discretion? Or is there already one that I am just missing?
  6. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Hi. Thanks so much. LOVE having the tabs at the bottom. Question: Where do I dump the background image files? I can't figure it out and I feel dumb.
  7. Sidebar Favorites

  8. Sidebar Favorites

    Guess I forgot to do that since I upgraded. One more problem solved. Thanks again.
  9. Sidebar Favorites

    Duh....thanks. I got hung up because I didn't press "Show More Apps." I'm used to using 7 not 10. Thank you! =D Also - excellent extension thanks so much!
  10. Sidebar Favorites

    I tried that, it tried to take me to the windows store because it didn't know what to open it with.
  11. Sidebar Favorites

    Sorry guys, I feel clueless - I downloaded the extension and now I don't know which folder to dump it in. Or is there a link in the extension center for it? Really sorry, I'm usually more informed about this stuff but since I upgraded to 5 I want to make sure I am doing things properly or my testing feedback will be pretty useless.