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  1. And some other sites Normal font looks like nordic runes I need to say I have clear type turned off. On IE and Firefox it looks ok.
  2. [PC] BETA font rendering issues

    Bu you are on 1803 version of Windows also.
  3. [PC] BETA font rendering issues

    Yes, that's right, turning off DirectWrite fixed the issue. I suppose it is some incompatibility between new 1809 and Maxthon.
  4. [PC] BETA font rendering issues

    IT might be issue with 1809. Maybe someone with same version could test also...
  5. [PC] BETA font rendering issues

    Nope, clean install and stil the same Windows 10 x64 ver 1809 Build 18252 Maxthon, default user agent
  6. [PC] BETA font rendering issues

    I will try to clean cache and reinstall Maxthon as it also works on other Windows 10 x64 machines I own, only on one displays such strange behavior. Now when I think of it, today on that PC I installed latest Windows 10 Insider Preview so maybe this new version of Windows is a culprit but only in Maxthon.