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  1. Parallel Beta Versions?

    Thats whats bugging me also. Are the fixes from 5.2.7 implemented in 5.3.8? Or each version has it own bugs? Are we forced to chose version that has less bugs?

    The first thing is so annoying I had to go back to 5.2.7
  3. New does the same. Somehow I made it work with and now after upgrade to 1100 I have the same issue. This is terrible.
  4. Same here. I uninstalled completly, delete all data but still the same. After 10 times I closed and quit the browser, it finally worked. I hope.
  5. [] Reddit issues

    Same here, it is already reported.
  6. new beta problems

    I have the same issue but also when I type I'm switched back to the beggining so word I'm typing is messed up. It is very annoying. I want to type but instead I type exind...
  7. [] Reddit issues

    Have the same problem. Also new post won't load automatically when on bottom of the page...
  8. [] broken images in new tabs

    Same here. Images opened via direct link do not load properly.