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  1. V - favorites bar missing star icon

    Hi, thank you, this works fine.
  2. V - open all records bug

    The bug seems only to happen from Favorites bar. Using the star icon on the left of the address bar it works but it seems much slower then in previous version. From here it does not work.
  3. For years now every time I install new version (either beta or public release) i have to go to advanced settings and deselect "Create Desktop shortcut" and select "Join UEIP". I wish that this installation settings were stored somewhere so next time I upgrade the version those preferences are automatically selected.
  4. V - favorites bar missing star icon

    This new position is not new as this icon is there in previous versions also. Ok, I can get used to use it from there but it seems it is also redesigned and now it DOES NOT open instantly but rather takes a second or more to open which slows down the browsing experience.
  5. Hi, New favorites bar is now missing star icon which shows you all the favorites V V
  6. Hi, when I right click on folder in the favorites and select "open all records" nothing happens when I right click on folder in the favorites and select "open all records in a new window" or "open all records in incognito windows" new window is open but empty V