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  1. I also have this problem, sometimes the web sites are opened as if they did not load CSS style for the page. Refresh does help. Very annoying and I can confirm that this problem exists for some time now with various stable and bet versions...
  2. Windows 10 64bit, fully updated. Maxthon freezes at first run. It does display some parts of GUI but I need to force close all instances of the program and then run it again which then loads completly. In older 5.2.x betas I also notices that sometimes the GUI does not load completly (mute, full screen, split creen icons are missin and/or favorites bar is not loaded) and now it just freezes. It's getting worse!
  3. download section missing

    And some clients updated to this and some did not.
  4. download section missing

    I know, but why is that? This is first time I can't download installer.
  5. Hi, My Maxthon updated to however I don't see this version in download section.