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  1. Maxthon updated to v5.2.4.2000

    I prefer to download betas and install them on all PCs I use. It has been days and still nothing on the Maxthon site. No changelog, no nothing. Not cool, not cool at all.
  2. Maxthon updated to v5.2.4.2000

    All PCs are on beta & logged in the same account and still only one got the mistery update.
  3. Maxthon updated to v5.2.4.2000

    I don't know how we can give feedback if we don't know what has been changed. Also, I use Maxthon on multiple PCs with the same account and only one of them got the update. Other say that I'm up to date which clearly I'm not. I don't like this at all.
  4. So right now Maxthon was updated to v5.2.4.2000 I don't see it here nor
  5. ESET AV detects MX as a threat on Android

    I downloaded it, and will try later to see if it triggers ESET.
  6. Maxthon for Android crashes alot

    I can say that current version, for me, works just fine. For now.
  7. ESET AV detects Maxthon v5.2.3.3231 on Android as a threat.
  8. Maxthon for Android crashes alot

    Well, it crashes when loading new page, does not matter which one. Either when I manually open Maxthon and browse or when some app tries to open Maxthon. It happens at random and very very often. Interesting, it seems on the old phone I had some beta version of Android and when transfered to new phone this beta version was transfered also. It didn't occur to me that this is not a version from Play Store and that I didn't see any updates for a very long time. I'm downloading now latest version from Play Store. Thx for the tip.
  9. Hi, For a while now (I would say more than a year) Maxthon app available via Play Store crashes very very often. It is actually almost imposible to use. At the same time Firefox app is rock solid. Current verision installed is
  10. V crashes

    I can confirm that with new beta the issue does not happen anymore (for now).
  11. V crashes

    It happens random. No particular website. It just closes, with a speed of thunder. Normal closing is slower than this. If Maxthon would close this fast when I close it on purpose, it would be perfect
  12. V crashes

    In this version I get lot of random crashes which do not report any error. It is like I shut down the program my self. When I start it again, it does not show history of the previous session. I use lot of tabs and this is very very annoying.
  13. Malicious website in

    Ok, thx, I will try that.
  14. I noticed some sites are marked as malicious by Maxthon as if Maxthon has it's own filter. How to disable this?