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  1. Bookmarks problem

    It seems it is not possible to save the same webpage twice in the bookmarks? Why?
  2. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    For the first point I kind of agree with you. However Windows OS is much complicated than then a browser. For such small software I have never seen such behaviour. For the second point, even if its by design it is simply wrong.
  3. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    You are aware that main page usually has older versions? I switched from main page to maxthon realese page because it had latest official and beta versions. The fact that they relase offical versions that are older then latest betas is also something to think about. Also, I use Maxthon on multiple PCs. This one from which I'm writing few min ago had and I checked (just for fun) if there is new version from insides Maxthons built in menu About which automatically checks for new version and guess what, it said my Maxthon is up to date. Well, the fact it is two versions behind is not something Maxthon team should be proud of. No I'm not kidding. Main page usually has older versions. Release page has offical and betas WITH release notes. I didn't put a random page, I put a realase page from Maxthons own domain. You missed my point completly. IF you have a release page than it should be updated properly otherwise it is pointless.
  4. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    So there are multiple points on maxthon web page where you can aquire news about new versions? On my link you can not only see changes but download new version. What is the point to have release notes page with missing release? Eithere you update everything or you don't.
  5. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    So do you see here?
  6. latest beta asks for flash install

    This worked, however I think this is terrible mistake by Maxthon. First they refuse to use system wide flash version installed on PC and now they remove it from installation, ask you to install it and fail at that? Exactly. And this Maxthon remembers sh*t is hilarious. So how come it remembered even though I was on before and on 5.2.300 before that? And why it didn't remember before
  7. V5.2.3.1000 stuck on install

    Chill dude, I missed the other topic ;)
  8. V5.2.3.1000 stuck on install. Preparing to launch Maxthon 5%. EDIT: Stuck on 5% on other PC also. I'll let it be for a while, who knows.
  9. So, latest beta asks for flash install, It doesn't matter if I select install and even if it says it is installed, next time i asks again.
  10. Hi all, 1. Why is there BETA and then OFFICAL after the BETA with lesser version? And both versions have different fixes. This i very very confusing. You shouldn't be releasing offical versions with lesser version after beta with higher version. Also, lots of times new official versions are not pushed via automatic update. 2. I'm havig big problems with dropdown menus on many sites and also on the favorites bar when there are more tabs than it fits on the bar. It shows number of hidder tabs - If I click on the dropdown menu i shows for 1 milisecond and then it disappears and If I click rapidly sometimes it does show the dropdown menu.