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  1. New does the same. Somehow I made it work with and now after upgrade to 1100 I have the same issue. This is terrible.
  2. Same here. I uninstalled completly, delete all data but still the same. After 10 times I closed and quit the browser, it finally worked. I hope.
  3. [] Reddit issues

    Same here, it is already reported.
  4. new beta problems

    I have the same issue but also when I type I'm switched back to the beggining so word I'm typing is messed up. It is very annoying. I want to type but instead I type exind...
  5. [] Reddit issues

    Have the same problem. Also new post won't load automatically when on bottom of the page...
  6. [] broken images in new tabs

    Same here. Images opened via direct link do not load properly.
  7. Turn off the translation function

    I also don't know how to turn off this feature. There is nothing in the settings of the translation module to disable this annoying behaviour.