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  1. it's ok on latest version
  2. Thank you for your responding
  3. My friend thank you but the changing ENCODING doesn't work
  4. windows 10 and it support arabic and when i was using maxthon 4 it all right but maxthon 5 not working
  5. I have tried them all and nothing happen
  6. Hello everyone I went to maxthon5 and make sync everything is going fine but favorites in arabic title show like ???? what should i do
  7. OK thank you and i will wait until it comes
  8. Thank you for your responding 1- I mean my favorites in max5 shows me the arabic title like this ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ but in general i could read in arabic and write the main problem in favorite title 2- It will come back in next official version, testers already got one internal test version with this function now You said it will come in next version didn't it
  9. Hello I used to use maxthon 4 but I have tried maxthon 5 When I made sync to maxthon 5 that is what happen 1- my favorites in Arabic doesn't support it looks like ???????? 2- i see the Saved passwords but the General identities i couldn't see it 3- In maxthon 5 when I set it up it says (try it) that means its free browser or what Thank you and my best regards