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  1. How to delete Auto-completion data

    it should work with shift+del too, it deletes the highlighted entry in the list.
  2. MX5 background turned from white to gray.

    yep the grayed out 'window' remains. i just tried the option on onother pc and it doesn't have this behaviour. i'll try to sort out if the problem is my pc or other mx options maybe..
  3. MX5 background turned from white to gray.

    i like the night mode, the problem is, if i minimize the window of the browser, i still get a 'ghost' window with the gray light and the rest of the monitor with normal white light. ugh!
  4. Mx always starts Maximized

    just tried but doesn't change the behaviour. normal window or minimized, it still starts maximized am i the only one with this problem? don't know if it can help, i'm using 2 monitors edit: OK, I found the problem !! i always use "close to system tray" option. with this option checked you need to right click the systray icon and choose "exit" to close the browser. Doing so it doesn't save the window position options in confing.ini (maybe other changes too..). it feels like forcing the browser to close. (worked well on previous versions) now i positioned the window the way i like it, closed without the systray option to save it in config.ini and re-checked back the systray option.
  5. As in the title, i just installed a clean mx 5 ( for the first time and i find this annoying bug(?): it always starts maximized and doesn't remember the window size and position. had a similar bug in mx4 but it only happened in certain conditions