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  1. Netflix not working

    ok, it's not a solution, but you could easily use the netflix app in the win10 store. it's a little awkward at the beginning but when you get used to it it's ok. and with the icon in the start menu is quicker then opening a browser and the page.
  2. Netflix not working

    what windows version are you using?
  3. Problem with a website

    already tried without and with different useragents, no changes. no particular addons means i only have the standards: abp, and those things like resoursce sniffer etc.. nothing installed. yes, tried that options for retro mode. i'm gonna make some other test shortly, with my old pc at work. edit: problem solved, but i can't really understand why. as i said i found my old pc at work, there still was mx4 there. the problem on the site was always the same. uninstalled mx4, installed mx5 and the website was ok! So i tried to copy my appdata/roaming/maxthon5 files over the old pc. still ok and with all my settings. so i simply did what usually should be tried first. reinstall. shame i didn't try before, but i was so sure that deleting the appdata folder was enough.. uninstalled and reinstalled mx5 on my pc. kept all user settings, and now it works. but why? all the files i uninstalled (c:\program files x86\maxthon5 ) shouldn't be touched by anything i do on the browser, considering i use it as is, with no addons and nothing extra.. and that this happened on 3 different pc at the same time, with different versions.. wtf. can't figure it out
  4. Problem with a website

    but the strange thing is that the same happens on 3 different PCs i do get some errors
  5. i use it in the same way. sometimes happened to mee too. i just click on open all, wait untill i see it doesn't open other new tabs and then right click on refresh icon and -> stop all. it is so slowed down that most of the sites are just white pages waiting to be loaded, it doesn't crash. ( 16gb of ram, maybe that helps ). another solution (not tested) might be to disconnect the network and click on open all. all tabs get loaded but without content -> no crash ? it's to see if the link get saved corrected in the next last session though
  6. Problem with a website

    i only use guest account, never wanted to loose my last session page, lol. no vpn, no firewall. works normal on chrome, ie and edge. in retro mode i only see text not formatted, a mess. (see image) Tried to completely delete maxthon5 folder in appdata, and let it recreate it new. Still no success. Have no more ideas
  7. Problem with a website

    It started when they changed a little the layout of the site. 1 month ago more or less. on 3 different pc, with different hw and mx guest user, not synced.. cleared the cache a lot of times but no difference must be some other option i use, i think. i'm gonna try to delete the appdata guest folder now edit: still no go. even with mx at standard settings.
  8. Problem with a website

    tried to follow the guide, i already did most of the things listed there. Last chance was the portable version but i have exactly the same problem. even with abp disabled
  9. Problem with a website on my desktop and on notebook and at work on none of them is working. nothing is syncing between them. that's strange.. ultramode and no particular addons (adb)
  10. Hello, since they did a little restile to the site i can't see the images anymore, on the homepage and inside the articles too. oh and the big image in the top of the homepage, the only one i see, should rotate and change. i see it stuck. it's only me? the page is :