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  1. Vpn functionality

    No, I have not used the proxy ever. But I shall try and see if that would help. actually the 'speed' issue I mentioned is not that much at all, there is a wee bit lag if I really compare and is very much inside the acceptable range. we can close this issue here , and if required I can continue from here once I have used up the Proxy tip shown. Thanks all.
  2. Vpn functionality

    Hi Galileusz Thanks for the Info firstly. Yes, I do have a Paid VPN subscription , but I have noticed there is a 'speed' issue when I connect through the paid vpn and then approach sites compared to when I approach the same sites via an In-built vpn embedded into the browser. Yes, you are also correct about the , : < browser does not protect your privacy too much > In fact No vpn is trace free (paid or unpaid) , if 'they ' want to know the origin it will always boil down to the physical router and from there it's a matter of minutes , hrs. or weeks ( depending on the crime committed ...... heh heh ) anyway, I hust thought , it may be a good idea that Maxthon can also incorporate an in-built vpn for the future releases .... ...will make it a Formidable browser indeed. !
  3. Vpn functionality

    Hi All Great site & Browser , ..... but had a query on vpn availability. some browsers in the market have a built-in vpn functionality ....but I dont think it's a built-in feature in Maxton ? Is this feature already there ? or ...would it be a part & parcel of any nearby future release of M ? Thanks for any Information here. Regards ...& a Good day.
  4. Dark theme

    Great BugSir006! Resolved.
  5. Dark theme

    Hi All does Maxthon have a 'Dark theme'. I know there is a Night mode, but its different than a dark theme. Would love to know if any extension or setting gives a Dark theme too. Thanks
  6. Browser Window can not be minimised/maximised

    Hi there firstly Thanks mate as I am seeing it now, it has begun doing what its supposed to do. I just cant put a finger here at all, it was like that (topic starter) & for more than a few times but as I am testing it now, its back to the windows default behaviour(which is what I want). feel a bit embarrassed here , but alls well that ends well I guess....& will definitely jump onto it if this happens again. This time I will make a video ..lest it happens snip Let me close this one here . Thanks and cheers
  7. Hi All I am on Maxthon version when I want to reduce the size of the browser window with the 'rectangle ' button (pl see image: ) the whole browser window just disappears( as if it has been "rolled down".) Hereafter I have not found a way to put the browser back and 'up' again. This is not the behaviour I was expecting - as per the default windows behaviour. The 'rectangle ' button is actually the part of the famous three: "close button", "zoom button", "minimize button" My Question : so how can I reduce the size of the maxthon window , just like the windows Maximise/Minimise button ( the 'rectangle ' button ) ? Thanks in advance