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  1. & One Major think I completely forgot in all the hecticity... A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO 1 & ALL here !! (sorry my Bad !!)
  2. BugSir006 It is working ! I get to play the videos back ! I did Both what you mentioned: I restored the defaults & also unticked the ' Use hardware acceleration when available '--->then closed the browser---->restarted--->from here all went fine ! @ Galileusz , Thanks for the 'How to' , as for now I will not use it since the issue is resolved but I surely know a thing or two about those custom filters now (thanks for taking the pains to show me through the Maze). To all who were involved in this...a BIG THANKS !! and with that I put a close to this vexing issue here(at least very vexing for me).
  3. and by a yet another Local news site , I get :This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. and is Maxthon using chorome extensions: was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script 'chrome-extension://pkedcjkdefgpdelpbcmbmeomcjbeemfm/cast_sender.js'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. just asking....
  4. Hi Thanks where exactly should I de inserting the script ?. I understand adblock , but how would I access it ? ( so that I can open it in Notepad++ maybe... and insert and then save) do I access it anywhere from the picture I have attached (entry point)
  5. Hi as I had mentioned before...I do see a lot of 'ad' errors (advertisement) the response does not contain any valid ads what do I make from this ? ( or how do I make the ads valid , so that M is happy) *it also thinks that 'autoplay' is an invalid feature name ? I am not a developer but doing my best along with you guys...hope we can stumble upon the 'why' here +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONSOLE output Crux: (Pictures C1 & C2)
  6. anything with the 'certificates' ? I do get at times: invalid certificate anywhere in M I can influence this ?
  7. it plays an advert (forced) for 10 sec or so, then the real stuff starts is this anything to do with advertsements BEFORE the video plays has Maxthon any implicit advertisement settings ?? would this be the root cause ? that is: when an forced ad plays itself, the videos(in my case) will go blank ?
  8. Hi No.1MaxthonFan thats what has been quizzing me right from Post # 1 here. ....then shall I take it as a 'freak' issue and also me being the Only one here too experience this ? if yes, then I lay this issue to rest ,...but not knowing why this is even happening.
  9. Just a feedback Guyz I uninstalled the Maxthon version and went for the beta mx5.2.7.100-beta. I also erased my user data C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5 , before the beta installation (just to be sure) now I am running the beta , but still No progress. (also with or without the user agent) *also 'excluded' maxthon from my ESET antivirus (also just in case) *I can watch all You tube videos ...it's this site( in topic starter) and other news sites e.g: https://www.nu.nl/258806/video/explosie-in-energiecentrale-kleurt-lucht-new-york-blauw.html?redirect=1 (these are on blank) -what are special in these kind of videos that Maxthon is finding it difficult to run display them ? why does it not happen with You-tube videos ?
  10. carried it out ( see image file) closed & restarted Maxthon still the same with the videos. Just the black screen here. just bizarre...
  11. Hi Magdalene Thanks for the reply .! I did that ( attached images will show what I did) I closed Maxthon and restarted it and went for the videos again. There is No change in my situation. and another thing....
  12. Hi all,.....I am at the end of my wits here SO, This is what I did 1) Uninstall M 2) clean all reg. settings too (win 7) 3) Brand New install of M :mx5.2.6.1000.exe 4) Made sure it was installing to a newly created folder 5) start up a news site I frequently use,went to a video file: https://www.ad.nl/video/zaak-nicky-verstappen-wat-we-te-horen-kregen-was-uniek~p60642 the video plays, I hear sounds too, BUT no visuals..! aaarrgghhhhh 6) If I play the same link on F.F or chrome or IE (On the SAME MACHINE)...all is fine ! This shows that it's No Issue with my O.S , neither machine. It all points to 'M' here...but I am outfoxed. 7) I can use F.F and my issues are gone (workaround) ...but I dont want to , I am used to M for all my web browsing *Images attached on F..F & M (from the same Machine I am working on) so what is going on ....?
  13. Okay Rick , Let me commence with what you have laid down Just for the records: - Are you using the install version or the portable version? (The Install version ) - Do you have a passport account and thus have all of your settings saved on the passport server (No, I use no accounts) - Did you install this current version over a previous version or did you install it into a new folder? ( I just ran the .exe file & let it go on auto pilot, so I guess it dumped it all over existing stuff) Thanks , and I shall update the feedback once I have followed the install 'diligently' :)
  14. Hi Guyz any ideas please...all the videos are just blanked out.
  15. Hi BugSir006 This is getting interesting here I see nothing at all on the add-on place. so there is no extension here. More quizzed then ever ....any ideas ?