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  1. Field focus

    Thanks All. The 5.1.5 version does not have this issue(topic starter) anymore. Issue resolved. Lets close this one for good now.
  2. Field focus

    Strange, am on the Latest V. But I dont get it . I see the cursor Flashing(image attached), but hitting the Keybd. does nothing . TILLLLL I once click the field with the mouse pointer, then we are in business.
  3. Field focus

    Hi All I am on M V5.1.4.3 + windows My Issue: 1) I have a Bookmark= Google 2) click on the Bookmark , the main google page opens:(Image 1) 3) many times, I start typing my text here , but recently the field has no focus...so I am busy writing my stuff while nothing gets typed actually. 4) then I look up ...and realize this , ...to which I have to then mouse click on the field 1st and start retyping.(groan) This was not the case in previous versions, where the field got focus the moment the page was opened. Now its an 'extra' overhead to mouse click the field first before I ventilate ;) To some it may sound as 'big deal', but being Lazy the way I am, is it possible to get back the Old functionality ? (i.e. start typing text as soon as google opens up) Thanks all !
  4. Browser Window can not be minimised/maximised

    Hi there firstly Thanks mate as I am seeing it now, it has begun doing what its supposed to do. I just cant put a finger here at all, it was like that (topic starter) & for more than a few times but as I am testing it now, its back to the windows default behaviour(which is what I want). feel a bit embarrassed here , but alls well that ends well I guess....& will definitely jump onto it if this happens again. This time I will make a video ..lest it happens snip Let me close this one here . Thanks and cheers
  5. Hi All I am on Maxthon version when I want to reduce the size of the browser window with the 'rectangle ' button (pl see image: ) the whole browser window just disappears( as if it has been "rolled down".) Hereafter I have not found a way to put the browser back and 'up' again. This is not the behaviour I was expecting - as per the default windows behaviour. The 'rectangle ' button is actually the part of the famous three: "close button", "zoom button", "minimize button" My Question : so how can I reduce the size of the maxthon window , just like the windows Maximise/Minimise button ( the 'rectangle ' button ) ? Thanks in advance