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  1. Hi All I am on V how can I switch the translator to 'ON' on a web page. say the page is in 'Polish' but I want the page to get translated in English dynamically . Thank you for any help here. Cheers
  2. Hello I was looking for a free plug-in(TTS) that can read aloud dutch-voice text from any (Dutch)online web page. I know of pages where I can copy text into an edit box and then get the required functionality(e.g. google translate), but yet to find a plug-in tool that goes through the original page (line by line) and reads it aloud ( without the need to copy and paste the text) Basically I am looking for a screen to read-aloud reader kind of functionality for Dutch language web pages. do we have such a plug-in functionality for Maxthon ? Thanks in advance
  3. Huge Thanks to karajan & 7twenty I got it all back and as-it-is. Just for the records 1) copy the 'users' folder from C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3 and keep it intact 2) Uninstall Maxthon via windows add/ remove prog. functionality (btw I was never prompted by M.cloud to keep my user data) 3) Install the new M. version 4) Just copy the point # 1 to the new installation 5) restart Maxthon all the goodies are there as they should be ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ On a side note (coming back to 7twenty's advise from above) 1) it would help rookie Maxthon users to see a you tube film or something about 'how to get back the old features' yet using a brand new browser version for the likes of us (not too browser savy), the moment the Fav. bar goes away (with only imported items as the que-I was prompted to 'import' my favs..and led me to believe that this would be the right direction..since my mind is one-track on my menu-bar settings-so my interpretation of things was completely 180 degrees to Maxthons event of interpretation..Lol)/ logon with gmail (yikes) / guest account (somewhere obscurely hidden) ...and all sort of pop-ups blowing out on your face ....users like me panic and immediately want to get hold of their 'stuff' without dilly-dallying too much with the new features. Of course there are workarounds and workarounds for workarounds ,but most users would not like to spend the time finding them out themselves --either because of the lack of interest or lack of time or maybe a combination of both (it takes a long time to accustom the browser to ones likings{at times weeks with testing} and cant be done in a few pop-ups). In such cases , a you tube film about how to migrate and still get to 'keep-it-all' would help immensely. At the end of the day, I dont mind going for a brand new updated version of the product, provided its (visually) explained how to migrate (specially with personal Menu bars & Magic Fill sections). The last two is THE reason I use Maxthon more than FF or chrome or any other from the market. Once again Thanks to karajan & 7twenty for saving the day , ......and would look forward to a small you tube film from Maxthon , showing handy tips on Migration from now on, with every Browser upgrade (if possible). Just to keep the Old furniture Happy & chugging too ;)
  4. Thx !...let me have a Go then. I will update .
  5. Hi Thanks All < keep a copy of the userdata folder in appdata > just to be on the same page here , you mean this....right ?:
  6. Hi I am on maxthon + win7 my browser was fine and I had shortcuts on fav bar like this(image 1): all was good, till I was prompted today for an upgrade. I did and regretted the scenario. My fav. bar was gone and I have to logon with a mail a/c and all new features that I do not want etc etc.. I dont need all this so I went for a system recovery on my machine from 13 april-17, knowing I will have all intact as I want them to be. after the system recovery, Maxthon is (visually) back to how it was, but my 'settings' page are coming up like this(image 2) and the most Important for me is this part(image 3): magic settings it does not respond to what I choose from the radio buttons anymore. so I can not seem to have the same functionality ( user name | pwd) automatically filled up when I browse all known forms that I frequently visit . How can I revert back to the magic settings and make the 'settings' page the way it was.(before the update) Thank You
  7. Browser Window can not be minimised/maximised

    Hi there firstly Thanks mate as I am seeing it now, it has begun doing what its supposed to do. I just cant put a finger here at all, it was like that (topic starter) & for more than a few times but as I am testing it now, its back to the windows default behaviour(which is what I want). feel a bit embarrassed here , but alls well that ends well I guess....& will definitely jump onto it if this happens again. This time I will make a video ..lest it happens snip Let me close this one here . Thanks and cheers
  8. Hi All I am on Maxthon version when I want to reduce the size of the browser window with the 'rectangle ' button (pl see image: ) the whole browser window just disappears( as if it has been "rolled down".) Hereafter I have not found a way to put the browser back and 'up' again. This is not the behaviour I was expecting - as per the default windows behaviour. The 'rectangle ' button is actually the part of the famous three: "close button", "zoom button", "minimize button" My Question : so how can I reduce the size of the maxthon window , just like the windows Maximise/Minimise button ( the 'rectangle ' button ) ? Thanks in advance