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  1. This is not really the kind of message we would expect from a moderator... that's just some kind of trolling. There was not this bug in the previous version of Maxthon as far as I remember. The link checker is doing his job without a glitch until it stopped verifying the links for an unknown reason. A program should work for 1 or 10k iterations, that's its job, otherwise we call that a bug.
  2. Hello BugSir, for the "update site icons" function, the icons are not already in the icon library I think neither there is a network problem. I don't know why but after a certain amount of bookmarks, it does not update the icons, marks everything in red and goes directly to the end. Not any site will have its icon updated. And regarding the the sync of bookmarks, I know they are synched across platforms, but is it not possible to hide them from the "recent records" windows of infobox on android when they are coming from a "private mode" session ? Another bug I often encounter, is when you change the zoom percentage in one tab, it affects the others tabs when you'll be browsing them. Whereas this setting should be independant from the previous tab. Thanks for your support.
  3. I don't think I'm whinning as you say, I'm just presenting my arguments, bugs I found and my opinion ! If you don't express what you think nobody will do it for you. So we need to show to maxthon devs what's problematic for us ! For "passkeeper", I'm not talking about vulnerabilities, but about voluntary backdoors in order to share the infos with the governement. I'm also asking about the algorithm used to crypt the this database.
  4. First of all, I'd to say I'm a big fan of Maxthon, I'm using it since the MyIE years, so don't think I just want to bash... I'm really pleased with the stability of the v5, but here are some major flaws/bugs for me: -it's really unbelievable that we still can't move bookmarks with drag'n drop in Maxnote ! That's a serious pain in the *ss to sort bookmarks using the "move to" function !!! How could someone realease a stable version without such a basic function ??? Btw when using the "move to" function, why the tree is not pointing to the current folder when we're using the function to look into the arborescence ? Each time we have to go through all the folders from the root to select a folder which is just a subolder of the current one. The only alternative is to use the drag'n drop from the favorites menu when surfing... -if we use the "open all" function in a folder, it'll even open the bookmarks from the subfolders ! That's not really the behaviour we want and that was not really like this in previous versions. -"mark as most favorite" does not change the color of the police anymore. -when we'are creating a bookmark or a folder in infobox, each time it goes in top of the list ? Why this change of behaviour in MX5 compared to previous versions ? -when using the "private mode" on a PC, if we add bookmarks they'are appearing in the "recent records" list on the android version of MX5. That's not really a smart feature, because anybody who borrows my phone can see what I didn't want him to see ! So OK I could unlog each time, but when Maxthon is the default browser that's not really convenient. -we don't have anymore a "sort" function when doing a right click in a folder of bookmarks (in the main window while surfing not in infobox) -the "update site icons" is not working great, after several hundreds bookmarks, it does not update the icons anymore and go to the end of the task without any reason -when searching bookmarks in infobox, it could be great to have on the right side a field with the path of the bookmark, in order to know in which folder it was found. Maybe I forgot some bugs, I waited several months before submiting these bugs because I thought it'd be corrected in a next realease, but nothing happens... In the end the browsing speed and stability are great for such an early release, too bad there is still not a great support for skins ! But the new features like infobox are good idea. By the way, how are encrypted the passwords in "passkeeper" ? How can we be sure that the chinese governement is not getting all these datas stored in the cloud ?
  5. Converting Alpha skin for MX 4.9

    Hello, I love the Alpha skin v2.31 for Maxthon 4.4, but I didn't see an update for this skin with the new version of Maxthon. So I've downloaded the sdk + the doc, and I've tried to replace the files in 0.dat and 1.dat with the ones from this skin. But I've got this layout problem with favorites and the page rendering. Could someone help me to fix this problem please or at least give me some advice ? Thanks in advance.