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  1. Minimal Max5 Windows Size .

    I try to put MX next to another window of another app, and resize it to be smaller. Not only I can't resize it to be smaller than 1/2 of the screen, but it doesn't snap together with the window of the other app. Please fix these issues Tested on MX for PC. Windows 10.
  2. Bug: speed dial thumbnails gone, and cannot be refreshed

    The animated clouds seem to have a low quality and yet not moving smoothly. Maybe you should consider using something else instead? Like what the "Wallpaper engine" do: Also, BTW, it always shows the clouds in private-mode. It doesn't look there at the background settings of the speed dial, and won't remember it in next sessions.
  3. This week for some reason the background of the whole speed dial screen changed to clouds (I changed it after that but that's not the issue), and the thumbnails of many tiles got emptied. Not only that, but for all of the tiles that got emptied, I cannot refresh them to have the thumbnails shown again. Can you please add an option to update all thumbnails? MX version: PC Attached image of what I see.
  4. Cannot view embedded YouTube videos on Google IO website

    The video doesn't have this device as an image...
  5. Example: Version: on Windows 10 OS EDIT: after duplicating its tab, it works somehow..
  6. Bug: closing a floating playing video continues its playback

    I've updated them to be clearer. Sorry.
  7. Bug: closing a floating playing video continues its playback

    In order for the detached video to show an X button, first close the tab and then close the detached video. What do you mean by "both" ? Both of what?
  8. version on PC. steps: 1. play any video on Youtube. Example: 2. detach the video using the floatbar 3. close its tab and close the detached video while it's playing. The bug: it continues playing.
  9. Example here. On Chrome and FF, it shows a bouncing ball, but on MX, it shows a static ball. No animation. Tested on MX PC
  10. Well, when I tested (and I've shown it on video), it offered me to download a json.txt file. Now for some reason it's ok. But it worked before on other web browsers while MX insisted on downloading the json file.
  11. From a lot of the posts I've made on Android new issue tracker, I can't download their attachments. Instead, it downloads a json.txt file. I've tried on Chrome, Chromium, Edge and FF, and on all of them it worked fine. Please fix it. Example: Sometimes it downloads fine. Attached video to show issue. ice_video_20170421-023849.webm
  12. Either when zooming and then scrolling, or scrolling in a bit-large pdf file, it gets stuck on the previous image. Example is attached here, for this website, including how it works on third party app for showing the pdf : ice_video_20170415-092625.mp4 Tested on MX version (PC)
  13. On many websites that have a video inside them (as I've reported here too) trying to move the playback position makes it stuck on movement state, not being able to continue playing. Same goes for volume control. Not only that, but pause/resume playback using the spacebar usually scrolls too for some reason. Example websites: mx pc version: