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  1. But why only for MX ?
  2. Well, when I tested (and I've shown it on video), it offered me to download a json.txt file. Now for some reason it's ok. But it worked before on other web browsers while MX insisted on downloading the json file.
  3. From a lot of the posts I've made on Android new issue tracker, I can't download their attachments. Instead, it downloads a json.txt file. I've tried on Chrome, Chromium, Edge and FF, and on all of them it worked fine. Please fix it. Example: Sometimes it downloads fine. Attached video to show issue. ice_video_20170421-023849.webm
  4. Either when zooming and then scrolling, or scrolling in a bit-large pdf file, it gets stuck on the previous image. Example is attached here, for this website, including how it works on third party app for showing the pdf : ice_video_20170415-092625.mp4 Tested on MX version (PC)
  5. On many websites that have a video inside them (as I've reported here too) trying to move the playback position makes it stuck on movement state, not being able to continue playing. Same goes for volume control. Not only that, but pause/resume playback using the spacebar usually scrolls too for some reason. Example websites: mx pc version:
  6. Found some issues on of MX PC : 1.In Gmail, when typing of the first letters of the email address of someone you already have, and then press with the mouse on what's suggested - doesn't select it. 2.On Gmail, when pressing the "reply" link (not the button) at the bottom of the message doesn't do anything. 3.On StackOverflow, when writing the reply to someone with the "@" sign , and then choosing using the mouse or pressing the TAB key, it works (auto-completes email address), but loses focus.
  7. I tested on Chrome 59.0.3054.0. But, I wrote that it usually doesn't occur. I think that after first mouse click on the video, the space bar key works fine. Yet on MX it never works well with the space bar. I also tried FF 50.0.2. It has the same issue of space bar key as MX (even worse: it just scrolls while pressing it), but not the volume issue.
  8. No, it doesn't occur on Chrome, at least not always as it does on MX. Attached video of how it works on MX and how it works on Chrome. It also shows the volume issue. chrome.webm mx.webm
  9. I have a Google search bar in the empty tab UI. The one with the speed dial tiles. Today I somehow got this bar being shown (and interactive too) on all tabs that I open. Attached video to show the issue. PC Version: OS: 10.0.14393. ice_video_20170403-192851.webm Restarting MX fixed it
  10. The video with volume issue occurs on other random video websites too. Just don't remember where I saw it. On the PC at the office I failed to reproduce the volume issue, but the spacebar issue was reproduced easily. The registration is supposed to show you a new screen that replaces the form of fields you fill, where you can press on things that get you more points, for higher chance to win.
  11. On this website, the giveaway doesn't work when I fill the information: And, on this website, changing the volume makes the volume-slider always stuck on movement state, not allowing to stay still when moving mouse. Also, pressing the space-bar key doesn't just pause/resume the video (which it should), but also scrolls down. And, pressing on the video itself doesn't play&pause the video: On Chrome, both those websites work well. Tested on Maxthon PC : Version: OS: 10.0.14393.
  12. MX5 cannot import MX4.9.4 user data

    This issue is known and I've already reported about it. A new version of the web browser should not require us to re-create the settings, and it should not create a new web browser. It should replace the previous one, while having all the features of the previous one. It has happened every time the web browser got a new major version. MX, MX2, MX3, MX4, and now MX5... There is practically no other modern web browser that does this.
  13. MX5 Official Release (Updated)

    Now I get it, but why should it be this way? The popup button is so lonely, and having a "download" button is (supposed to be) very useful as it shows exactly what you are about to download... Speaking of the resource sniffer, it fails to sniff many things. Example is this video (talks about fuel) :,7340,L-12997,00.html As opposed to FF addon which does allow to download this video (given that flash is installed) :
  14. MX5 Official Release (Updated)

    No idea. It sometimes happened. I tried now to visit one, and I did see the "download" button (though again, it's useless anyway). Found another problematic website : It doesn't generate or preview the chosen image at all.
  15. MX5 Official Release (Updated)

    Found more issues on this version: - This website doesn't have a caret or anything to put text into, even though it should (try on Chrome): - On Youtube website, sometimes I see the download button on the floatbar, and sometimes just the "popup" alone. And when the download button exists, it never really offers to download the video of it. - On Youtube website, when I choose to make the video float, clicking on the video doesn't respond like on the website (to pause, for example). If it's a general behavior for all websites (which is cool too), please provide a nicer UI for it. At least show the bottom bar upon clicking...