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  1. MX5 cannot import MX4.9.4 user data

    This issue is known and I've already reported about it. A new version of the web browser should not require us to re-create the settings, and it should not create a new web browser. It should replace the previous one, while having all the features of the previous one. It has happened every time the web browser got a new major version. MX, MX2, MX3, MX4, and now MX5... There is practically no other modern web browser that does this.
  2. MX5 PC release

    Yes. What do you have there? Why does it keep using Hebrew anyway? Except for additional language (Hebrew) to choose from in the language bar, I didn't set anything of Israel or of Hebrew on the OS settings...
  3. MX5 PC release

    Is there any way to force the default Google search to be in English, even in private mode? It keeps using Hebrew version for it, even though I've set it this way: Same goes when I use :
  4. Suppose you wish to find all occurrences of the selected word in a website (or copy it to somewhere else), when you double click on a word, it should select just the word. Not an extra space. Attached video to show issue. The reason this is a bug, is that when it selects the extra space, searching for the word will provide less results, because it requires an extra space. ice_video_20170215-110733.webm
  5. Bug: can't choose to reply on "" website

    Why should a website remove such a thing based on UA ? Also, since Maxthon still doesn't allow specific UA per website, I think it still is an issue. Setting a UA of Chrome might fix it here, but might cause issues somewhere else.
  6. Example: Try on MX5 ( and Chrome. For some reason, on MX5, it doesn't show the textbox of "write a response", or anything similar that can trigger showing it.
  7. For example, to style Github website using one of these: If it's not supported, please consider adding support for this, or at least create a plugin for it.
  8. MX5 Beta Release

    installed, windows 10. I have other issues of this version on Windows 10, but mostly on one PC (a very new laptop from the office): unable to drag files to it, sometimes unable to click on task from the taskbar to restore/minimize, inability to import all settings from MX4, inability to replace MX4 (both are somehow installed), annoying accidental folder creation when dragging speed dial items, notes not auto-sync instantly, many features of MX4 missing that I'm used to, ...
  9. MX5 Beta Release

    Today found another bug: after leaving MX5 to be opened for the night, having Windows hibernate, and then coming back to MX5, all tabs became blank in their content (meaning when I visit each, I get a white webpage). Refreshing all of them didn't work, and opening the quick-dial tab show an almost empty page (only the search bar is shown). However, opening a new tab with URL (like visiting this forum) works fine , and I can surf the web using MX5. Attached screenshot:
  10. MX5 Beta Release

    It occurs whether I'm logged in or not.
  11. MX5 Beta Release

    Bug: sometimes, when I visit this website: I get login window over and over: There shouldn't even be a login window here. This issue occurred more often on MX4, but now it occurs on MX5 too.
  12. MX5 Beta Release

    Not the first time MX had issues with favs. The favs were reset on mx4 a long time ago due to my first login to MX account. I thought it will import what I have. But even on MX5 install (I don't call it update, because MX4 still exists and it didn't import almost anything well), it didn't import those that were on MX4 after that. About the workaround, thanks. Still annoying. Another annoying thing I've noticed, is that when I created the new tiles in the quick-dial, sometimes when I wanted to drag to move them, it has put them in a folder, and then it was even more annoying to move them outside.
  13. MX5 Beta Release

    The quick-dial did not sync with anything of MX4 for me. Same goes to a lot of other settings, mainly the magic fill. Not even the favorites. Speaking of favorites, I can't find out how to add a customized one to there. For example, I want to have this script as a favorite (it allows to perform google-image-search on images) : javascript:void((function(){var sir=document.createElement('script');sir.setAttribute('src','');sir.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(sir);var sib=document.createElement('script');sib.setAttribute('src','');sib.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(sib);})()); About the engine version, that's too bad, but it's partially because Google increases the versions very frequently. I have no idea how they reached so far in versions.
  14. MX5 Beta Release

    Maybe you used an account which hold some of the settings, but even if you do, it doesn't restore a lot of them. For example quick-dial tiles. Not to mention many settings that don't exist yet, and they are probably lost forever. About drag&drop, there is no reason it won't work, while on Chrome it does. As I've written, I even disabled all plugins and it still didn't work, while on the PC at home it does work. About "bleeding edge", version 55 is the latest stable version, and it was out a month ago ( 2016-12-01) : . The "bleeding edge" version is 57...
  15. MX5 Beta Release

    That's quite new. Not the newest, but new enough. Thanks. Hope it will help with compatibility, and the drag&drop of files issue will be gone.