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  1. webpage-capture feature removed?

    But will it print entire page?
  2. webpage-capture feature removed?

    I see. Wasn't it in the menu, though? And there wasn't a pdf option?
  3. I remember we could capture whole webpage into image (and maybe even pdf). Why can't I see it anymore? MX on PC.
  4. Request: handle many tabs better

    I remember the time that MX was much more customizable. I could drag buttons&toolbars anywhere. More and more features were coming. There was even a time (in beta version) that we could make a Flash content run faster, to speed it up, using the floar bar. The float bar usually could get real videos being saved into files, yet now it usually puts junk files to download . It also had a live extensions website. Now it's mostly dead or have some Chinese addons I can't understand what they are meant for. Ad hunter back then was more powerful, letting you choose what to remove, manually, including rules you could edit after adding them (first click on ad, then choose to edit the rule). Now, not only we don't have the same customizability, but even though MX is based on Chrome engine, it doesn't have all the features Chrome has, including its addons. It's also not as smooth Currently, the only reasons I still use MX are: 1. ability to save&restore passwords/forms easily, with hotkeys. 2. Nice screenshot tool. 3. split screen 4. Make videos detach, without closing current tab. 5. It has 2 addons that still work, for removing ads : Clipper and noads . Sadly I don't think either of those is getting any updates. 6. Ability to switch core to IE, though I've barely used it in the past years, probably because finally all websites I visit work well. 7. Has good downloader UI, though I wish it didn't need to have a window of its own. Sadly it also doesn't manage default apps well, as when I choose to open some files, it opens them on MX, even though I already have apps to handle them (WebM video files, for example) 8. Good mouse gestures, including dragging stuff 9. website alias, though I use only a few. I think MX should go in the path of Cent Browser: have MX features on top of Chromium itself.
  5. Request: handle many tabs better

    There are many ways to handle this. You can have arrow buttons that will also indicate that you can scroll. Those will hide when you can't scroll. You could also have ability to have much smaller tabs. The multi-line tabs and minimal sized tabs were features on older MX versions. No idea why they didn't come to MX on current versions.
  6. Request: handle many tabs better

    Grouping by domain can be cool too, but again, you will still have to deal with the case of a lot of tabs, in case each of them belong to a different domain. About fixed tabs, just try it on Chrome. It's called "pin" there. I mean a bit more than that. You could scroll without a scroller, using the mouse wheel. Try CentBrowser and open there mutliple tabs. You will see what I mean. Here's a video showing how it's done there: ice_video_20171209-111436.webm In addition, in case there are too many tabs, an arrow button appears that upon clicking, shows all of the tabs, always in the exact order you are in, and marks the one you are currently in. The tabs don't change their order unless you do it on your own.
  7. 1.In case of too many tabs, allow to scroll between them, instead of the "+" button that allows to go between them. Another alternative should be to have multi-line tabs. 2. Allow to load the tabs that are opened in the background, only when the user goes to it. This can help with opening many tabs from the current one. 3. Allow to have the locked tabs, as small ones, like the pinned tabs on other web browsers.
  8. PC V I can't hear anything from playing YouTube videos,and in fact from any other website. Also, when re-launching MX, it doesn't restore its tabs, especially not those that were locked.
  9. New UI design in

    Why this limitation? Why not allow to merge, just as it allowed to split? I can split a window with 2 tabs, into 2 windows, but I can't merge the same 2 windows (each with a single tab now) into a single window... I've also found out that the new speed dial is quite slow to load, every time I open it.
  10. New UI design in

    You mean to grab a tab to outside of the window, to open it in a new window? If so, the opposite doesn't work, sadly. I would have preferred if they had multi-lines tabs as it used to have.
  11. Here: Some graphs and tables are missing for some reason, even if ad blocker is disabled on this website. Maxthon version on PC :
  12. download video

    For youtube, you can have clipconverter script for greasemonkey plugin, or YouTube Center plugin: For dailymotion, you have the resource sniffer tool at the toolbar, and you can also right click the video and choose "save as". Not sure about the others. Of course, it will be great to have the download button work for all videos.
  13. icons show as blocks Amazon Cloud Drive

    I have this issue on many websites. Not sure why.
  14. removeit plugin

    The noAds plugin was the one I've searched for. Thanks. Still, could be nice to be able to block things using the built in ad blocker feature.
  15. removeit plugin

    BTW, there was a plugin (I think it was called "removeIt") that I could choose exactly what to block on the webpage. Not just images, but HTML tags. I tried to find it on the extensions website, but I didn't succeed. Anyone know how to get it? I wish it was a part of the ad blocking, because currently I can't even add images to the ad blocker rules.