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  1. To me it occurs no matter which one I choose.
  2. About #1 , confirmed. It opens the same tab twice, if middle clicking a speed dial item.
  3. Bug: can't reply on website ""

    I don't see it fixed (tested on .
  4. Various issues with MX beta

    Odd, today it seems all work fine..
  5. Various issues with MX beta

    On IE mode, things are shown badly... See this Gmail website, for example: Or StackOverflow: Plus, it still fails to login to StackOverflow on this state.
  6. Improving AutoFill

    Cleared cookies, and now got these issues:
  7. Various issues with MX beta

    Will it help to go to a previous version of MX? I tried to clear cookies, and everything got worse with login: 1. not only Autofill didn't fill Google account info (on Gmail website, here), but when I fill it myself and accept it (on my smartphone because I have the 2-steps verifications), it doesn't login . 2. It also doesn't fill Hotmail website, here , and it doesn't login (gives me an error of "The custom error module does not recognize this error.") . 3. Can't login using G+ to StackOverflow website and to XDA website. It just doesn't do anything.
  8. Various issues with MX beta

    How do I fix it? How come it doesn't occur on other web browsers? Not Chrome and not Firefox?
  9. 1. For various Google websites (including Gmail and Android-issue-tracker), I get this dialog : 2. On some websites, I get a broken image placeholder, such as this: 3. The website StackOverflow cannot run properly at all, showing this error on the top: 4. On Gmail, and even here on the forum, using CTRL+V for image content that was copied doesn't work. Instead it either shows nothing or a broken image placeholder I tried disabling so many plugins and scripts, but none of those helped. They worked before anyway, on previous versions of MX, so they can't be the problem, but I wanted to do it anyway, to see if it helps. I also tried to disable the ad-blocker, but it didn't help.
  10. Improving AutoFill

    When going to this : No autofill of either of them. When going to here: both are filled. But why does it keep forgetting its cookie (meaning i have to login )?
  11. Gmail doesnt load completely

    I'm having a different issue on Gmail website today: 1. Many times, when clicking a link on a mail I got (like this), it shows a certificate dialog: 2. Many times it shows a broken image placeholder instead of the image itself. Example: It occurs on other Google websites. Even G+. On Chrome it doesn't occur.
  12. Improving AutoFill

    For some reason, on this current forum of Maxthon, the login sometimes gets forgotten. Using Magic Fill doesn't auto-fill it either. How come?
  13. Just a UI bug. Open this website on one tab, with ABP off. Now, duplicate the tab and turn it on (or turn on and then duplicate). Switch between the tabs, and you will see it's turned on for both tabs. It would seem as if both have it turned on, even though the original one didn't block anything. In any case, I want to avoid blocking this part.
  14. Bug: can't reply on website ""

    What can't you reproduce? Can you see anywhere on the page, where you can put your comment? All I see is other's comments. Attached image of how it looks on MX, vs on Chrome.