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  1. PC version of MX : I can't find any way to white list the comment section (when you choose an article), so I just have to disable ad hunter for this website: Not only that, but plugins that allow specific blocking of HTML tags don't work well there: Really wish the ad-hunter would be more user friendly, like those plugins, with white list, clicking to block, ability to block higher/lower-level HTML tags, etc...
  2. Many times, when I close MX, and start it again later, I also see the "previous session" has tabs that weren't opened on previous session, before I close it.
  3. Well they should be. It's the exact same thing. You visit a website, and close it, so it should be in the undo list and the history list. Why should there be 2 history lists of websites I've visited... If I delete in one, I expect it to be deleted on the other. Another annoyance is that sometimes I lose tabs (usually when MX restores after being closed/killed). Sometimes even locked ones. It also sometimes forgets about websites I've visited (not mentioned in history).
  4. I always have issues with history on Maxthon. about 100% of the times, the "undo" history doesn't match the ones in the full history page , and cleaning on one doesn't affect the other. Not only that, but many times, when I had to close/kill MX, the previous session loses many opened tabs, sometimes even locked tabs.
  5. MX5 Google-breaking bugs!!

    I've noticed other issues with Google recently. Many websites of Google ask for certificate. And, in Asana website, I can't connect using Google account.
  6. Invalid Certificates on MX5

    I had the certificate issue on Gmail and some other Google-related websites about a month ago, and they were gone after a week or two. Now it's back again. How could it be?
  7. When I'm on some website, and I choose to open a file from there, sometimes it gets opened on MX itself, instead of the default app to handle it. So far I've found that SVG and MP4 files gets opened on MX, instead of the default apps I use for them (Inkscape for SVG, and MPC for MP4). As an example to show this issue, try to download&run directly (single step, without opening on Explorer) the video from this website: Tested on MX PC
  8. Improving AutoFill

    It doesn't work (meaning it won't auto-fill the next time). Also, when MX asks if I want to save the password, it doesn't help with this website.
  9. To me it occurs no matter which one I choose.
  10. About #1 , confirmed. It opens the same tab twice, if middle clicking a speed dial item.
  11. Bug: can't reply on website ""

    I don't see it fixed (tested on .
  12. Improving AutoFill

    Cleared cookies, and now got these issues:
  13. Improving AutoFill

    When going to this : No autofill of either of them. When going to here: both are filled. But why does it keep forgetting its cookie (meaning i have to login )?
  14. Improving AutoFill

    For some reason, on this current forum of Maxthon, the login sometimes gets forgotten. Using Magic Fill doesn't auto-fill it either. How come?
  15. Bug: can't reply on website ""

    What can't you reproduce? Can you see anywhere on the page, where you can put your comment? All I see is other's comments. Attached image of how it looks on MX, vs on Chrome.