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  1. I want to be a reader mode on my own personal site. How can I do it. Thank you.
  2. Skynote and cell phone

    I would like to use this feature only as a skynote without maxthon 5 from the mobile phone.
  3. Hello I am using Maxthon Skynote works nicely and keeps my notes. But in this skynotte I want to use the Samsung Galaxy 6 as well. So you two are working in sync. This particularity was in the MX 4, but I could not find it in the Mx5. Does not he support it on his cell phone?
  4. I hope they help friends in solving the problem
  5. pantantrollo; You're right. I tried. But my problem is that the YouTube Center Developer icon has disappeared. I can not enter YouTube Center Developer and make the necessary settings. However, it is seen in the Extension and Addons
  6. Hello I am using Mx Today, YouTube Center Developer Build suddenly disappeared. The plugin is open and working, but there are no icons and I can not enter the YouTube Center Developer Build. Also YouTube does not work in ultra mode. When you open the movie you have only the sound of the image disappearing in the hebe. There is sound in retro mode, but there is no YouTube Center Developer Build. I made the Disable Youtub HTML5 Player. But not yet Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your help. I was in trouble
  8. I am using the latest version of Maxthon Browser V I accidentally deleted Adblock plus. I could not find the Extension Center either. Where to download Adblock plus and how to activate it. Thank you
  9. Furkan bey Merhaba; forum neden değişti? Bütün hesaplar sıfırlanmış. 2 mesaj aşağıda geniş bilgi verdim ama zannederim gözünüzden kaçtı Yeni Türkçe Forum ve Maxthon password
  10. 1 haftadır maxthon foruma giremiyorum. Aramalarım sonucunda bu sayfayı buldum. Eski forum kaldırılmış ve bütün kullanıcılar Guest yani misafir durumuna düşürülmüş. mecburen bir yeni hesap açtım ve foruma katıldım. Neden böyle bir şey yapıldı ki? Üstelik bilgi verilmedi. Eski hesaplar ne oldu? O kadar yazdığımız mesaj ve cevaplar nereye gitti? Furkan Avşar Bey ???