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  1. Yes, the icons in the lower status bar disappear when the browser language is set to "Turkish" Now I noticed new; I do not see the icons in the Mxthon status bar when I first turned on the PC. But when I close Maxthonu immediately and open it again, the icons appear. Will Maxthon engineers be interested in this? Thank you
  2. Friends took the following caution; When I set the browser language in English, the icons in the status bar increase and the images increase. These icons disappear when I make this setting in Turkish. It's weird. Do you have any reason to explain this to me?
  3. Thank you for your reply to 7twnwty. Yes, I did not do well. It's only with Google dialer that you are right. I am rewriting now; I want to minimize the size of the Maxthon tabs. Thus, at the very end, the numbered sequential hidden tabs are all visible. So let's not try to be practical. Open more small tabs without hiding the topmost. Thank you
  4. The strange problem is still going on. But sometimes there are icons in the status bar that I do not see when I open it in some time. In this case, I have to manually bring the icons from the options, which is annoying. I am using Maxthon version.
  5. I am using Maxthon version. Maxthon tapes only 15 tabs open. Is it possible to increase this? I did not find anything in the settings. I think more than 15 tabs are opened in the old version of Maxthon? Thank you.
  6. How can I delete the cookies Maxthon Browser records? Thank you.
  7. I have installed Maxthon Browser V The problem continues. Every time I turn on the PC, the sound setting and view proportion in the status bar disappear. I've come to this solution. However, Maxthon's developers said they would correct it
  8. I have installed Version mx5.2.4.100-beta. There was no problem
  10. Thanks for the answer, but I do not understand anything. Are you a little more open?
  11. Hello I am using the latest version of MX Every time Maxton turns off, the status bar disappears. The zoom and global mute icons on this bar disappear. I always have to choose from the options for these icons to arrive. This is very torturous. Thanks a lot for help
  12. Furkan bey Merhaba; forum neden değişti? Bütün hesaplar sıfırlanmış. 2 mesaj aşağıda geniş bilgi verdim ama zannederim gözünüzden kaçtı Yeni Türkçe Forum ve Maxthon password
  13. 1 haftadır maxthon foruma giremiyorum. Aramalarım sonucunda bu sayfayı buldum. Eski forum kaldırılmış ve bütün kullanıcılar Guest yani misafir durumuna düşürülmüş. mecburen bir yeni hesap açtım ve foruma katıldım. Neden böyle bir şey yapıldı ki? Üstelik bilgi verilmedi. Eski hesaplar ne oldu? O kadar yazdığımız mesaj ve cevaplar nereye gitti? Furkan Avşar Bey ???