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  1. Download Speed

    http://kissasian.com/Drama/Kamen-Rider-Ghost/Episode-50?id=30488 Using this link. Maxthon 4, I download this link and it goes about 5 mb/s (No Proxy), and it's about the same with IE proxy. Maxthon 5 (No IE Proxy) 500 mb/s, With Proxy: 250mbs Chrome is 2 mb/s *have reinstalled and tried on different computers, same result* Both Win 8.1 64
  2. Download Speed

    Try use maxthon 4 with any video link, try downloading em then use 5 and then use chrome, tbe speeds are different.
  3. Download Speed

    The download of the recent build is 1/5 of my normal speed on other browsers. What is going on?