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  1. Hi there, glad to hear that Maxthon helps you lawyers in Spain. Could you give us some more concrete examples like which site, what kind of certificate required, so that we can help more quickly
  2. LastPass

    Yes you can, here You can add accounts and PWs in "Accounts" Can edit an autosaved PW in "Autosaved Passwords" to modify it to what you want to save manually. "Private Notes" is for any thing (notes, emails, any text content) you want to keep safe there.
  3. Reader mode first run info bubbles

    Impressive, so this may be a request to have a more streamlined UI, I'll forward the pic you drew to show our designer as an example.
  4. Twitch.tv

    Hi there, the issue with twich.tv has been fixed in the new core version (which is still under internal test and not public to common users), but we will soon release it. Please stay tuned and thanks for your patience.
  5. export import External Tools

    Do you have a Maxthon account and have you logged in? All settings and user data should be imported the first time you start the browser after upgrading. If you don't have an account and used MX4, you could manually sync user data here, but settings cannot be synced manually.
  6. I can't import bookmarks?

    Hi there, the request has been sent to our product manager, they will decide and make a plan. But please know that there are much to do in the process like user survey, data analysis. Then they will see the development schedule. So thanks for your trust and patience, Maxthon won't let you down and always try to provide the best service to our users. Will update here once there is any news from product team.
  7. That may be related to that we changed the hot icon repository, so some have changed, and some deleted.
  8. MX5 Mac beta release

    Thank you all for the waiting and helping testing the previous versions, Today, we bring you a new Maxthon Beta for Mac! Here's the detailed changelog, and you can find the release note here. Or you can download the file directly here: Maxthon-r5.0.16.81.zip
  9. MX5 PC Beta release

    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website http://www.maxthon.com/ Happy browser and leave your comment! Maxthon Team
  10.         V

    What's new: Fixed freeze under Windows7 system Fixed display issue on Quick Access Experience issue on third party extension after upgrading
  11. Are they neither shown nor clickable? Or, just not shown but can click? BTW, are you using a night mode script?
  12. Update: this issue has been fixed today, and even if you clear other website-related data, your background for QA won't change.
  13. Problem with steam site

    Could you provide the site link?
  14. Lagging mouse pointer?

    Thanks for providing this information TheWhitestOfangs, we'll soon release a new version within these two days, please stay tuned and see if the lag also happens on the new version. BTW, thanks for trying reproducing the issue, and don't hesitate to let us know once you got more info.
  15. I'll check with our QA PM to see how many are there for the overseas websites and is there any plan to expand. Really thanks for the suggestion! Edit: There are only these sites listed here have hot icons. For others, screenshots and color blocks are available. As for expanding plan, we need a more deep survey and research. While in the later versions, we consider giving users the ability to upload icon picture themselves.
  16. export import External Tools

    Do you have a Maxthon account or are you using guest mode? If the External tool doesn't show, you can have a check on these two places:
  17. Hi all, for who has the issue of background cannot be saved, Please check that if you have ticked both of this two options? If yes, untick the upper one and try again.
  18. Welcome, mhmedahmed You can now create thread on other sections now
  19. A bug related to this has been fixed by QA team yesterday, please have a check again.
  20. MX5 iOS Release

    Hi all, the latest Maxthon5 iOS version is alive on App Store now! If you already got Maxthon5 on your iPhone or iPad, then you can directly go to AppStore and update it If you don't have Maxthon5 on your devices yet, get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id541052011 Hope you all enjoy the new version, and any advice and feedback are welcome to comment on this thread! For the full release note, click here.
  21.         V

    What's new: Ad Blocker filter optimized, supports block ads manually; Support mark news feed as read; Support restore to the last session when restarting browser; Support closing a tab without activating it; Gesture optimized for iPad, supports swipe right to homepage; Fixed a bug related to storage over occupying.
  22. Hi both, sorry for the trouble, and could you tell me some of the site (URL) which you lost the icon with a screenshot? If "hot" icon is not available, you could try the other two "screenshot" and "color block"
  23. Reader mode first run info bubbles

    You mean that the two icons yellow boxed below also need to be highlighted?
  24. Hi all, Maxthon released a new Quick Access yesterday, and you will see the moving cloud as the new GIF background (you can change it to any others). And please try what karajan suggested.