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  1. Dear Maxers, The Promotion Stage of our browser mining will be launched at the end of January 2018, here we sincerely invite our loyal users to help us to have a test on internal version before release. By joining this, you can experience browser mining one week earlier than everybody! We'll need to collect feedback from you and you can get familiar with browser mining prior than others so that when the official version of mining browser released at the end of Jan, you can mine faster than others! We will provide three different client packages- PC/IOS(testflight)/Android on Jan 23th (next Tuesday). For Your Attention: 1.The test version will clear the database at 4 pm on January 26th, and you can't continue use that version for mining after clearing the data. So it means the LVT you mined using this test version is not real, but only for the purpose to let you get familiar with the mining process. 2.Please leave a mailbox address in advance(under this post) for us to send you package on Jan 23th. 3.Please Do not spread this internal test version! Feel free to leave your questions here, and we'll only consider those who left the email address here or PMed me as who have intentions to join. Thank you all for helping to test! Happy browsing!
  2. Cannot copy address bar segment

    Yes I tried in Youtube. It really is. And it works in Chrome. Asking for developers…kindly wait in patient.
  3. Please re-download the install package from official website. http://www.maxthon.com/ This issue had solved.
  4. Confirm here. Thanks for reporting.
  5. I fully understand what the moderators said and I have no misunderstanding. [can't opening of a local file through from a shortcut to that file]-- This problem is caused by shortcut protection, the shortcut which is only sent to the desktop through the Maxthon browser can with double-click to open, as for shortcuts created by manually or third party software will not open, it will open 'Maxthon Now' instead. The main purpose is to protect the home page not to be tampered. [Now you can right click the tab and select send to "desktop shortcut"] This is a way to solve the issue, if users create a shortcut via tab in Maxthon browser, it can open directly, and will not be"protected" because it create by Maxthon browser, we can totally 'trust' it.
  6. Hello everyone, I am very happy to share a thrilling news with you. Maxthon Browser’s CEO Jeff created a new Trello board to illustrate our future development more directly to our users! The main purpose of this board is to list the roadmap of our product for the next stage on public, which helps us to hear user’s voice better. We sincerely welcome all of you to have a visit. We will regularly update this Trello board for the future product plan and here you can easily help us improve our product by voting for the listed features/items you like the most. Our product team will take your opinion into serious consideration and update our product accordingly. You can also subscribe this board to receive our latest messages and updates at the very first time. Here’s the link for the Trello board:https://trello.com/b/ofOaTdxE/mx5-pc-public
  7. This problem is caused by shortcut protection, the shortcut which is only sent to the desktop through the Maxthon browser can with double-click to open, as for shortcuts created by manually or third party software will not open, it will open 'Maxthon Now' instead. The main purpose is to protect the home page not to be tampered. Now you can right click the tab and select send to "desktop shortcut". As for this issue: Whether improve this or not in the future here we will have a discuss. Thanks~
  8. How can I acces my cloud storage?

    There's no plan for big changes on cloud recently
  9. Thank you all. It really help due to feedback from you. The present situation is developer has reproduced from remote, and we need find the reason cause of 'interface error', then we can fix it.
  10. How can I acces my cloud storage?

    The cloud storage is the overall space of Maxnote, so far it can't upload files or directly access.
  11. @caligula73 Got it! It would be very nice if you can help us remote to check this issue via teamviewer?
  12. Import option in the installation

    If you don't want to the data in 4.xx anymore, you could delete the folder of "Maxthon 3" . All data of MX4 had restored in "Maxthon 3" folder. Please make sure that you do not need them anymore before you delete that folder. Win+R-%appdata%-Maxthon3
  13. Who can reproduce this issue every time or frequently? We can take a time to remotely via teamviewer. @pantantrollo @zork @caligula73 (Please update to newest version before remote) Look forward your reply!
  14. Hey Maxers, Welcome to have a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website http://www.maxthon.com/ Happy browsing and feel free leave your comment!
  15. Persistent 'loading page' circle

    Maybe it's not completely load? Did this appear on previous version or it happened after upgrade?
  16. There was a period of time the server went wrong caused "no network connection", and I think it should be solve now.
  17. Thank you @pantantrollo @7twenty! The steps are really clear. Has report to test team, and will give further support to this issue.
  18. Here we will have a further test, please wait in patient
  19.         V

    This update fixed the following issues: -Fixed the issue of some websites stucked because of adblock filtering rules -Fixed the issue of switch core available in new tab under special cases -Fixed the issue of auto-fill enabled on retro mode under special cases -Fixed the issue of can't copy and paste picture on Maxnote -Fixed the issue of there are no responses after changing and saving the article width in read mode under special cases -Fixed the issue of the favorites became disordered after importing html under special cases -Fixed the issue of some favorite icons displayed abnormal under certain resolutions in Win10 system -Fixed the issue of error display when opening favorites bar with Ctrl+B
  20. Can't make a judgement on this video. Try to update the and see whether this issue solve or not
  21. local html files- Is the file download from website? What are your versions that can't open the shortcut? Maybe someone kindly can provide us a video Here I can open download html file or right click send to "desktop shortcut" also it works with V
  22. Invalid Certificate

    I am using the newest version and can enter it without pop-up certificate reminder It's abnormal when popping up "Invalid certificate ", and I guess will not have plan add "Don't show this" on the pop-up box. What's your specific version number 5.1.xxx? Have you tried to update to newest version?
  23. Passkeeper security issue

    Hi Everyone Entered password to access your Passkeeper account, If it is more than 15 minutes from the last “operation” in the time of entry, then the password is required again. That's the product logic(SnowLeopard said right, it not relate with Last Session, it just relate with time) It is to prevent users from entering passwords many times in period of time, If you have higher security requirements, you can "exit" Passkeeper feature everytime you left the page
  24. Interface error: Could you please message me your account info and pw, here we can check the data
  25. Sorry for the trouble and where you post to Maxthon crew, I didn't receive your feedback here before. As for FB issue, thanks for Larry's answer at first, and please kindly wait for the new core version