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  1. 7 minutes ago, pantantrollo said:

    I, (neither my machine or configuration), we have no problem :)

    Feeling it a lot is not going to be possible. On the one hand the wifi connection that I have (3 mg down / 1 mg up) "barely" gives for web browsing, and on the other the issue of digital certificates is sensitive enough to allow support on that same issue via remote control.

    You just have to check it (as it has been repeated throughout all these previous months), with the series 5.1.xxx (and previous series), and you will quickly see what is happening (which you probably already know too well, but not how to fix it)

    This issue has been fixed in the version, now you still experience it, so our engineers hope to solve it for you. If you are not available, we will try to contact other users who have the similar issue.

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  2. 6 hours ago, pantantrollo said:

    It seems that there is less work left to do

    At least with the blink engine, it finally asks for the digital certificate, although it still gives an error when it should ask for the password to access the certificate

    Can we check this issue via TeamViewer? If you are available please send the TeamViewer ID and password to me. :)

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  3. 15 hours ago, pantantrollo said:

    With all my respect to the maxhon team, we've been doing this for almost 5 months, since the first 5.2.xxx, I think that in software issues, it's a long time.

    We can't change it casually without a certificate.There is no such scene in our area(China) The result maybe when it can be fixed and whether can be fixed.

    Please provide us a Instant messaging tool such as skype or telegram, you can send me ur account via pm. Then we can communicate on this issue timely


    20 hours ago, roguelike said:

    No, its ok, and you can open sites in this tab. First opened tab just opens in second tab leaving first empty.

    Watch for many times..:Flushed_Face_Emoji_42x42: Finally I understand lol

    I see you just create a new tab at the same time you clicking the google/youtube/others website on QA page

    The 'create new tab'action must be happened after you "click website on QA page" I think that' s normal not a bug or problem

  5. 1 hour ago, DARKSTORM said:

    So it would have been possible for me to buy tokens if I haven't encountered errors during the private placement?


    I've lost big time if that was the case

    Given the situation(completely our mistake, not yours), we can open a special channel for you to help purchase the LVT manually.

    If you would, I can add you on Telegram or we can communicate through emails as forum thread will leak private info to others.

    We will help guide you to purchase your ideal amount of LVT. Can you kindly let me know your Telegram name, or you prefer email?