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  1. Maxthon vs. Fullscreen apps

    Cannot reproduce...T_T
  2.         V

    Updates + Improved the UI of download manager + Improved the fill function of Gmail (Save the form manually) Bug Fixes - Failed to load the print page in ultra-mode - Failed to display the value of datalist of developer tools - Failed to log in to 163 email after disabling the cookies - The proxy settings couldn’t save the total characters
  3.         V

    Updates + Added “Third-party cookie policy” in settings + Restored the “New”, the “Pause” and the “Delete” buttons in download manager Bug Fixes - Fixed the UI issues in the international version - The download manager couldn’t save the last download path when the download path had been saved more than three - The translation extension couldn’t recognize the Hebrew language and the Greek language - The file name couldn’t be displayed properly when you downloaded or clicked “save as” in Gmail - The top of the browser couldn’t display properly in Windows 7 and 8 systems - The “close” button couldn’t display properly when you clicked the “restore” button after the first installation in the rare cases
  4.         V

    + Updated the language files of international version - Tab disappeared after opening split screen - The Russian URL wrongly displayed on the address bar - The address bar searched the URL “van.ke” as a word - The download manager exited automatically when downloading files - The browser couldn’t open the URL or file directly after closing abnormally - The browser closed accidentally after dragging URL on the Twitter page - The Spell Check couldn’t work instantly after switching languages - Couldn’t open the webpage by right-clicking on URL after searching by Google in retro mode - The extensions couldn’t move with the window after switching to night mode and restoring the window
  5.         V

    Install Version: http://dl.maxthon.com/mx5/mx5.2.6.500-beta.exe MD5:08e7805b33fc053e18ed2c15ebeb57f6 Portable Version: http://dl.maxthon.com/mx5/maxthon_portable_5.2.6.500-beta.7z MD5:20f10b7623269567fe101cb43bf7a803
  6.         V

    Fixed the occasional crash of launching browser. Fixed the issue of failing to hide the sidebar.
  7.         V

    V5.2.5.2000: - Updated the copywriting of favorites bar settings in the English version - Updated the copywriting of uninstalling/installing page in the Russian version - Fixed the crash when searching “карусель” in Google homepage - Fixed the auto-fill abnormality issue on some websites - Fixed the issue that the favorites bar icon displayed abnormally after dragging it - Fixed the issue that the shortcut could not be displayed on the taskbar - Fixed the messy code issue when launching the browser after installing Sophos - Fixed the issue that the Download Manager hid automatically when downloading files - Fixed the issue that the translation bar displayed abnormally on the download page of the WPS2019 official website V5.2.6.300: + Added the recommendation function of hot extensions + Added the browser detection and fixup function + IE downloader is available in download manager - Fixed the crash issue when launching the browser - Fixed the auto-fill abnormality issue on some websites - Fixed the issue that the favorites bar icon displayed abnormally after dragging it - Fixed the issue that the shortcut could not display properly on the taskbar - Fixed the issue that the WPS2019 official website could not display the translation bar properly
  8.         V

    Bug Fixes - The international version displayed the Chinese language Flash prompt. - The older version couldn’t display the super large image. - Several websites couldn’t fill form automatically. - The video download link was not be updated when video carousel.
  9. :Grinmacing_Face_Emoji_42x42::Grinmacing_Face_Emoji_42x42::Grinmacing_Face_Emoji_42x42:

    National Day Holiday: Oct 1 to 7

    Workday: Oct 8 

  10. Looking for the Author of RoboForm Lite

    Thank you all! I have sent the extension to them.
  11. Stylish for Maxthon and spying

    It hasn't tracked cookies and browsing history from Maxthon. If you have Fiddler, you could try to check it out and contrast with Chrome browser.
  12. Stylish for Maxthon and spying

    Thank you for your feedback. The dev team has tested, it won't track request from Maxthon browser, and these aren't official extensions.
  13.         V

    - Optimized pre-rendering - Optimized the loading of Flash - Fixed the compatibility of webpage meet.google - Fixed the blurred font in the Quick App - Several websites cannot log into automatically - Download manager is empty after overwriting installation - Several devices load slowly when using hardware boost mode
  14. Mostly this issue happens on the bank website, we surely don't have those bank accounts to reproduce. So the dev team debugs and troubleshoots this issue on the users' device. That is the reason I cannot give you a screenshot or video. The dev team is writing the certificate and setting up the environment to debug again.
  15. We have had connected some users having the similar issue and solved this bug. In the internal test version, we released the changelog regarding the certificate issue. I totally don't have any reason to cheat you here and just want to help every user solve their issue. If you still experience the issue and don't available to use the TeamViewer, we will continue contacting other users having this issue and solve it again.
  16. Have checked and tested with others users...
  17. This issue has been fixed in the version, now you still experience it, so our engineers hope to solve it for you. If you are not available, we will try to contact other users who have the similar issue.
  18. Can we check this issue via TeamViewer? If you are available please send the TeamViewer ID and password to me.
  19.         V

    + Update several languages + Preload the searching keywords, improve startup speed - Occasional crash when merging several windows - Download manager is empty after the browser upgrade - Cannot properly import favorites data from Maxthon 4 - Cannot go to URL properly from sidebar Notes - Cannot pop download window when repeatedly cancel download task in retro mode on QQ official website
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    Please write a post in Newcomer then I will send a message to you in PM.

  21. Could you please send the crash report to me?