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  1. Mobile version and new outlook beta

    Hi there, I tried to test but cannot confirm.
  2. Tiles

    Hi there, Maxthon 5 still has quick access.
  3. It will delete some of the settings, other settings can be synced and won't be deleted. You can try to rename the folder, if it deletes some settings, you can restore it.
  4. Mobile version and new outlook beta

    Hi there, could you let me know the specific version and device info?
  5. Please try to delete or rename the local data folder then restart the browser. To find the local data folder, you can press keyboard "Win+R", type "%appdata%", press the keyboard "Enter", find the folder "Maxthon5".
  6. Did you install any extensions? Please try to disable them.
  7. Hi there, in this thread, they have the status bar disappearing issue when switching language, you sure you have this issue?
  8. Can't stay connected

    Hi there, if you install v5.3.8.xxx then install v5.2.7.xxxx, it will cause this issue. To fix this issue please press the keyboard "Win+R", run "%appdata%", press the keyboard "Enter", find the folder "Maxthon5", rename the folder or delete it then restart the browser.
  9. Can't stay connected

    Could you provide a short gif video? The recording tool has been attached. licecap.exe
  10. Can't stay connected

    Hi there, it will be great if you can provide the screenshots of this issue.
  11. Issue with Facebook messenger

    Hi there, this issue will be fixed in the next version.
  12. Hi there, the order of background of the Maxnote cannot sync to the sidebar favorites.
  13. Get rid of URL suggestions

    Thank you for your help. Confirmed.
  14. Get rid of URL suggestions

    Hi 7twenty, I tried to test this issue but cannot confirm. I attached a short video. bandicam_2019-05-17_18-15-40-430.mp4