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  1. Can I uninstall Adblock Plus?

    I thank everyone for all the help but every time I click on one of these links it takes me to Google and gives me a lost of links to places where I must uninstall the entire Maxthon 3 or Maxthon 4 or Maxthon 5 browsers. I just want to uninstall the Adblock Plus mess or at the very least, keep the thing from turning itself back on every time I shut it OFF! Oh how I wish henrietta (My desktop PC) would work with Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome or even w/ IE! No, all she wants to use is Maxthon 4! Using any other browsers including Maxthon 5 causes her to crash! Why did Maxthon insist on pre-installing stuff like ABP whether we want it or not? How about if they ASK us if WE would like to install it? Oh and another thing I can't use w/ maxthon 4 is Amazon Assistant extension add-on! I'll keep at it anyway and keep hoping something will work for me.- keimanzero
  2. Can I uninstall Adblock Plus?

    Hi pantantrollo, how can I find out whether I have the installable or portable version of Maxthon 4? v4.9.5.1000 is all it says under About for my browser. How can I find out if its the installable or portable version? Thanks again.- Jack
  3. Can I uninstall Adblock Plus?

    Nice try pantantrollo but the first two links were for Maxthon 3 and the last two were for removing ABP from Firefox and Chrome. Looks like I either upgrade to Maxthon 5 to get rid of ABP or I hope it stops turning itself on in Maxthon 4. I just don't want to miss any surveys because it won't allow pop-ups and blocks my ads. Other than that, I could care less about it. I even went to the Maxthon Extensions page for add-ons and found ABP but I cannot delete it. Like I said, thanks for trying, folks.- kemanzero
  4. Can I uninstall Adblock Plus?

    Yes pantantrollo, I think I will try your suggestion first. I would rather not upgrade to Maxthon 5 just yet. I thank everyone though for all of your suggestions. Have a swell day. Our first up here in the NE Pa mts w/o snow for a week.- keimanzero
  5. Can I uninstall Adblock Plus?

    You mean right click the ABP icon and hit uninstall after I upgrade like QIK5L first suggested to me? I'll try that but last time I upgraded to Maxthon 5, all my desktop PC did was crash! Answer me this, please: Is there any way to stop ABP from turning itself back on when I have turned it off? I don't mind the stupid thing so long as it does NOT deliberately turn itself back on and block ads and pop-ups. I do online surveys a lot (Almost 24-7 including weekends and holidays) and so I cannot have any ads blocked nor can I disallow pop-ups. Thanks and I will try it your way but I fear it won't help me. Sayonara for now.- keimanzero
  6. Can I uninstall Adblock Plus?

    OK Q so what if one does not have an icon? I tried right clicking the extension and there is NO ninstall or delete feature. This ADP came pre-installed in Maxthon 4 so there is no ADP icon. Next?
  7. I do a lot of online surveys work and therefore I must NEVER EVER block any ads nor can I EVER disallow ant pop-ups! So I turned Adblock Plus to 'OFF'. Worked OK for a bit and now it just turns itself back 'ON' w/o telling me! I would rather be rid of the software since I rely heavily on my online surveys work to earn money I need to live on, to eat once in awhile! I went to the Programs/Features part of CP but no Adblock Plus. I tried Advanced Uninstaller PRO and it culd NOT find Adblock Plus either! I want to be rid of it and now! Can ANYONE here help me with this mess or not? Thanks I hope.- keimanzero