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  1. Maxthon 4 crashes constantly

    I can maybe find the CR but I haven't a clue how to compress it and send it to you! Wait! I see now Win on my keyboard at all. All I know is it constantly crashes! And I do not always get a crash report! Why? What causes all the crashes? Even a hint or two would help me. TYVM- keimanzero And why does my last session and previous session screen have nothing at all on them? I wish my Henrietta PC would accept another browser but your Maxthon 4 is the ONLY browser that will work on her!- keimanzero
  2. Maxthon 4 crashes constantly

    Bug Report forms are too complicated and ask me stuff I dunno how to answer. As for the crashes, they happen no matter where I am although most frequently when I am in the middle of a survey. Please don't ask which ones because I am a group member of 50+ survey groups. Besides the surveys, most crashes occur when I am using gmail. Usually to answer surveys. I can follow BugMiss ro get to Maxthon Crash Data, but I don't know how to compress the folder to send it to you guys. Sorry for posting here, but I didn't know about the Maxthon 4 forums. I was just so glad to be allowed to post on Maxthon at all! I'll go through 7twenty's basic guide before I do anything else though. I want to thank all of you who have responded. Have a glorious holiday season and hopefully I've seen my last crash.- Jack/keimanzero
  3. I am furious! Every single time I log in and use my Maxthon 4 browser and start to do my emailed surveys, Maxthon 4 always crashes my desktop PC. Please don't tell me to upgrade because every time I do that, I can't get into most of my survey groups and anime groups most of which are foreign based in the Orient and Europe. I have clear vents and plenty of emmory so what causes the bloody crashes? Nobody at Maxthon ever even replies to my emails and every time the crash box comes up and I write a message and include my email address, I still don't get a reply from Maxthon! What 8is going on? Thanks I hope and have a nice holiday season.- Jack McElwee/keimanzero Campbelltown/Palmyra PA USA