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  1. Maxthon PC win10 1709 64bit When click Google Photo from Gmail (Google Apps), the new page can not load correctly and the whole application will have no response. I have to close it from task manager. https://photos.google.com/ This link.
  2. Can not load Google Photo

    If I only use 1. EasyList, the page is loaded normally. If I use 2. EasyList China + EasyList, the browser is crash definitely... So how to solve this? I need China list because so many ads are on Chinese pages.
  3. Can not load Google Photo

    1. EasyList 2. EasyList China + EasyList
  4. Can not load Google Photo

    I have two, one is a default one and the other one is China plus something (also in the list). I'm using cellphone now. Crash each time.
  5. Can not load Google Photo

    I am using ultra mode. I found that if I turn Adblock Plus off, the page is loaded normally. But when I use Adblock Plus, the browser will crash. Conflict?
  6. system win10 64 bit browser version can not open amazon help website in speed mode https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/contact-us blank content