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  1. This time I used the latest version (, it seems to be much better. It can respond almost every time I click it.
  2. I use the internet by NewWave Communications in U.S. The system is Win 10 1703 64bit, it is not a kind of lag, it just doesn't respond. I can open the web site and log in. But when I click a mail for conversation, it doesn't respond, and then I click another one, almost everything is frozen. I can see the browser is trying to load the mail, but nothing will make progress. Then the only way is to open a new page for it. Will it be related to some javascript or ActiveX?
  3. All the versions of Maxthon 5 responds slowly in Google Inbox (inbox.google.com/), it can show the page, but be really slow when you click any mail, even no response. I hvae to open a new page, sometimes it becomes normal, sometimes still doesn't work.
  4. system win10 64 bit browser version can not open amazon help website in speed mode https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/contact-us blank content