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  1. Than, I'd like to make an official request. Please give us an option to make it work like in MX4. Having to do an extra click every single time is a massive turn off.
  2. To all the people that keep saying it's normal, here, have a video of MX4. Same settings, works perfectly as it should. I've reinstalled MX4 and made the video so every second post would stop saying that stuff. Also, here's further proof MX5 is bugged. Go to the Last Tab is still active in the settings. Yet, even when I've already had an active tab, if I pick a new page from QA, it will take me back to QA instead of last visited tab. This is not how it correctly works in MX4, it just currently doesn't work at all.
  3. I tried changing the option, as well as doing a fresh install. It didn't help. Judging from the reactions of other people thinking my situation is normal, others might also have this bug.
  4. So if QA is tagged as a tab now, how to I untag it so it would work like in MX4? I can't find it in the options. Going all the time to QA instead of the next tab feels counterintuitive and an extra immersion breaking chore. @rick.lane How did you remove the search bar on your QA screenshot? Would it give some extra space? @PHYR I tried the zoom thing to enlarge the QA and was happy at start, but when I restarted MX, the boxes are small again QQ
  5. Huh? I'm quite serious. In MX4 if no tab was visited, it would switch to the first new tab, and not the quick access. In MX5, with same configuration in settings, it takes you to quick access, making it an extra fuss (click) to visit a desired new tab. It's as if the Quick Access was tagged as a tab in MX5, which is kinda annoying. This might be further proved, that now, even if I visited a tab in MX5, but go to quick access tab and open a new page/site from there, if I close it, it will return to the quick access, and not the previous tab. If you want, I could reinstall MX4 and upload a video of how it works there. Major difference in fluidity of browsing several news articles.
  6. I've made a video of how it works, maybe that will help? PS. As you can see, my quick access is kinda ugly, especially compared to how MX4 allowed for more customization. Is it possible to enlarge the boxes and remove that strange bar on top?
  7. MX5 I've just switched to MX5 from MX4 and something very awkward is happening. I have it set that when closing a tab it takes you to last active tab. In MX4 it worked great. If I'd opened several tabs, after closing one it would take me to another that was just opened. In MX5 when closing one tab, it takes me to a new tab with Quick Access (or however it is called in English) instead of the next opened tab. It's as if the Quick Access panel was tagged like a tab this time around. It's annoying, since you can't simply go from one news to another with having to backtrack between new tab and opened tabs.
  8. ImageView+ 1.2 - Enhanced image viewer

    Could you optionally upload it here, instead of waiting for native options for extensions? It... might take a while otherwise.
  9. ImageView+ 1.2 - Enhanced image viewer

    Are there any plans to prevent the extension from increasing the size of images when they'd be smaller than the visible area?