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  1. MX5 PC Beta release

    For the full release note and changelog: click here When I click it says: Sorry, there is a problem That page does not exist. Error code: 2T251/5
  2. Happy Easter and Revive the Feature You Love!

    Do not kill Maxthon 4 features, that;s all what I ask.
  3. Maxthon 4 and 5

    I forgot to mention about Video Pop Up at version 4 we could close it with ESC but not in MX5. So it's about ESC. Thanks to ESC I made macro to close it with Middle Button. So if it is possible to make again ESC to close window even if you click inside video.
  4. "You have version 22,0,0,192 installed" My MX5 on Windows 2003 it's updated version 22, not latest 25. Maybe OS fault... Sometimes, installing or updating flash is really complicated. Opera has latest version but Maxthon 5 and Chrome have version 22. How?
  5. Maxthon 4 and 5

    Well, I will try those settings about tabs and IP? Hahahaha, I totally forgot. I will change picture before hackers starts working. About tabs, I prefer switch to Most recent (last visited) tab and New tab to the right of all tabs. That was in MX4. But if I make changes then I don't see Start page but still won't be same because I had different routine on MX4 for long time. :\ Yeah it worked, I changed switch to Tab to the right and now is OK but it's not like I used to for many years on MX4. Now it's like Chrome and Opera. Always I prefered Last visited tab. Why you made this change? I use only Gmail and Navigational Sounds. Now that you mentionet it, maybe that Favorites button is extension. It makes sense. I thought it's part of Maxthon, not extension. I know, I tried it, I thought I removed it. Yeah, it's there. I deleted it. So, forget Favorites thing. Sorry for this.
  6. Maxthon 4 and 5

    I use original Maxthon theme. Only I changed skin (picture of background). To be sure 100% I cleared skin, I'm back to original light blue theme, restarted browser and still I get "Page not found". I guess it's cerificate issue. :\ As I said Tahoma is integral part of Windows. No ned to install it. :\
  7. Hello! For many years I'm loyal Maxthon user. I use also Chrome as media center on external monitor, Opera as second browser and Firefox to open some pages who don't open on Maxthon because of invalid cerficates. Finally I decided to make Maxthon 5 my default browser (I didn't know I can keep Maxthon 4 on system parallely with MX5) but 3 things are annoying me. I wish to discuss with you if it's possible to make them like were in Maxthon 4. :\ First, start page, when I open new links in background if I close current tab I'm back to start page not to first opened link in background. This wasn't on Maxthon 4. Can you make like MX4? How is possible no one notices this? Or is it possible it's just me or it's just Windows XP issue? I don't think so but who knows... Second, early I had topic but can't find it with search about Tahoma font. It's missing. Some version 5 buildings are showing Tahoma and some not. In latest version only Tahoma Bold is available. I don't understand how is missing Tahoma?! Tahoma is integral part of Windows (I'm using version 2003) so how is missing? I prefer to use Tahoma font for every page. And third, when I start pop up video if I click inside of video I can't close window with middle button. I have programmed with Macro Express to close every window on system with middle click but it's not working on Maxthon 5 for video pop up. It worked on Maxthon 4 without problem. It works only if I make video pop up and I close it immediately. I close it only with X but I never use X to close windows or tabs. Why is this changed on new version? Video pop up is one of the best Maxthon features and no other browser has this feature. Also, when I click Favorites icon I see "Page not found". Why?
  8. Facebook and Maxthon 4

    BugMiss006, can you guess what menus are these? They are myMX5 menus. I deleted shortkeys for Save As..., Print, Back, Forward, Refresh, Add to Maxnote etc. Only I miss F5 for Refresh but I'm fine, I use mouse guesture. Now I'm almost ready to make maxthon 5 my default browser.
  9. Facebook and Maxthon 4

    It's fixed? Oh, yeah I tried it. Very nice. No need to use UA IE11 anymore. Thanks, man.
  10. Facebook and Maxthon 4

    Hm, I understand, too bad. I will use version 4.4 until no more pages are loading with it. The only reason why I use 4.4 and not 4.9 is really stupid reason but this is how I feel better and comfortable. It's context menu, 4.9 has Chrome menu, wide long menu (included shortcuts) and 4.4 has original Maxthon narrow menu. Narrow menu is cute and comfortable or how to say. Have a great day!
  11. Facebook and Maxthon 4

    Maybe you could make small update for 4.4 version to fix Facebook. ;) Edit: Change User agent to IE11 and FB works but then I can't edit this post. Too bad.
  12. Browser Issue

    For my experience Maxthon has the best speed.
  13. Open multiple links using drag & drop

    +1 for this feature.
  14. I think you helped me too because in my MX Nitro flash wasn't OK. Now is better. Thank you!