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  1. Thanks, I will follow it now.
  2. Well thanks for your advice but it's not bettef for me because I love XP and I hate versions 8 and 10, only 7 with classic theme would be little compromise but still also there is performance so I will stay with XP for while until nothing works with it. For now some sites I visit not woking because of old certtificates but for now I visit them with Firefox but one day Firefox will drop XP support as well ;P
  3. Well, if Adobe still supports XP and if Opera latest XP version still can update Flash why should Maxthon drop XP? When Adobe drop suport XP then I will live with it. Sure, XP's time is coming to end but as much stays long as is better for me.
  4. Yeah, I imagine that. Since my laptop is a bit old, it can run Windows 7 and newer but I don't like performance. It's much much better with XP/2003.
  5. Yes, I did. And I get "can't load plugin". It's old OS, Windows Server 2003, no need to use Administrator, I mean since I'm already administrator. I'm sorry, 7twenty, I forgot to say I already tried this program and another similar for update flash MX Flash Updater_1.00 but not working. It installs very quick for 1 second but then I see "couldn't load plugin". After this I uninstalled all flash from my system I restarted laptop and I installed it and again "couldnt load plugin". And then I tried Mx_En_Updater and you see... It's a bit weird, funny and annoying. At the end I had only to reinstall Maxthon to make work again Flash at version 20. I tried something extreme, I removed Maxthon 4 and 5 fully from system and reinstalled but again no luck. And look what irony, Opera has latest version. :@ Another edit: I just installed new beta as tester which comes with new version 24 0.0.186 and now again "couldn't load plugin". This is WOW.
  6. Are you kidding me? My system is 32bit. Yeah, I forgot to put screenshot wit my version. It's really old.
  7. Hello! This is really old version of Adobe Flash Player and I can't figure out to update it. When I used tools from this page: I get "can't load plug in" and only I have to reinstall Maxthon 5 to get worked again Flash Player. Sometimes flash games I play gets frozen for a moments and I'm suppsing it's old flash version. Otherwise I don't care about flash versions. Now it's simple question. How to do it? Looks something very simple but not working in my case. I'm using latest MX 5 versio n (5. 0.4.3000) and Windows Server 2003. I have replaced C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\pepflashplayer32_25_0_0_171.dll to Maxthon Plugins folder but it says "can't load plugin".
  8. Facebook and Maxthon 4

    BugMiss006, can you guess what menus are these? They are myMX5 menus. I deleted shortkeys for Save As..., Print, Back, Forward, Refresh, Add to Maxnote etc. Only I miss F5 for Refresh but I'm fine, I use mouse guesture. Now I'm almost ready to make maxthon 5 my default browser.
  9. Facebook and Maxthon 4

    It's fixed? Oh, yeah I tried it. Very nice. No need to use UA IE11 anymore. Thanks, man.
  10. Facebook and Maxthon 4

    Hm, I understand, too bad. I will use version 4.4 until no more pages are loading with it. The only reason why I use 4.4 and not 4.9 is really stupid reason but this is how I feel better and comfortable. It's context menu, 4.9 has Chrome menu, wide long menu (included shortcuts) and 4.4 has original Maxthon narrow menu. Narrow menu is cute and comfortable or how to say. Have a great day!
  11. Facebook and Maxthon 4

    Maybe you could make small update for 4.4 version to fix Facebook. ;) Edit: Change User agent to IE11 and FB works but then I can't edit this post. Too bad.
  12. Browser Issue

    For my experience Maxthon has the best speed.
  13. Open multiple links using drag & drop

    +1 for this feature.
  14. I think you helped me too because in my MX Nitro flash wasn't OK. Now is better. Thank you!