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  1. My SUGGESTION for this year 2019

    Oh the good old push to cloud and cloud tabs from the era when maxthon called itself "a cloud browser" good times, I think everyones misses the good old fashion QA of maxthon 4 Maybe combined it with some features of the current QA would be neat c: I had requested over the past few years the same, I'm just saying this for you to keep your expectations low, and yes they checked the addons, that's part of a really big problem, the approval is frozen and can take months before they accept an addon, that's why developes just post their new versions elsewhere, because they cant post them in the extension center to begin with :C
  2. Update links for Imagus and Viewhance

    THANK YOU <3
  3. LOL I can't believe I read all the comments on the topic, but yeah, feature based my favorite version was but it did crash a lot, 10 times daily at least, stability wise maxthon has improve a lot, I was the type of user who in the old forum wrote a lot of topics with suggestions and improvements that I belived could make a lot of people happy, a lot of them were implemented a lot of them didn't... I could write a topic about some bug and find out 4 users had done the same, months ago and the bug may or may not been fixed. I know and understand that is impossible to keep everyone happy, the same feature 2k people requested another 2k users will complain about it in the next day... Thruth be said, the users who actually use the forum are not even then 10% of all the maxthon users, and there's now way to know what they like what don't, if they stopped using maxthon for a bug, lack of addons or just they didn't realized that you had to go to the forum to download the latest version and a lot of things stopped working for the same reason. But I do believe that maxthon devs should put more attention to the forum users, because at the end of the day, we are here because we use the browsers and we want to make it better, because we care enought for the product to write a topic, to welcome new members and shared out knockledge to them. Because at the end of the day the forum users are the ones who recommend maxthon to others, I had made a lot of people switch to maxthon, I'm always bragging about the snap tool and the maxnote wich I used daily and I really depend on them on my daily basis (like really really depend on them). The forum users are the spokesman of maxthon and keeping them happy is important because they are the ones who bring other people here and keep them here. The reasons I've stayed with maxthon is because at some point I've felt listen, with chrome you could talk and no ones will even care, chrome devs are totally unaccesible, and maxthon devs used to enter the forum once in a while, at least 4 years ago they did... We came here, we complaing, praise, comment and still do, because we know they are some people to talk to, if we truly believed that coming to the forum was pointless we wouldnt be here in the first place. So to summarize it, bring chrome extensions to maxthon, because the lack of them are making me go to firefox to do a certain task that I know they are impossible in maxthon c: I haven't forgot
  4. Maxthon now update automatically?

    Nope, I wrote this on my college's computer, even If I want to, I cannot Install anything there, because of UAC
  5. I once or twice a week search for update and now I realized that I had the last official update wich got released today, so maxthon now updates automatically? since when? exist a way to turn it off? (some people like to keep in some old versions, there's even people who still use maxthon 3 or 4 XD)
  6. Maxthon now update automatically?

    I was using portable ;)
  7. QA keeps reseting

    That's how I've been recovering my passwords, but it's rare if the latest backup has all my passwords saved! XD I still insist that would be great if from the passkeeper you could export your passwords in an encrypted file or html, to restore it in case of the uu.me server is down or something XD Thanks for clarification! <3
  8. My QA keep reseting al deleting all my aved pages, it happends so often I don't even bother to customize it again, I've tried using symbaloo to replace it, but apparently that stopped working on mx4.4 ... I there a way to make maxthon and force to not delete my pages? XD
  9. QA keeps reseting

    I dont have my full backup is not really worth saving the few pages I add, but most importanly, does the development team still working on the passkeeper resseting bug? :c
  10. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    Okay the server was down, But I managed to recover 196 of my 210 passwords, still the export/import function is BADLY needed, please :C also my QA has been reseting as well, pretty often, so often that I don't even bother to add my pages and folders again :c
  11. I loved maxthon and I have used it as my main browser for 5 years already, but there's something that is really REALLY getting me upset and is not a one in a life time issue, is something that happens multiple times in a week. Maxthon's Passkeppers, loves and I mean it really loves, to randomly delete all the passwords. Fortunately it stops with accounts, private notes and identities, it just loves to screw arround with the passwords, I've never had that issue with older versions of maxthon (maxthon 4 and the first versions of maxthon 5) but it became my daily bread everytime I use the browser. Top fix it I have to go to uu.me sign in, go to the passkepper section (is empty) go to back up, and check every single backup until randomly my passwords appear, so I lock that back up, and then go back to the passkepper to sync again, and Hopefully... HOPEFULLY if i'm really lucky) I will have all my passwords again, but usually I lost between 2-20 passwords each time, and when you have 200+ passwords it becomes harder to know wich one, and if you commit the HUGE mistake of using the password generatot, your account is gone for good) Usually I only use the forum to help other users and give feedback but I really needed to complain about that issue, because is driving me nuts XD I hope you finally fixed it or I might kill myself XD (Just Kidding)
  12. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    The problem still exists and now I cannot even recover them c; at least make an option for an user to export its passwords, you know if the service cannot be trusted at least give the end user an option to save and recover the data :T
  13. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    YAY HAPPENDED AGAIN, AND I NO LONGER CAN RECOVER THEM BYA UU.ME C: lost over 200 passwords just because maxthon develpers doesnt want to solve a little insignificant bug :^) I'm so pissed off I just want to have my passwords back and store them safetly on chrome or firefox, so I could never lose them again c:
  14. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    Here try this :'v http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/mx4.4.8.2000.exe
  15. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    I opened maxthon using the portable version (latest), but as I said it happens randomly, I could see a video on youtube on my house, close maxthon, re open it and boom all my passwords gone! It was fun while it last, good bye guys TT-TT Screenshots of the issue (nopthing to see there, literally XDD) Added information: Apparently the last time it synced was when I was in my home, so the data was erased there...
  16. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    Imagine you just open maxthon and then your sessions are closed, you juts try to re-enter into your accounts but the autofill doesn't work so you go to the passkepper to find out is empty, there's nothing flashy in there :T it goes randomly so I cannot reproduce it, I just wait until it plays with my patience XD
  17. LOL one of my favorites versions of maxthon of all time is! a great version not really that stable but in that time it was stable as hell, with a lot of awesome features that I missed, I totally understand why you don't want to change, maxthon 5 has it's pros and cons, for example what they did to the maxnote (in those versions I think is called "skynote" is just awesome, I used it practically everyday, but you loss the one click botton of the adblock, the awesome layout of the new tab, and the compatibility of a huge amount of extensions XD but I find the maxthon 5 versions more stable than the mx4, when I started using maxthon back in 2014 I remembered having at least 5 crashed daily, now I have just one or twice :v is an improvement. The implementation of the cloud experience was actually better on the mx4 than in mx5! that's for sure cloud tabs were just awesome, and the history was in the cloud as well, so all the maxthon browsers on all the devices had for sure the same information, you could send images, text and link to one device to another and a lot of awesome stuff, I've actually made a post about it a few years/months (can't remember), you might want to check it out
  18. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    Guys, you have no idea how grateful I feel for not be the only one XD
  19. I changed the user agent and stuff, to improve my experience in maxthon and I can't pop up the window of netflix anymore, how can I do that!? It would be great to having that feature again I'm running v4.4.8.2000 and it worked great a few days back- Pls help
  20. Crashing Yahoo! Mail Now

    Sorry bro, I don't have any problem with yahoo maill, it works fine, maybe is for the extensions thay you have, or maybe you run a older version of Maxthon, or you have a virus or programs that may affect your navigation online XD

    magg replied at 2015-1-5 08:10 Perform Searching before you post! It's already available in Google Play https://play.google.com/sto ... Oh, ok thanks, I didn't knew that it was another app XD
  22. I have some valuable information on my notepad in my desktop maxthon, It will be great if I coul acces to that information throught my phone DDD: I would be GREAT!