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  1. \o/ Wow! I finally fixed it! Solution: Ctrl + Shift + Del -> Tick "Delete other site data". Restart Maxthon. I saw it deleted all LocalStorage files and probably something else (maybe I will regret this xD). But IT WORKED! Thanks for your help, David!
  2. Update: The SQL browser worked fine: I was able to delete cookies like a champ even though my DB knowledge nears zero It didn't change anything I went even further and deleted files from a folder I saw: "LocalStorage". Every cookie and LS named live, outlook, hotmail and owa was deleted. Problem persists. Another thing I did yesterday (forgot to mention, sorry): I updated Maxthon from 493 1000 to 494 1000 (latest). The problem persisted (it was happening with 493 1000). I wonder what else can save data about this in my session. When I use private mode or when I close my session hotmail loads fine in Maxthon (after logging in, of course). In Dev tools, Application cache I saw some big lists of stuff. What is that? Cached files? or something else? Can it be deleted in any way? Attachment included for clarification. Damn! This is though xD Thank you for all your help! Ps: I thought cookies were encripted, great they were not!
  3. Hi David! Thanks for your reply! I tried Dev Tools. I will see what about SQL browser. I'm affraid it wont work as I'm not using the guest account in Maxthon :-/ The other suggestion was to use www.cookiespy.com which isn't available anymore D:
  4. Hi! For the past week I was getting an ugly looking Hotmail interface, pretty much like an Exchange 2010 OWA. I tried IE and Chrome and both load the page ok. I tried deleting the cookie for the website also but I still get ugly OWA. Recently I had to check my second email at hotmail so I opened a private window in Maxthon to login and accidentally found out that, in Private, the current hotmail interface is loaded perfectly! My question is how can I clear cookies/localstorage/cache for this site without losing other browser data (I don't want to simply clear ALL cookies). I already tried using dev tools and clear cache without success. I attached a screenshot of the two different interfaces I get in normal and private mode (both are the same account, of course).
  5. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mx.notebook You have a wonderful app there, if only it would work. It fails to sync notes so it's useless. No updates since march 30 2012. Besides that there are other apps that do the same, Skynote is a great way to bring more people to know Maxthon. Sad that Skynote for Android gives users such a bad impression for just one bug that cripples it. Of course there is Evernote, Google Keep and some others but it still is a great tool! Sorry if this is not the right forum, should that be the case, could you please point me on the right direction?
  6. I know maxthon has cloud push but I would really love a pushbullet extension. I have pushbullet on all my devices and it works really well. I've used pushbullet ext/addons on firefox and chrome and loved it. Please bring it to Maxthon. https://www.pushbullet.com/