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  1. Oh it's tested! Sorry, I didn't understand. So meanwhile my MX4 at home and my MX4 at work will still sync between them, right?
  2. Thanks for your reply! Any way to confirm that? Forum post or otherwise which doesn't include creating a dummy account? I would have done that in the beginning but then, what's the forum for, right? Hahaha
  3. I am a user of Maxthon since MyIE. I am (supposedly) using the latest MX4 version (, why is it so hard to find a changelog nowadays? You have to google the information instead of just browsing the official website). Anyway, I would like to try MX5 with my Maxthon Passport but I'm affraid that once all the information in my account is loaded into MX5 I wont be able to go back to MX4. I already donwloaded MX5 Portable and used it for a while as Guest... but it's like when I use Chrome: it is sooo empty That's why I would like to log in but I hesitate to do it yet.
  4. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mx.notebook You have a wonderful app there, if only it would work. It fails to sync notes so it's useless. No updates since march 30 2012. Besides that there are other apps that do the same, Skynote is a great way to bring more people to know Maxthon. Sad that Skynote for Android gives users such a bad impression for just one bug that cripples it. Of course there is Evernote, Google Keep and some others but it still is a great tool! Sorry if this is not the right forum, should that be the case, could you please point me on the right direction?
  5. I know maxthon has cloud push but I would really love a pushbullet extension. I have pushbullet on all my devices and it works really well. I've used pushbullet ext/addons on firefox and chrome and loved it. Please bring it to Maxthon. https://www.pushbullet.com/