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  1. how can i sync infobox with mobile skynotes

    You can take a screenshot? I do not understand you
  2. MX5 Beta Release

    I see no benefit in this function. Sorry, but I do not understand why you gave links History Extension. I have not spoken about the "History Browser", I talked about the "Last Session". I know many ways to discover history, I do not need this extension. If it's really showing how bookmarks of web pages of certain domain, it would be more valuable. Earlier, I wrote: I have more than 300 bookmarks in Maxnote. I saw some bookmarks appear green circle on the bee, and some tabs is not green circle appeared. I thought at first that the function "detect favorited vebsite" does not work correctly. But then I saw that some sites have changed address and sent to your new address sites. It is not so easy to see because each character is important to properly work function "detect favorited vebsite". For example, if the bookmarks recorded "" and loaded "", the function "detect favorited vebsite" not work. Or: If recorded "" and loaded "" - not work function "detect favorited vebsite". If recorded "" and loaded "" - not work function "detect favorited vebsite". If recorded "" and loaded "" - not work function "detect favorited vebsite". If recorded "" and loaded "" - not work function "detect favorited vebsite". All such incidents affect the function. It is important to each character. But not so easy to see. Here are my screenshots: with best regards
  3. MX5 Beta Release

    I can confirm - icon appears on some sites during the download page, and then disappears. As I wrote above:
  4. MX5 Beta Release

    You addressed me your post?
  5. Именно так: версия браузера не имеет значения (правда касаемо только MX5, на счет 4.9 не в курсе). Дело в том, что когда вЬІ открЬІваете стартовую страницу, то вЬІ на самом деле открЬІваете сайт в интернете с Єтой страничкой. Конечно, без интернета она тоже откроется, но только потому, что уже закеширована у вас в браузере
  6. Несколько дней назад компания изменила стартовую страницу. И такого вида, как у вас на скриншоте, страница теперь у всех пользователей MX5. Тепер 6 колонок, а не 5. Но теперь можна создавать папки (если бросить иконку на иконку). Вот, пример на скриншотах, как изменилась QA у меня
  7. MX5 Beta Release

    The function works incorrectly. Please fixed That should show this feature? Shows that the sites are added to Maxnote? I do not see the benefit in this. It would be better implemented the ability to store more than the last two sessions. To them could be grouped. Or at least a story last session with best regards
  8. А как на счет того, чтобЬІ установить версию 4.4.9 или 4.8.2 и посмотреть, остались ли там пароли/логинЬІ? Особенно 4.8.2
  9. у меня тоже такое бЬІло в 4.9. Удалось разобраться?