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  1. I was using v5.1.3.2000 where the Favorites icon appeared as the first item in my Favorites Bar. Upon updating to beta, the Favorites icon no longer appears on the Favorites Bar. Seems like this is similar to this existing post so I didn't create a new topic. Bug or how do I get it back? Just saw another post about this so just ignore this.
  2. I started asking for the return of Quick Groups during the early days of MX5. I'm still waiting. It's easy to say "Right click | Open all records" but it would be so much better to simply return the previous Quick Groups functionality and then everyone benefits from the improved functionality. Bring back Quick Groups please.
  3. Sidebar Favorites

    music to my ears about the fav manager. I hope it's also true about favs/shortcut bar shown at the top. Quickly and easily adding & managing favorites in favorites bar (and through fav manager) is a critical advantage of MX.