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  1. Found it and was able to turn them on. Thanks so much for the help.
  2. My bad. When switching between accounts it doesn't login automatically. You have to click the button but that is reasonable. When opening the browser, it does open and automatically login. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the help. Any ideas about getting side bar and status bar to display when logged in with the account?
  3. Thanks for the reply. So many nooks-n-crannies. My only complaint would be that it doesn't actually Auto-login. The password is auto-filled but I still have to click the button or press Enter to perform the login. If I check the box for Auto-login it seems it should actually Auto-login and not have to press anything else. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I recently took the plunge and officially switched to MX5. It's been great. I've used MX as Guest almost exclusively since 2014 but I thought I'd try out using the account and I've got some questions that I havent' been able to find in the forum. First, having to enter the password every time I open the browser is a hassle. Is there a way to bypass/autofill typing it each time? This alone could drive me to stay with Guest account. I've also noticed differences in behavior between Guest and an account. With Guest, I see the side bar with Help Desk and Maxnote icons on it and I also see the status bar at the bottom. I don't see either of these when logged into my account. Is there a setting (can't find one) or something turned off? With Passkeeper, the number of Autosaved Passwords items differs between Guest and my login account even though things were supposedly imported when I first logged into my account earlier today. Does this sync in any way? Thanks in advance.
  5. It's been a long time coming and for a while it seemed like it might never happen but today I made MX5 my default browser. I have stayed with MX4 as I watched MX5 develop and grow, waiting for the time when I felt comfortable to designate MX5 as my default. Finally!! I really like the metamorphosis QA has gone through and found pinning Maxnote helped with access that was previously addressed through group actions (auto-open urls inside folder by single click). Nice job.
  6. Sidebar Favorites

    music to my ears about the fav manager. I hope it's also true about favs/shortcut bar shown at the top. Quickly and easily adding & managing favorites in favorites bar (and through fav manager) is a critical advantage of MX.