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  1. A quick question about advanced settings

    Maxthon on Mac uses system proxy. So... System Preferences - Network - Advanced. Voila!
  2. Let's summon a @MaxthonJeff in a forum. There are too many problems unresolved. There are a full misunderstood between MX community and MX developers. There a lack of MX representatives reaction on our topics. We need some answers...
  3. Confirmed! This also applied to selsigned certificates - they are considered as invalid
  4. I'm with second problem too for about a 3-4 last MX builds
  5. Page not displayed properly

    Opens correctly for me. Way too long but opens. MX
  6. Goodbye Maxthon

    C'mon! You don't even read our messages and don't reply to them. Who need incorporation of Chrome extensions if it means that developers fail to build stable working MX? You don't fix errors, you remove features, you ignore your users. You start to lost them! Who need Chrome extension if MX lost userbase? Browser that supports Chrome extensions and nobody use that browser? Bright feature for MX!!!
  7. Backspace for Back

    Not working in
  8. Во-первых, эта проблема - далеко не для всех. Во-вторых - как команда Максона может помочь? Закупить еще кучу IP адресов для сервиса синхронизации? Прокси спасет. ======= At first - this is not an "all of the people in Russia" problem. At second - how can MX team help in this situation? Buy another IP addresses pool? Proxy can help
  9. Every time I open our internal virtual Vmware infrastructure MX shows me top bar with warning: 1. There are NO way to say "stop bothering me" because there are NO any problem. And this leads to number 2! 2. There are NO way to save setting for this site Dear MX developers, are you changed your UI manager? There too many idiotic strange UI things in new MX versions...
  10. MX frequently frozen at start in one condition - if you open MX by link. I mean: you click icon - MX starts without problem. You click link in mail or somewhere else and highly likely MX starts frozen
  11. This was started many MX5 builds ago. I'm too lazy to write about this but times passes and I'm angry about situation. At first: Windows 10. FullHD monitor and system DPI set as 125% <= this is very important Periodically Maxthon on launch changes windows size. For example: Maxthon started as small window. I resize to big window and work. Close Maxthon. Some time after I start Maxthon and now their window is too big to fit on display and I need to resize window down that will lead to first step - small windows on next launch. This is not always. About 50% of Maxthon's launch. And never happens on work computer where system DPI set as 100% so it's clearly dependant. It's hard to make a video because of not every launch leads to problem
  12. Browser windows changes size

    So it's a one month old thread and problem still persist. And even no sign of BugSir/BugMiss presence in topic
  13. Yes. This already a routine work after every MX update: 1. Install MX 2. Go to Settings and manually set default browser from Edge to MX because MX can't correctly setup themself
  14. Confirmed. A few seconds ago I opened Maxthon's forum and page refresh was needed to display site correctly
  15. Меня полностью устраивает! Спасибо за описание способа!
  16. Приветствую всех! В последней бете добавили плагин ADBlockPlus. Все хорошо, но в этом "обрезке" есть только готовый список подписок и нет возможности добавить свои. Вопрос - как-нибудь можно расширить этот список? Скажем - подредактировав INIшку какую-нибудь
  17. GHosTiK replied at 2015-1-15 11:02 могу Вам подсказать как сделал я, но этот способ делает ... Да! Именно это и интересует! Добавить подписки, отсутствующие в списке.
  18. Я, вроде, по-русски написал свой вопрос. И речь там шла о подписках. А не о каком-то отдельном рекламном элементе.