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  1. Let's summon a @MaxthonJeff in a forum. There are too many problems unresolved. There are a full misunderstood between MX community and MX developers. There a lack of MX representatives reaction on our topics. We need some answers...
  2. Win10 64bit - works fine. 1. Try to change printer to something other. 2. Check permissions to temporary folder 1. Попробуй сменить принтер. Например - на встроенный Микрософтовский PDF/XPS, чтобы исключить проблемы в совместимости драйверов принтера с тем, что пытается сгенерировать Максон. 2. Проверь права доступа на папку временных файлов. Столкнулся с такой багой, что ни один принтер не печатает - ни софтовый ни аппаратный, т.к. у SYSTEM нет пермишенов на полный доступ к временной папке. Спулер не может создать временный файл и все рушится.
  3. Hello, MaxthonJeff \0/ As I wrote in the very first message of this thread there are a full misunderstood between MX community and MX developers. Peoples asking for features especially lost ones that was in old MX and were removed by unknown reason. Developers working in "full isolation mode" and ignore any feature requests. As I wrote MX moving to "Just another Chromium browser". All the time developers have they use to adapt chromium engine and there are no time for creating new features or fix errors not related to chromium, for example UI bugs. Dear MaxthonJeff! Did you hear about Apple's decision that iOS12 will not have any new features? This release will be just a "bug hunt" version. Great idea! Can you make a same decision for a next MX version (5.3?)? Just bug fixes. And next version (5.4?) only for new features ASKED BY COMMUNITY AND NOT BY DEVELOPERS
  4. This was started many MX5 builds ago. I'm too lazy to write about this but times passes and I'm angry about situation. At first: Windows 10. FullHD monitor and system DPI set as 125% <= this is very important Periodically Maxthon on launch changes windows size. For example: Maxthon started as small window. I resize to big window and work. Close Maxthon. Some time after I start Maxthon and now their window is too big to fit on display and I need to resize window down that will lead to first step - small windows on next launch. This is not always. About 50% of Maxthon's launch. And never happens on work computer where system DPI set as 100% so it's clearly dependant. It's hard to make a video because of not every launch leads to problem
  5. A quick question about advanced settings

    Maxthon on Mac uses system proxy. So... System Preferences - Network - Advanced. Voila!
  6. Confirmed! This also applied to selsigned certificates - they are considered as invalid
  7. I'm with second problem too for about a 3-4 last MX builds
  8. Browser windows changes size

    So it's a one month old thread and problem still persist. And even no sign of BugSir/BugMiss presence in topic
  9. Меня полностью устраивает! Спасибо за описание способа!
  10. Приветствую всех! В последней бете добавили плагин ADBlockPlus. Все хорошо, но в этом "обрезке" есть только готовый список подписок и нет возможности добавить свои. Вопрос - как-нибудь можно расширить этот список? Скажем - подредактировав INIшку какую-нибудь
  11. GHosTiK replied at 2015-1-15 11:02 могу Вам подсказать как сделал я, но этот способ делает ... Да! Именно это и интересует! Добавить подписки, отсутствующие в списке.
  12. Я, вроде, по-русски написал свой вопрос. И речь там шла о подписках. А не о каком-то отдельном рекламном элементе.