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  1. NOPE! Use "Open all records" not "Open all records in new window"!
  2. - looks like text size on status bar is increased
  3. - focus - NOT fixed
  4. - focus

    1. Start Maxthon. The first tab's address bar doesn't have focus so it doesn't have cursor 2. Create a new tab. Address bar have input focus so cursor available and you can type anything 3. Close tab via Ctrl-W or by pressing "Close tab" button on tab and you return to situation 1 - no focus on input.
  5. - focus

    1. Start Maxthon 2. Try to type address. 3. Nothing happens because address bar doesn't have focus and not accepting your input 4. Click mouse to address bar - now you can type anything!
  6. Your video shows that very first "new tab" with QA still opened and empty but must be replaced with one of the link from group. That was always in Maxthon
  7. - still too small text on status bar and no option to manually change font and size
  8. - focus - NOT fixed! Start Maxthon and can't type address because address bar doesn't have focus - you need to mouse click
  9. - NOT fixed! Opening all records still leads to one empty tab
  10. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    Two different computers - at work and at home. Avatar on QA page NOT available. In main menu everything ok
  11. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    I'm also miss my avatar on QA page
  12. When Maxthon started Q&A page doesn't have input focus on addressbar or searchbar. Create new tab and addressbar have focus. Close tab and active tab's addressbar doesn't have focus
  13. Using "Open All Records" opens all links in new tabs leaving unused empty tab. In all previous versions first link was always correctly opened in empty tab
  14. So now bar on the QA page is only for search and can't be used as address bar?