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  1. Normally passkeeper prompts user to enter Maxthon password before anything is revealed. However, if user has passkeeper open in a tab when Maxthon is shut down, the next time Maxthon is opened, and any user opens passkeeper again from the list on Last Session tab, then passkeeper opens and gives an unauthorized user full access to all website passwords. Version
  2. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Today I updated to This reverted my skin to the Maxthon original, which wasn't surprising. Can I go ahead an install the most recent skin package, or do I need to wait for an updated skin package for *each* new MX5 version that is released?
  3. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    @Wilser, I'm using, had to downgrade for a while because the latest version was causing strange behavior on my PC. @MaxthonDevs, if you are going to support skins, wouldn't it be better to actually have an option within the program to "load" a skin, rather than making the user overwrite files in the Bin folder, which requires admin privleges? It's not a very elegant way to implement this feature.
  4. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Surprised that no one has reported this issue yet, which makes me wonder if it has to do with my particular screen resolution (1920x1080). If I open 7 tabs, the 7th tab overlaps with the skins and minimize window icon. This is using the regular Alpha skin. Thanks, Luke