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  1. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    @Wilser, I'm using, had to downgrade for a while because the latest version was causing strange behavior on my PC. @MaxthonDevs, if you are going to support skins, wouldn't it be better to actually have an option within the program to "load" a skin, rather than making the user overwrite files in the Bin folder, which requires admin privleges? It's not a very elegant way to implement this feature.
  2. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Surprised that no one has reported this issue yet, which makes me wonder if it has to do with my particular screen resolution (1920x1080). If I open 7 tabs, the 7th tab overlaps with the skins and minimize window icon. This is using the regular Alpha skin. Thanks, Luke
  3. @SnowLeopard The skin was a great idea. It keeps the address bar in place, and looks good, too. Too bad it doesn't also solve the search engine shortcut bug I reported in a separate post.
  4. Not for me it doesn't. I've seen that option and have it checked, but my address bar still floats from it's correct position when I open a new tab.
  5. When you first open MX5, before all the quick access buttons have loaded, the address bar is in its correct place. Start typing some search terms like "why does maxthon address bar jump around?" You will find that halfway through typing that, the quick access buttons fully load and the address bar jumps away from the correct place, and to a non-traditional location in the middle of the window. Now that is bad enough, but to add insult, the words you've already typed into the address bar are wiped out, forcing you to restart. Clicking in the correct location to force the floating bar to move back there does NOT restore the lost words. Please get rid of the stupid floating address serves no purpose and now it has a very annoying bug. Please, please leave the address bar where it has been and worked fine in every browser for over 20 years. And do not wipe out my search terms without my permission. Please, and thank you.
  6. Fix Auto-fill (name, address, ZIP)

    Since this posting, new versions of Maxthon have moved the area where you input fields to be auto-filled into the passkeeper feature, under General Identities. But the field labels are only in Chinese for the English version of MX5. Can this be translated to English, please?
  7. Fix Auto-fill (name, address, ZIP)

    Chrome also does not auto-fill on this site very well either. But who cares? The point is that the site does not work on Maxthon. I use Maxthon because I expect it to be the best browser available. If Maxthon's development strategy is to only perform as well as Chrome, then there is no reason for me to use Maxthon instead of Chrome.
  8. Fix Auto-fill (name, address, ZIP)

    I can report that this feature is still broken as of 5.0.3 The above mentioned URL still becomes a disaster when you try to magic fill it.
  9. Fix Auto-fill (name, address, ZIP)

    To clarify: Chrome saves all field tokens together as a single identity, and fills the entire form out instantly, like Maxthon does, except Chrome works well. Opera saves field tokens separately, and the user must "tab" through the field and either choose them from a drop down menu or start typing the first couple characters and let it auto-populate. Maxthon just simply never works. Perhaps it is because Maxthon only recognizes one single name for each type of field? For example, the field for the ZIP code could be: ZIP, ZIP code, ZIP Code (xxxxx), ZIP +4, Postal code, Postal code (ZIP)...etc. Any of those names should trigger Maxthon to fill in my ZIP code. Likewise, Address, Street Address, Street, Address 1, Address (1st line), Address (1) could all be possibilities for my street address. If you want to see a great example of a registration form that Maxthon makes a disaster of, try It fills in username for First and Last name, does not split the phone number as the website requests, fills in the street address in four different fields, and puts my username once again in the Postal Code field. So is the Singapore Air website not "properly coded?" Or does Maxthon need some improvement?
  10. The autofill (fill form) feature has never worked well. How about finally making it functional? Even though I have my name, address, city, state, ZIP saved in Maxthon settings, MX4 (and now MX5) never seems to correctly recognize the fields, and usually populates my street address into multiple fields. And instead of getting my first and last name, I usually get my username in both fields. I don't think I've ever (even one single time) gotten every field to correctly populate. Usually, I just end up typing in every field manually, like I used to do in 1998 before this became a common feature on browsers (except in Opera and Chrome it works great). This can't be that hard, Chrome works perfectly most of the time. If you can't do it, then how about implementing the old Opera method, whereby you tab through the fields, and start typing the first couple characters of the entry, and then it picks from the list of fields you've saved in the settings.