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  1. Today I installed Maxthon on another PC, and noticed some subtle UI changes. I thought I had my main machine (running set to auto-check for updates, but I went to the "About..." window, and Maxthon says it checked for updates, and that I have the latest version. Yet, checking here, I can see there has been a new release, 5.0.3.x. I've noticed this before, going back to v4. Can someone explain to me why (and in what circumstances) certain updates are hidden like this? It appears that I would have to visit the website and download a new install package to get this update.
  2. In Settings -> Privacy -> Autosync -> Advanced, there is an option to sync "settings" across different MX5 desktop installations. The functions & add-ons sections do not sync. All other settings do sync. Every time I install MX5 on another machine, I have to manually enable global mute, translate, and CPU usage, and manually disable external tools, and developer tools. Is this a bug or a feature?
  3. @7twenty, this seems to be a pattern, where our intepretations differ on what an English phrase used in Maxthon means. I think we would agree though that the best phrase for a particular use though is the one which leaves no ambiguity in its intended meaning. So there is definitely room for improvement in the English translations for Maxthon options.
  4. In case anyone is curious about what this check box will do: It will break the printing function, as well as many other functions, including uploading a file on Maxthon's own bug report page. And when I say "break", I mean that you cannot get a print preview, and when you try to print with the system dialog, the tab will hang, and you must close the tab. So don't uncheck that box if you want Maxthon to be useable. The way it is worded, you would think Maxthon would ask you on a per-site basis if you want to allow a plug-in. But no, it just stops all plugins from running on all sites. It should be renamed "Block all plugins on all websites."
  5. Quick Access and Address bar

    Great workaround, @7twenty! I think our time is better spent on sharing these ideas, because at the end of the day, workarounds accomplish what we want, and it's impossible to know what the devs are planning. They are unlikely to implement something exactly how one user on a forum wants it to be. They refused to even change quick access back to the MX4 look that people liked so much.
  6. MX5 Android beta release V

    Well, I'm not a programmer, but I would think there is a way to implement the function that doesn't cost a lot, at least as long as both devices are on and connected, it could use a P2P method similar to BitTorrent that doesn't require Maxthon to dedicate server resources to handling these requests. Then again, Maxthon is syncing everything else in the cloud for all users, and if "not many people use it" then I wouldn't think it really takes up that much server resources. But oh well, I won't complain about this one anymore.
  7. Wow, I would love to hear the rationale for not importing settings from a previous installation. EVERY other software I've ever used does that, and even Maxthon itself does that on the desktop. Do the devs actually use Maxthon themselves?
  8. Last Session Usage Help

    It seems that since the previous post in October 2016, the Last Session implementation has changed again. I don't see any last session tab in my default page like the one shown in @Mopar396's picture. Is there a settings option to add it, or am I missing something? I did figure out a workaround: add "mx://last-visit/" as a favorite. It is nice that from this URL you can open pages from the last session or "previous session." However, I like how in MX4, when the browser crashes it automatically opens to this last session page, even when you settings option is to open the browser to new tab by default. Personally, I prefer to open to new tab EXCEPT when the browser crashed.
  9. OK, I posted it in the feature request area. I trust that the devs agree that MX5 on Android not importing the QA tiles from MX4 on Android is an oversight, and will fix that in a future release without a feature request being made.
  10. Quick Access and Address bar

    So why does the address bar jump around anyway? What was the rationale behind that design decision?
  11. MX5 Android beta release V

    I've tried Maxnote, but I'm not sure how I would use that to force a tab to pop up on another device. Cloud push was very useful in the case of, for example, browsing on desktop, finding a great recipe, and then sending that recipe to tablet to use in the kitchen while cooking. I don't always want to save a tab into favorites just to be able to open it on another device.
  12. Despite the fact that I do not like the new design of Quick Access (QA) on MX5, I finally caved in and installed MX5 desktop yesterday because I really want to be able to access my passwords on Android, which is only possible in MX5. This time at least, all my QA tiles did import into folders according to the page they were on in MX4, so all is good there. However, when I installed MX5 on Android, the same did not happen. All the QA tiles I had created on MX4 on the SAME device disappeared and were replaced with stupid default ones. Am I missing something here or is this how MX5 is supposed to work? Later I found out from Maxthon support that QA is totally separate on Android and Desktop, and QA will sync between MX5 installs on different Android devices. Now, I appreciate that QA will sync across Android devices, but why does MX5 on Android not import the QA tiles from MX4 on Android? This behavior doesn't make sense. On desktop, MX5 imports the QA tiles from MX4. If it didn't, I don't think anybody would want to upgrade. As regards the separate systems, I can understand that many people tend to visit different sites on a desktop and tablet interface, so perhaps it does make sense to keep the QA separate by default. However, it would be nice to have the option to show desktop QA sites in the Android app. Currently, QA tiles are not even saved in MaxNote (bookmarks) in the desktop app. Perhaps there should be a folder in MaxNote called "quick access" which creates a shadow copy of all QA tiles, so whenever a new tile is added the URL and name are also saved in this folder. This way, on the Android app, users could at least access the list of tiles, and make it easier to also create a QA tile for the same site in the Android app. Right now, there are just too many different systems for saving sites (QA small tiles, QA big tiles, QA tiles on Android, Maxnote "Most favorites", Maxnote bookmarks), and they don't seem work together, which is very confusing and inconvenient for the user. How about using ONE system called "Saved Sites" with 3 folders, which is all visible from the desktop app. The 3 folders are "Bookmarks, QA-desktop, and QA-mobile". Sites can be dragged and dropped, and copied freely between the 3 folders. That way, if someone wants all the same QA tiles on their mobile device, it would be easy to do so. And you would also be able to see what is stored in the cloud for your QA in a simple list format.
  13. Quick Access and Address bar

    I also don't like the movement of the address bar. But here's a suggestion which might help: In Settings > Gestures & Shortcuts > Shortcuts Management, find the command for "Focus on Address Bar" and assign a keystroke shortcut to it. I use F8. Not only is a keystroke quicker than using the mouse, it doesn't matter where the address bar is. Just hit F8 first, and then start typing in your search term or URL. If you use CTRL-T to open a new tab, F8 to focus on address bar, you will be at that website way quicker than using the mouse to do these steps.
  14. MX5 Android beta release V

    First off, let me say that the cross-platform passkeeper feature is great, and seems to work well. It was long overdue, but thanks for finally getting it into MX5. As for the other aspects of the Android version of MX5, well, I'm not liking it so much. First, there is no option to send a tab for continued reading on another device, which was a main feature of v4. In fact, Maxthon made a very slick video to market v4 which emphasized this feature called "Cloud Push" as the main selling point of the Maxthon browser family. I'm not sure why this functionality has been abandoned. But the biggest issue for me is that Quick access tabs are totally lost from previous installations. Why would I want to start from scratch with default sites like twitter and facebook, which I don't use, instead of automatically importing the QA tabs from my v4 installation on the same device, or importing from MX5 cloud? In the year 2017, apps are expected to import data from previous versions! Is there some way to import the v4 QA tabs? I really don't want to spend time re-creating 20 different tabs! Maxthon should also make it clear if they intend to maintain two separate QA systems (one for mobile, one for desktop) and whether each is synced to the cloud. In other words, if I installed MX5 on another Android device, will it sync the QA tabs from my first installation, or will I have to start from scratch on every single device?
  15. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    Hmm, well the reason I started using Maxthon in the first place was that Opera decided to completely re-design their browser to look and work just like Chrome, to increase their appeal to Chrome users, which turned off most of the existing user base. If Maxthon is now repeating this mistake by copying Edge just to make their browser look more familiar to Edge users, then maybe once v4.9 becomes depracated, it's time to quit using Maxthon. I'm still not sure what the difference is between the smaller and larger rectangles in the new QA. If I can't get rid of the small squares, how can I transfer all the websites that used to be neatly divided in 3 pages in v4.9 to the *small* squares in Mx5, so that all that screen space is not wasted? Is there some reason why I wouldn't want to do that?