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  1. Runtime error

    this a screen capture
  2. Runtime error

    thanks for your response too. i will report it greetings please let me how can i report the crush because i dont know the procedure
  3. Runtime error

    i can not download it....its too slow 5kb/s i need almost 2 hours and it cant complet.
  4. Runtime error

    the downloading is too this a problem?
  5. Runtime error

    i dont t know realy if the issue stop but i will try
  6. Runtime error

    version os 6.1.7601. service pack 1 IE 11.0.9600.17728
  7. Runtime error

    i think is beta can i see this information? and i i make a clean instilation and i reinstal the maxthon one day before ....the error begins after the update who makes the maxthon for the new version
  8. Runtime error

    1. win 7. 2.explorer 11 3.the latest version of maxthon with ads plus 4yes i use passport but i had the same proble when i m not using passport just the browser 5.i dont add any other extensions .only that the had the maxthon from the beginning 6.i dont try with any other browser 7.after the refresh of page open this message''runtime error'' ....(not after refresh ....the message open 1-2 time every day 8.i can not have screen shot 9.i dont know realy ...i will watch out
  9. Runtime error

    the msg sais Microsoft visual C+++Runtime Library Runtime error program C:\program files(x86)Maxthon\Bin\Maxthon.exe this application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in unusal way . Please contact the aplications support team for more informatiom. the old forum told me to check Windows Updates and uptade you PC or download manual first Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 install and check updates, restart your PC, if problem isn't resolved reinstall Maxthon browser..... but nothing from those choice help me ...the problem stil existing.... any idea?