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  1. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Customization on the favorites tab in Vivaldi must be in MX6 I prepared a example;
  2. All dead?

    in competition with big companies, I will always be an MX user because it makes my web surfing much easier. but there are people who are waiting for innovation so some features should be added later in terms of add-ons should go compete with google
  3. All dead?

    finally came the explanation please this request please perform.
  4. half screen

    there is nothing that causes this problem, sometimes it happens
  5. issue persists 1920x1080
  6. disable and same problem continues
  7. automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode ""DISABLE"
  8. sometimes i get this error
  9. It may take a long time to connect with the remote control, I will try to get video. look carefully at the bottom xx.mp4
  10. to Maxthon

    Friends I have been using the maxthon browser for more than 5 years. The actual months have paused in the last months, not updated as before.