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  1. Some upgrades

    Reed your message before
  2. Some upgrades

    Local is not working corectly ad not always
  3. Some upgrades

    This is not what I need and what I wanted - it's only bookmarks, but I talked about saving sessions online to prevent it from lost
  4. Some upgrades

    Ok i'll try to find something. I mean something like MX online bookmarks which are storing in user account.
  5. Some upgrades

    The link is not opening but i understand what u meen. Not exectly, but something like that. Like a local session but with online saving
  6. Some upgrades

    OK, i want to help you to make best browser for all )) And what about online session manager? It will help to save opened sessions in user's account to prevent losting it and can be opened at any place
  7. Some upgrades

    Tryed to reinstall - the problem did not disappear
  8. Some upgrades

    But it's )) Maybe old version must be removed before new?
  9. Some upgrades

    All swtting as you showed
  10. Some upgrades

    I tryed - it's not working good. If will be some bugs a'll make video. And also It is very important and necessary - create an online session manager to save an open session online to a user account because they are often not saved and are flown out Here is video
  11. Some upgrades

    I did not mean scaling a tab at the top that would be able to see the name and icon and there was not a side of the list of additional open tabs but was scrolling like for example in firefoxю NOT like on the screenshot Scrolling like on this screenshot Oh and one more, when i opening new tab it's opening not after active tab but in the end. And when closing - it's stays on it's place with it's icon/ It is a bug
  12. Some upgrades

    Can u make some upgrades for MX 5? - Session online to save opened sessions online - scrolling opened tabs to make them bigger and sroll left-right tabs to choose nessesary tab - fast buttons for mx note and other fitures as it in MX 4 - fast Clear cache button