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  1. As you can see in my image above, the link is located at the end of my favorites bar and I have to click on the arrows in order to access that link, but I can still type immediately in that search area. I don't know what is so different in my installation, but regardless of how or where I access that link, I can type immedeately in that search area.
  2. I did a browser security test.

    Out of the 7 browsers I tested (UC Browser, Edge, Chrome, Vivaldi, Cent, Maxthon, Edge Dev and Firefox) the only browser that gave the best results was Firefox and only in the first 3 categories. All the other browsers had the same results as you show above.
  3. Folder length very short maxnote

    Let's wait and see if anyone else agrees with you on this. If there are very few others who think this is a good idea, I really doubt they will do anything with it, at least not in the near future. Do any other browsers offer that length?
  4. why maxthon is so slow !

    Have you cleared your browsing data lately?
  5. why maxthon is so slow !

    Have you actually checked your speed lately? I check mine at least once a week just to make sure everything is working the way it is supposed to. But then I am on a 1 gigabit service. Just a suggestion.
  6. Infinite updating

    Have you tried deleting that one site and re-adding it back?
  7. Should have highlighted his screen shot.
  8. Mxone - horizontal page ?

    No wonder we couldn't figure it out. Con razón no sabíamos..
  9. Mxone - horizontal page ?

    WHAT is mxone? can you show us please?
  10. 5.3.8 branch

    They were busy changing Jeff's Facebook page. LOL
  11. Regardless of whether it is a Favorite, which I do have it on my Favorites Bar, or not, I can still type in that search area.
  12. Ok, I unchecked that setting "Open a new tab from Favorites" and clicking on your link above, I can still type directly in that search field. Let me re-start the browser and see if that makes any difference. EDIT: Ok, I re-started the browser and it still works for me. Maybe another setting that's causing the problem?
  13. Try with an installed version and see if it works. Trata con una versión instalada a ver si trabaja.
  14. It does work for me with the cleanly installed version of