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  1. New QA background

    Cannot confirm. Switched to another GIF, closed Maxthon and the new GIF is still running. Clean install.
  2. Hello

    He has already posted in the Russian forum.

    Works fine if you switch to Retro Mode. Click on the lightning bolt at the end of the status bar. That will switch to Retro Mode.
  4. Cannot view embedded YouTube videos on Google IO website

    It most certainly does, when Tim Murray starts speaking he mentions improving the performance of the Pixel phone. It comes up at :27 He then goes on to talk about running at 60FPS, etc.
  5. Cannot view embedded YouTube videos on Google IO website

    Worked fine for me the very first time and again right now in Ultra Mode.
  6. Forget it, just like BugSir006, I misunderstood your instructions.
  7. Doesn't do that on Both of them stop.
  8. Problem with searching - textbox typing

    AHA, discovered that restarting Maxthon changed what happens. I can now confirm your issue. Sorry for not doing due diligence.
  9. Problem with searching - textbox typing

    Yes, I do have that checked. I've unchecked that option but I still can start typing immediately in the search field. Let's see if someone else has your problem.
  10. Nitroflare website problem

    Nope, just using the default UA.
  11. Problem with searching - textbox typing

    Cannot confirm. Also on and both and work as expected. I can start typing in the search field without any problem.
  12. Nitroflare website problem

    Switching to retro mode it works fine.
  13. Shift+Left Click opens the new tab with focus.
  14. Newcomers, look here!

    Hi Jane and welcome to the Maxthon Forum. Glad to have you aboard. If you have any questions, just let us know and we'll try our best to help you out.
  15. Watching this video now.