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  1. Customizable Skins for mx5! - 27/03/2017

    Absolutely no problem installing and using. Works perfectly.
  2. Crashes on MX (PC)

    HMM using an internal test version and the site works just fine. Maybe wait until this test version is released to the public.
  3. Customizable Skins for mx5! - 27/03/2017

    I personally would like #1 with the Tab Bar under the Address Bar, if that is at all possible. If not, #1 as is would be fine.
  4. Customizable Skins for mx5! - 27/03/2017

    Love that first one Wilser. Welcome back and thanks for these new skins. Hope you get lots of like real fast.
  5. Twitch on MX5?

    I didn't turn anything off and did not have any problem viewing that page. Even checked several different games without a problem. Wish I spoke Japanese.
  6. Twitch on MX5?

    Have absolutely no problem viewing
  7. Hi

    Sorry to hijack this post, but that does nothing to stop spammers from posting. I just deleted another one from Bangladesh this morning. 99% of new members from Bangladesh have done nothing but post spam.
  8. MX5

    sorry, just try
  9. Sorting Bookmarks

  10. MX5

    It's But it looks like they are working on the site because it is different from yesterday.
  11. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    You have made two posts saying the same thing but haven't mentioned what some of those things are that the "demanding users" need. Make some suggestions and see what happens.
  12. MX5

    Just checked with an internal test version. The site is extremely slow to load, but it does load properly and I can click and continue reading on the same image you show in your video, but if you check the tab, you will see that the page did not finish loading in your video. But yes, it does load a lot faster in other browsers.
  13. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    Well, you are the first to comment on its position, and of course 7twenty agreed with you. And unless several thousand others object to its placement, it will remain where it is. That's from my over 10 years experience since Maxthon 1.
  14. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    No matter where they put it, someone will complain about it and want it somewhere else. Other browsers have it in the same spot and no one has complained. Maxthon 2 had it in the same spot and no one complained.
  15. How to put URL shortcut on desktop?

    Do you have your desktop icons hidden? Make sure this is checked. Right click on an empty space of your desktop.