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  1. It's a CANARY version, so give it some time. I've already submitted some requests for more tab control, among other things.
  2. Try Microsoft Edge Canary (search for it) Can add Chrome extensions. It's wonderful.
  3. Did Maxthon support WhatsApp?

    Not sure about your version of Maxthon, but Firefox does support WhatsApp.
  4. Hello!

    Hey! How's life in Apodaca?
  5. Snap tool freezes Maxthon

    Works fine here also.
  6. Folder length very short maxnote

    Let's wait and see if anyone else agrees with you on this. If there are very few others who think this is a good idea, I really doubt they will do anything with it, at least not in the near future. Do any other browsers offer that length?
  7. Infinite updating

    Have you tried deleting that one site and re-adding it back?
  8. Hi MaxthonFan,

    I've been wondering if it's not time to post the *.mx5skin tool kit and tutorial in the public Skin Forum?  Are further developments in the works ?

    I know some skin makers (e.g., Yoyoako) in yhe Chinese Forum have made some, but I don't see any tutorial updates other than a title change and a replacement tutorial on that forum.

    Unfortunately, I've not been able to successfully log onto their new 3/4-part authetification scheme; I can't pass the captcha step. 

    Let me know what you think, please.

    Thanks for any feedback.

    Have a happy New Year.


    1. No.1MaxthonFan


      I don't know it it is really worth it.  Remember the one guy we had doing skins? He got so bombed out by people just keeping asking for small changes to his skins and then insulting him when they didn't get what they wanted and Maxthon changing everything so that all his efforts didn't work anymore. I guess if the instructions were a little bit easier, more people could do their own skins but people now-a-days want just a couple of clicks to change things and since that isn't going to happen they get tired of asking.

      If the skin makers over in the Chinese forum would post their skins here so that we could just download and install that would be fantastic, but I don't think they will.  We can ask the Bugs and see what they say.

  9. I'm disappointed

    They are in Spain, Turkey, Bangladesh, Korea, etc. with multiple applications from the same IP address and eventually will be spammers. There are about 500 or so in the last couple of months from Spain and a lot have the same avatar and a lot with the same IP address. Just because I don't do anything about them doesn't mean I'm not watching.
  10. Small fonts on some pages

    Ok, if I have never had a problem with fonts of any kind, why would I go looking for a setting to change something and create a problem? As the old saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
  11. Small fonts on some pages

    Then why aren't more people having a problem with fonts? I have always used the installed version, could it be the portable that is the problem?
  12. Small fonts on some pages

    Cannot confirm. Fonts are fine on Gmail for me.
  13. It doesn't work in Cent browser, in Chrome, in Vivaldi or in Edge