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  1. Text to speech -TTS (Dutch)

    Windows has the Narrator, but your language must be set to Dutch.
  2. Facebook Issues

    It's Facebooks actual software that is at fault. It displays fine on the Android App and on the Windows Facebook App, but does not display any more than what is in your images on Edge, Opera, Brave, UC Browser, Firefox, Chrome and Vivaldi. They all show just a few posts.
  3. 100% Disk Usuage

    No, Restart is considered a "warm boot".
  4. Customizable Skins for MX5! - - 4000

    Thank you Wilser.
  5. New Spotify Web Player not working in MX5

    Same happens if Vivaldi is open. Plays, but close Vivaldi and it stops in Maxthon.
  6. AdBlock | Pop-ups

    Yes, I know. Why would he put something like that here?
  7. Design Improvements

    What I like about Vivaldi is that you can set a different color scheme for each different page.
  8. And Chrome and all of its clones aren't collecting your "private information"? If you believe that you have been drinking too much of their kool-ade.
  9. Almost unable to snap while in night mode[MX5]

    Upgrade to the latest 5.0.3 version No problems with night mode.
  10. Missing External Tools toolbar icon

    I'm using the same Wilser skin as Rick and I have the three dots.
  11. Missing External Tools toolbar icon

    That is so strange. I haven't done anything special and as you can see, all 9 icons are there. Hope you get yours fixed.
  12. Missing External Tools toolbar icon

    Aren't you using Wilser's #1 Skin? That is what I'm using and I have all of the icons showing as well as the three dots.
  13. Customizable Skins for MX5! - - 4000

    Absolutely no problem installing and using. Works perfectly.
  14. HMM using an internal test version and the site works just fine. Maybe wait until this test version is released to the public.