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    Yes, I "get it". If you have a slow connection, that may make a difference and you may want to keep tabs on where it is in the download. I, fortunately have a fast connection so by the time I click on download, it's already done, so I'm not worried and don't need to see a visual presentation.

    Is this what you are looking for_
  3. Audio Download Problem

    HMM again I didn't have any problem.
  4. Audio Download Problem

    Seems to be working in
  5. Audio Download Problem

    Can you give us a link to test please?
  6. last session opening

    And what is that other browser that does it?
  7. last session opening

    I just tested on Chrome and it does exactly what Maxthon does, opens all 4 windows I closed in one window with all the tabs from those 4 windows in only one window.
  8. PDF files corrupted

    Using but it was installed over previous version. Doing a complete clean install seems to have fixed the problem. But thanks for all the input.
  9. PDF files corrupted

    Every time I dowload a PDF document using Maxthon it won't open and I get an error that the file is corrupted. I download with any other browser and it opens perfectly. Please fix. And it's from my banks so don't ask for a link.
  10. Pop-up Blocker not working

    That site is full of RansomWare. Be careful.
  11. Missing Mute bbutton on tabs in

    So you never sleep?
  12. Maxthon Snap Whole Page

    We forgive you, just don't let it happen again.
  13. Maxthon Snap Whole Page

    What version are you using? I'm on on Windows 10 Insider Preview 18277.1006 and it works fine for me.
  14. print issue

    I am on the same version and I have not problem printing in Ultra mode. Printed yesterday and today without a problem. Windows 10 insider preview 18277.1006
  15. Last version, it does not work

    Ok, want to try that again?