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  1. Downloads Not Found.

    Yes, also if you download then delete the file after installing or using, the of course it can't be found.
  2. MX5 PC official Release

    Odd because the only tabs I had open were Facebook and here in the forum. Wonder if that pop-up was the one that did it? The one about the Lives streaming someone else posted about.
  3. MX5 PC official Release

    Just installed Insider version 16962.1000 and all of a sudden Windows Defender found this.
  4. MX5 PC official Release

    That works fine for me on a clean install.
  5. latest beta asks for flash install

    Windows defender is what is flagging this for me. It just advises me and deletes it from my desktop.
  6. latest beta asks for flash install

    I have downloaded your updater twice and this is what I get when I try to run it.
  7. Adblocker?

    Must be, because it's in my
  8. Caution Maxthon Team

    It doesn't if you have it set to clear all cookies on exit. Otherwise it saves your passwords.
  9. I have a problem

    First of all, which version of Maxthon are you using?
  10. Click "new tab" and hang a long time

    I'm on and my New Tab is fine.
  11. Latest Beta Problem with Gmail

    Cannot confirm. works perfectly on Gmail.
  12. I reported it long ago, but it was just ignored, as usual. Before long, there will be no more Maxthon users.
  13. Permission to use Browser???????

    Are you on Windows 10? If yes, it is notorious for changing the default to Edge, so you will have to go into "Default app settings" and change it there.
  14. Permission to use Browser???????

    It is asking because Maxthon wants to be set as the Default browser. If you click YES, it won't ask again.
  15. Delete Maxthon account

    My response was for the original poster. I know you aren't going anywhere. LOL