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  1. Re-Hi

    This is the 4th time you have posted yet have not told us what your problem is. Please tell us what you are having a problem with.
  2. Shortcut Bar

    If you mean your Favorites Bar, try Ctrl+B
  3. It's a known issue and won't be fixed until they update the core. Already been addressed a number of times and that is the answer they give.,
  4. PC Chip Flaws

    I got a new PC and have not installed any Insider versions yet because half of my Office 365 did not work and they didn't seem to care about finding a solution.
  5. PC Chip Flaws

    This is NOT a Windows Insider build.
  6. PC Chip Flaws

    If you are on Windows 10, there is an update today to build 16299.192
  7. PC Chip Flaws

    It´s an OS problem, not a browser problem. Just make sure your computer and security is updated.
  8. MX5 is no good to me

    Alt+0160 for a blank space.
  9. New version for MX

    Go here:
  10. Translate button in

    It's here.
  11. Passkeeper

    And if someone hacks into your account, do you want them to have access to all your passwords?
  12. MX5 PC official Release

    Again a useless version without a core update. Don't know why you are wasting your time.
  13. Cannot play Netflix

    Netflix works fine in
  14. Menu Bar in

    This is the Menu Bar
  15. Menu Bar in

    For some reason it has been removed. Don't know if they will bring it back.