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  1. Annoying Top

    Problem is deleting the "other web site data" then. I think the problem is solved. If doesn't, I'll be here. Thank you for helping.
  2. Annoying Top

    What is this banners purpose? It tells things we already know. Not for a single time, It occurs every time. That makes this banner very and really unnecessary. I'm asking for "Do not show this again" option as I drew there. "No.1MaxthonFan" thought it was a real option, so I drew good enough. Edit: Also, none of ABP rules are workin. If it worked, every rules will delete after a update. Not practical. This is a browser, not a spaceship. You should pay attantion for functional using methods. When you opened the browser, a half-page useless banner doesn't help you have easy access links for your new tab page. That banner kills new tab page. There is no other explanation.
  3. Annoying Top

    I drew that. Oh my God. Help me...
  4. Annoying Top

    ABP rules isn't working. I'm just asking, is it TOO HARD to add this? Really?