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  1. Unwanted games on desktop !

    @7twenty: I was running Maxthon 4 for a couple of years already. Maxthon 5 installation was initiated by Maxthon 4, anytime last year. I am sure that the Maxthon 5 installer was clean. @Secret-HQ: I am using the Maxthon Home Page as default Home Page. I cleaned cache files etc. as per CTRL+SHIFT+DEL. Additionally TrendMicro did not detect any threat. Thank you for your advice.
  2. Unwanted games on desktop !

    Thank you for your statements. I am running MX5. Attached are screenshots of file properties of both games. As karajan advised, I ran adwcleaner. I am curious if this will help to get rid of the games.
  3. A couple of days ago, I detected two icons of games, I have never installed, on my desktop. Checking where they refer to, I see they are linked to Maxthon Browser. I deleted both icons and today they are here again. Can anybody help to prevent this, that Maxthon browser installs games or other software, I do not want at all ??? If this cannot be prevented, I will for sure, move to a different browser. Bruno