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  1. I've got black screen only with hint bobbles after installing latest MX5 on my old FLY FS401 Stratus 1. Previous versions of MX5 worked well, but I dont remember which version it was. 4.5 version from Play Market works very well.
  2. Right now it works just fine, but before this I was forced to use IE core to browse sites properly. After a hour all pages have their backgrounds.
  3. When I tried use browser this morning it open sites like this. I tried clearing cache and cookies, didnt help.
  4. Okay, little update. I kinda lied about unticking second function. Now it open bookmarks in tab, that have something (or not). Its annoying, especially when I try open multiple bookmarks. So, I enabled this function again.
  5. Disabled second. Bookmarks worked just fine. Thrd was ot marked by default. Tried tick untick it - links always opens in new tab, not in empty one.
  6. Here is new video aout this problem. I hope you will understand what I mean.
  7. When you try open bookmarks on copied link through rmb press on "plus" when new blank tab is open, they always create new tab for it. You can see how it works on this video.
  8. Today I found that toolbar was updated in and External Tools disappeared from there. Why it happened? But it exist in "Function and Add-ons". It was really useful button. P.S. Nevermind. Found it. it was hidden in Customize Quick Tools by some strange reasons.
  9. I hope there will be good core update, that will get new updates without staying outdated.
  10. Некоторым сайтам это не помогает. У тебя или хромой/огнелис/ёпера определенной версии или ты идешь лесом.
  11. Hitbox player won play streams

    You can see problem on video. It wont work even if adblock is turned off. Portable version of Maxthon.
  12. Hitbox player won play streams

    Link for what? for Hitbox? is streaming service. Streams just wont start.
  13. When i press play button nothing happen. Streams just wont start.
  14. Очень надеюсь, что в этой 5.0 обновят ядро браузера так, чтобы сайты очень долго неорали о том, что браузер устарел и надо бы обновиться.
  15. На новой версии Макстона с ютубом происходит такая вот байда. Помогает только обновление страницы. Пришлось откатиться на предыдущую версию.