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  1. Closing browser and restarting after some time, or just opening it after turning pc on it always logs off from every account (even from itself). And no, I dont have enabled auto clearing cookies upon exit.
  2. It logs off from every acount you enter: steam, gmail and youtube,, netflix, GOG, twitch, etc.
  3. After updating to this stable release I found that every time you close browser it logging out from every account you entered. And you need enter in every account everytime it happens...
  4. [] Reddit issues

    With new beta you cant browse on reddit normally. Sometimes it works, sometimes posts are in "loading" state, and if it works you cant see posts that below, cause they in "loading" state. Also you cant get i your reddit account properly and see your comments due this "loading"
  5. [] broken images in new tabs

    Here. But its not sites problem, cause even IF you try open any image from discrord in browser effect will be same.
  6. [] broken images in new tabs

    No. Its from internet.
  7. When you try open images with "Open image in new tab" IF its exceed specific size it will be croped and will not load properly even if yourefresh page with it. Type of size that loads properly And size that will not (use same picture for example)
  8. [] youtube pauses on start

    Oh, I misspelled. My bad. Its latest beta have this bu (also few bugs too, like erasing text in address bar)
  9. Found problem with youtube. When trying open new video it sometimes open as paused, but when you click on "Play" it doest work until yourefresh page.
  10. Small fonts on some pages

    When you trying search something on google and duckduckgo search pages are zoomed out and looks like this Google Duckduckgo
  11. This never happened on or older.
  12. No, its ok, and you can open sites in this tab. First opened tab just opens in second tab leaving first empty.
  13. Tried new designed maxthon for a week and have my opinion (WITH ISSUES). I did not like the updated interface, I would like to be able to return the old one. 1.1. The "Notes" button near "Favorites" button does not work, no matter how many times you clicked on it. You need to open a new tab and go to "Maxnote". Not very convenient when you need to make a note very quickly. 1.2. Same thing for "Favorites" button. It doesnt work. Those buttons does not work in Sidebar too! 2. When you try open multiple links at once happens this! When you try open new links and than open new tab last opened link/site opens in as opened new tab! Fix, please! 3. Also there is issue with "Close current tab" and "Open new tab" buttons. Its rare issue that I cant reproduce for video, but when you try to close tab browser accidentially opens new tab. Thank you for attention.