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  1. Whenever I trying access to passkeeper it asks code that will be send to my phone. But when I'm entering this code it gives me "Network error occured". Any ideas how to bypass this?
  2. I'm using last official portable version (not beta).
  3. It doesnt help. Download history cleans no matrter if it checked or unchecked.
  4. When you open new tab it supposed to open page with favorite sites and but today it began to open as "Cannot connect to the website". Reloading page or closing and opening browser doesnt help. How to fix?
  5. I'm using version of Maxthon right now, but this problem exists in previeous too. If you download some files they saves as history in Download Manager, but when you close browser it cleans all history of your downloads. And this is really bugging me out.
  6. This never happened on or older.
  7. No, its ok, and you can open sites in this tab. First opened tab just opens in second tab leaving first empty.
  8. Tried new designed maxthon for a week and have my opinion (WITH ISSUES). I did not like the updated interface, I would like to be able to return the old one. 1.1. The "Notes" button near "Favorites" button does not work, no matter how many times you clicked on it. You need to open a new tab and go to "Maxnote". Not very convenient when you need to make a note very quickly. 1.2. Same thing for "Favorites" button. It doesnt work. Those buttons does not work in Sidebar too! 2. When you try open multiple links at once happens this! When you try open new links and than open new tab last opened link/site opens in as opened new tab! Fix, please! 3. Also there is issue with "Close current tab" and "Open new tab" buttons. Its rare issue that I cant reproduce for video, but when you try to close tab browser accidentially opens new tab. Thank you for attention.
  9. Некоторым сайтам это не помогает. У тебя или хромой/огнелис/ёпера определенной версии или ты идешь лесом.
  10. Hitbox player won play streams

    You can see problem on video. It wont work even if adblock is turned off. Portable version of Maxthon.