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  1. Сейчас? Самая новая бета. Так последние три или четыре версии где-то.
  2. Вся суть в названии темы. Если открывать определенные видео в ВК то вылезает такая фигня. Флэш плеер как только не обновлял, не помогает.
  3. Fullscreen video on YouTube glitch

    Sorry, my english is bad.
  4. Fullscreen video on YouTube glitch I'm talking about THAT.
  5. have a bug when you entering fullscreen on youtube video. If you click on maxthon icon whole browser will disappear, but will continue his work. You need task manager to stop browser work. But you can evade this if just hold cursor on maxthon icon in taskbar for a second (without pressing buttons on it)
  6. [request] lock address bar in toolbar

    I'm talking about this. Clicking on this always annoying thing. I want lock this thing in toolbar.
  7. Please, add function for locking adress bar in toolbar.
  8. Quick question

    Magg, thanks for addon. have another question. Maybe someone asked about this: where is resource sniffer? It was really useful.
  9. Quick question

    Okay, but there is no download manager button, like it was in MX4. Next to the address bar and the in sidebar.
  10. Quick question

    Will quick buttons for download manager, zooming and splitscreen will retuirn in mx5 release? They are really useful.
  11. Cant login to Maxthon account

    Yes. I tried logging in browser for half an hour and than it logged successfully.
  12. Cant login to Maxthon account

    When I entering password happen nothing until shows "No network connection"
  13. Google search results page restoring

    Its random bug.
  14. When you close page with google search results and trying restore opens default page.
  15. Некоторым сайтам это не помогает. У тебя или хромой/огнелис/ёпера определенной версии или ты идешь лесом.