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  1. Customizable Skins for MX5! - If you like these "skins" click the button "I like"! Skin Alpha: Skin Macaw: Skin Mac: Skin Chrome: Skin Nitro: Downloads • All_Skins.7z • Background_Images.7z Important: Before making any changes. do not forget to make a backup of the "Start" folder and "UIHuge.dat, UIMain.dat" files located in ..\Bin\ All files must be decompressed in: Install Version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Bin\ or C:\Program Files\Maxthon5\bin\ Portable Version : MaxthonPortable\Bin\
  2. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    @rick.lane Re-download the file with the skins
  3. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Skins updated for MX5.1.0.1400
  4. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    • Favorites icon updated in version 1.0.6 • I am sorry. I do not want to waste time trying something I know that still does not work. • Here I leave a list of the files added, removed and modified in the latest version of mx5 ( • When using these skins you will not lose any characteristic. Files are always updated when there are changes or improvements to the interface. Bin\Start\ Files deleted (0) New files added (0) Modified files (0) UIHuge Files deleted (0) New files added (16) *UIHuge\infobars\guest_launch\index.htm *UIHuge\infobars\images\dropdown.svg *UIHuge\infobars\import_data\importing.htm *UIHuge\infobars\import_data\import_ended.htm *UIHuge\infobars\import_guest\index.htm *UIHuge\infobars\magic_fill\overwrite.htm *UIHuge\infobars\magic_fill\save.htm *UIHuge\infobars\set_default_browser\index.htm *UIHuge\infobars\smart_core_ie\index.htm *UIHuge\infobars\style.css *UIHuge\infobars\textbar\index.htm *UIHuge\msg_icons\msg_alert.png *UIHuge\msg_icons\msg_game.png *UIHuge\msg_icons\msg_haha.png *UIHuge\msg_icons\msg_shop.png *UIHuge\msg_icons\msg_star.png Modified files (3) *UIHuge\main\main-menu\menu.css *UIHuge\other\multi-search\index.htm *UIHuge\other\multi-search\style.css UIMain Files deleted (0) New files added (0) Modified files (2) *UIMain\main\navbar\addressbox.css *UIMain\main\objects\avatar.css
  5. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    I'll work on it after the maxthon team updates the core of mx5
  6. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    @itsmenx Maybe you are using an older version of skins or a version higher than MX, so you would have these problems. Remember that the latest version of the skins is 1.0.5
  7. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Are already available for MX5
  8. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    @john doe
  9. Maxthon 3/4 Skin SDK v1.1.17 (English Version)

    @BugSir006 What happened to this SDK! In mx 5 is useless! will be updated? when?
  10. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Is now available for download!
  11. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    They are splash screens that appear for a few seconds at the time of starting the browser (start96.dat, start96max.dat, etc).
  12. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Rename them to .bmp and be able to edit them with Paint, Photoshop , Fireworks , etc.
  13. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    • Already corrected in the last version. Thanks for reporting this. • The QA search bar is the same as the address bar and there is no need to make it go down to the QA page
  14. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    @rick.lane I just updated the skins to version 1.0.1. 100% compatible with MX I've also added google chrome skin. I hope you like it
  15. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Of course you can share!
  16. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Before applying the skin make sure there are no active processes of maxthon.
  17. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    I re-compressed the files. Try it now!
  18. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Please, could you be more specific?
  19. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    The first version of the skins has been launched!
  20. Bing Translator

    This translator is an alternative to standard translators built into Maxthon 5. With this extension you can automatically translate web pages into the language the browser is in without leaving the current page, you can also translate the selected text into a new tab from the drop-down menu of the extension. Supported Languages: • Chinese (Simplified) • Chinese (Traditional) • English - United Kingdom • English - United States • French - France • German - Germany • Italian - Italy • Korean - Korea • Polish - Poland • Portuguese - Brazil • Portuguese - Portugal • Russian - Russia • Spanish - Argentina • Spanish - Mexico • Spanish - Spain • Turkish - Turkey Bing Translator.mxaddon
  21. Bing Translator

    The bing image that appears at the top of the popup is just a logo. To translate the selected text use the drop-down menu of the extension. When executing the extension several times. If the resource consumption rises, but this is a mistake that I will correct now Sorry in some sections of this forum extension does not work well
  22. Dark and light theme icons

    Make sure you work in UIMain.dat UIMain.dat
  23. Dark and light theme icons

    Through extensions I do not think it is possible, what if possible is to change the color of all the icons of the extensions by using skins. in skin_c_dark.css @import url(skin_c_dark_const.css); [skinDark] { style-set: "custom-skin-dark"; } @set custom-skin-dark { .quicktools .item .icon { foreground-image-transformation: colorize(red); } } in skin.css .quicktools .item .icon { foreground-image-transformation: colorize(blue); }
  24. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    • Of course the status bar also changes color. • If it refers to using own images as background. if possible!
  25. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    The Skin N ° 2 has undergone several changes and now looks better!