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  1. Updated User Agent

    Please make sure you are using the latest versions MX4.9.xxx .This branch of Maxthon comes with an updated core ...This problem shouldn't be present in the latest version.
  2. Spellchecker in Facebook comments

    Hi guys, Do you still experience the problem with Spellcheck in Facebook or other websites?
  3. Text size

    It has been removed in Mx 4.9....
  4. Text size

    Hey guys, Thanks for mentioning this issue again. At the moment there is no plan to include font size option in Settings anymore. However this functionality will not be abandoned. As you have already found out a workaround to change fonts, we will do same by building an extension for font management after the official version of Mx5 has been released:) Please stay tuned. Thanks for your patience and support for Maxthon.
  5. Extensions disabled on maxthon.com domains? Why?

    Hi Tony, Really sorry. I liked your post and i had to confirm with our team why noads does not work on maxthon pages anymore.I didn't not mean to ignore your post. Actually, for security issues noads extension has been disabled: Under maxthon.cn/com domain name some API can modify some part of the user's Settings. Allowing extension is to run under these two domains will give the extension the permission to change user's settings. Due to this reason noads has been temporarily disabled to run under maxthon domain.
  6. Favorites doesn't Sync

    I'll let our testing team conduct a thorough investigation about this issue.
  7. Favorites doesn't Sync

    Hi, May i know if you still find the same issue in the current version please?
  8. Adobe Flash and Maxthon

    Useful contribution!
  9. Extensions disabled on maxthon.com domains? Why?

    Hi guys, Actually,Maxthon.com can use some API to visit user's history and so on. Extensions working on maxthon.com may use these API to get users's history ... which is not safe enough. So we decided to disable extensions on Maxthon.com. Thanks.
  10. Hi esoxlucius, Glad to talk to you. What settings do you have in your favorites sync options please (under wifi only?)? Please make sure sync option is enabled and your internet is strong enough. Thanks.
  11. Hi ivanhohk, Thank you for your feedback. Sorry for all these troubles brought to you. Is there any notification that appears when the problem occur?
  12. problem every day!!!

    Hi Night_Hunter, Thank you for reaching out. Really sorry for all these inconveniences. 1.For the last session issue, do you use Maxthon account? You may try to search "Last opened" from browsing history. 2.For the page loading issue, any link to test? You may disable adblock and try again. 3.Is the problem confined with some specific links? 4.Freezing problem could be due to adblock, you may disable it and try again. Please provide us with more specific details. We will be more than happy to help you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your support!
  13. Hi, Thanks for the link. We are conducting a test to see what is going. Please stay tuned.
  14. Hi guys, Today we would like to present you the progress of the fix of bugs reported by you. In this list, we have added new fixed bugs and bugs that have been assigned to relevant engineers for the fix. Our developers are working hard to fix as big number of bugs as possible. Stay tuned for future versions. Thanks for your continuous support. 1319813199
  15. Swiftkey keyboard in Maxthon

    Hi, Thank for your feedback. And thanks for your time and effort in explaining the problem you are having. What version of android are you using please? We'll conduct a test to see if we can reproduce your problem. Thanks.