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  1. Terminology and Functions

    It appears Facebook has solved the issue. In addition, I am finding that Maxthon is extremely slower than Opera. I mentioned in another post how many websites heavy with ads become unreadable in Maxthon with the constant "loading, resolving host, waiting on website," message whenever scrolling. The message appears over and over with every scroll of the page.
  2. When viewing a webpage with heavy ads, in the bottom left corner of Maxthon, I keep seeing "Connecting", "Resolving host", "waiting for xxxx" and the loading wheel on the tab starts running. If I quit scrolling, the loading wheel stops but the second I start scrolling all the above activity starts again. The web pages are "jerky" slow in responding to the scroll. This happens on many websites.
  3. I didn't sign up on "Trello" It looks like everything is in Chinese. So kind of useless to me.
  4. Can someone explain the Difference between "Favorite", "Maxnote" and "Notes". I also am confused why we have to add a site to Maxnote instead of the Traditional, Add to Favorites or Create a Folder in Favorites to add websites too. Maxthon has made this confusing to even me. If I click on the favorites Icon, I get folders with dates, almost all those folders have the same data in each one, or I see websites just as links as I saved them. If I have a hard time understanding it (I am a phone, tablet, PC and TV repair tech), then an average user will not be able to figure it out. As I mentioned in another post. I always suggest to my PC customers to use Maxthon. Some just won't use it due to being to complicated and other customers ask me to "train" them how to use Maxthon. I really think keeping things as user friendly and intuitive are key to being successful. Some customers don't even know other browsers exist outside of Google, IE, Edge etc.. To gain those users, the browser should be easy to navigate. User Agents: This is kind of a mystery to me. I understand what User Agents do, how ever those Default emulations never get updated to the most current Strings from those other browsers. Maybe Maxthon could include a User String Update that searches for Browsers installed and pull in those Strings somehow. For some reason, I find myself having to switch Strings to get certain websites to display correctly. I mostly switch between, Chrome, Opera and IE 11. I never use The Maxthon string or Just Default. Depending on the User Agent selected, I sometimes get the "Browser is Out of Date, Update to the Latest Google Chrome" message. I am running V5.1.3.2000, I have found that if I update a String, for example Opera from Opera's most recent release, Maxthon displays "Settings Saved" however if i restart Maxthon, the default string returns. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or if it is a bug. In my opinion Maxthon should include a manual save for "Settings" The manual save, I think, should be applied to each section of the settings options. For example if i go to the General Section of settings and make a change, I should be able to click a save button for that section. The same for Advanced, Privacy, Gestures and Shortcuts, etc.. Another topic we discussed is Flashplayer. I know some people do not run Flashplayer while others do. Some websites still use FP while others are using HTML5. I think, Maxthon should look at Macromedia to find the most recent DLL instead of keeping an old DLL in AppData. The process of updating Maxthon to the most current version of FlashPlayer is way beyond the typical user. Maybe Maxthon could include a Button that either Updates to the new Version or simply pull the DLL from Macromedia. Just a thought. Finally, Facebook has been making programming changes for the past week and Maxthon is having a problem with a few things. For example, when typing and a mistake is made and I use the backspace key, the character get removed, however when I make the post or comment, the characters that were backspaced out return at the end of the comment. The only way to actually remove those mistakes is to highlight them and use the Delete key. This issue only exists in Facebook. It doesn't happen on other websites or Word or text files. The other issue is Live Stream and Commenting in live stream chat. Over the past week, many times I must go to the Owners FB page and click on the live stream instead of just clicking on the notification. Many times Clicking on the notification only results in the loading wheel and stays there. Commenting, Sometimes the comment section to make a comment is missing. Another issue is comment updates, Comment updating will either nor update comments at all or the comments are extremely slow or the sometimes I can comment, the comment section will update and then freeze again. I do not know if this is a FB issue or Maxthon Issue or a combination of both. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and issues.
  5. Maxnote's new version issue

    Shouldn't programming treat them as totally separate functions? The average user will not understand what is happening. Sometimes I think MX programmers are over thinking what a browser should do. Things should be simple and intuitive. When I do PC repairs, I always suggest and sometimes install Maxthon for my customers but after following up with them, they quit using Maxthon because it is too confusing for them. Sometimes a customer likes the look but I end up "training" them how to use Maxthon. This tells me it isn't as user friendly as it should be. imaxthon startup page compared to Quick Access is confusing to them, adding favorite sites to Maxnote as opposed to be a simple add to favorites is cumbersome and confusing and Passkeeper confuses some users. These are all great functions for people that understand Maxthon's Terminology and that have used Maxthon for some time but it isn't easy for just an average person that has never used Maxthon before. When I was in manufacturing we had a term that we used when creating new processes. The Term is the "KISS" method. KISS= Keep It Simple Stupid.
  6. I am having trouble with custom user Agents. For example If I select Chrome and paste in the newest User Agent from Google Chrome, MX 5 tells me that settings have been saved but when I shut Maxthon down and reopen, the new User Agent has reverted back to the default that came with MX 5. Any ideas or solutions would be appreciated, Thanks, Bob
  7. The CPU Status is grayed out and cannot be selected. The only add on/ extension that I use is Ad Block, so what are the others?
  8. I am seeing up to 8 instances of Maxthon running in addition to the Maxthon program,9 Total, but typically 7-8 instances when I look at Task Manager in Win 10. MX5 V5.1.3.1000 Maxthon is using more Ram than any other running program or service. Is this normal or is there a problem with this many instances running? In the attached file, I have sorted Task Manager by Memory so not all Maxthon instances are showing. I believe there are 1-2 more instances not shown. Maxthon is sluggish, slowly loads pages and when scrolling through a Facebook timeline only part of the page is displayed unless I scroll up and down the page until it fully loads the image. Also, is it possible to display the CPU, Memory and Ip information at the bottom of the screen as in Maxthon 3 and 4 versions?
  9. still having the loading weather icon. It never changes
  10. After updating to the start page does not load location and weather. any ideas why?
  11. Maxthon Startpage

    Where are you pulling the version numbers from for the strings when you update the string? From the websites for the browsers? I am also having a glitch on Facebook where I have to scroll up and down the page to get posts to display. I scroll to the bottom of the page and get a blank page until I scroll up and down until the posts load.
  12. Maxthon Startpage

    Ok,, it must have been a failed install. I went back a couple versions, copied in the local storage files and all was good there. Updated and the install brought in the links. Now, Newsmax feeds buffer very often but not using Edge or Opera. Facebook live streams, chat comments do not update. I can enter a post in a live stream chat but other comments do not update. Is there a user string that might correct this? I have tried Explorer 11, Maxthon, Chrome, Firefox and Opera user strings. Same results on all of them.
  13. Maxthon Startpage

    So, what do you mean "works as expected". I lost all links on the imaxthon startpage after the update. If I remove/delete/rename the pc-newtab files and replace them with imaxthon , the startpage comes back with the links. When I shut down the browser and reopen it, the default links come back. I went through and re-created all my links manually in "Your Favorites" section of the startup page. I restarted MX5 and the links are all gone and back to the default "Your Favorites" Links Section.
  14. So, here we go again. Although I use Quick Access, I also use the maxthon startpage as a "quick access" with links to all my favorite websites. After upgrading to, I have lost all the links again. I kept a backup of the Local storage files imaxthon http_i.maxthon.com_0.localstorage and http_i.maxthon.com_0.localstorage-journal just in case of any issues. Now has changed them to http_pc-newtab.maxthon.com_0.localstorage and http_pc-newtab.maxthon.com_0.localstorage-journal. I sure would like to recover my imaxthon page links without rebuilding the entire page. Any ideas? Also, with the last two updates, gmail will not load in standard view. I am forced to html view or to go to Microsoft Edge to view Gmail in standard view. As I have mentioned many times before, I have used Maxthon since the mid 2000's and updates always were great updates. However since the late 4 versions, these updates have presented one problem after another. No browser should have these many issues and files that get disassociated in order to update the browser I want to keep the pages as I want them whether it be a guest account or a personal account and whether I use Maxthon as a startup page or if I use Quick Access, it should be a seamless update with options to leave everything just as it was on the last version instead of losing everything. It's a good thing I have a little PC knowledge otherwise, I would have quit using Maxthon a long time ago. The average pc user would never be able to manipulate files just to get something to work.
  15. Updated User Agent

    I have tried. in 4.9 it always saved but for some reason MX5 isn't saving it. Maybe Maxthon needs to add a save button for saving changed setting. I notice when I make changes in 4.9 a message is dislpayed that changes were saved. I don't see that message in MX5 which leaves me wondering if they are being saved, so I exit out of settings and come back in to make sure anything I changed is actually saved. Thanks for the reply.