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  1. I work on computers everyday. Believe me, many people find Maxnote and Passkeeper to be too complicated. I deal with people everyday and they have no clue. Many can't even understand to not call a popup that says "your computer is blocked. Call this number". I have customers that don't even know how to shut Windows down properly, just hit the power button. I have customers that think spreadsheets with macros is a program. I have customers that have paid hundreds of dollars to tech support scammers. So NO, I am not underestimating a customers ability to learn. I am saying many don't want to learn and many just are not tech savy. They just want something to work, no hassle no extra effort. I am by no means a computer wiz or programmer. I just understand the basics and a little more. Something like the Maxthon Now page with everything right there, Favorites, weather, news and able to save passwords is as complicated as they can or may want to handle. Many people don't even know how to install an app or program. The simplicity of Maxthon Now with it's layout is what those types of users like. Look down at your nose at my comments if you want, but I have to deal with these low level users on a daily basis and look for the Simplest ways to get them what they like. Quick Access, Passkeeper, Maxnote does not offer that simplicity for MANY users. I don't have hours to teach people how to use those MX features. In 5 minutes or less I can teach them how to use Maxthon Now. I am not going to start charging customers on how to use Maxnote, QA, Passkeeper. Many people don't want their Passwords in the Cloud and Storing them in the Maxthon Now cookies makes them feel safer since it is on their machine. Even if i did charge people for training, many would still not get it. So pick my thread apart if you like. I know how to use MX and it's features, many customers do not know how and nor could most figure it out and that is who I look out for. I am not going to start charging customers to teach them how to use a browser. For a higher level user I might suggest it. I have yet to see a constructive solution to the questions I asked about the new cookie file name and where to find those cookies in order to back that file up in case MX destroys it in an update. After this smug reply, I guess i will continue to recommend Opera to my customers. It offers the simplicity and uses less resources. Done with Maxthon.
  2. 2nd issue. i know I have mentioned this before. I also use the Maxthon startpage , as a type of Quick Access type page. I use the "Your Favorites" On the Maxthon startpage for all my regular sites. It seems within the last version or so, the way Maxthon handles cookies has changed once again leaving us without our startpage "Your favorites" links and saved passwords for those links in "Your Favorites". Can someone tell me where and what files Now contain that information? It used to be in the localstorage folder and stored in the http_ i.maxthon.com_0.localstorage file. This file also used to be the way I corrected the Weather "Loading" issue just before I just gave up on Maxthon for that issue. I used to really like the Maxthon browser and had used it since about 2005 or so, but too many changes that have left features with bugs or left users with having to rebuild the startup page with no warning or alternative for recovering those lost cookies and using them in the next version, is what has pushed me to seeking alternative browsers like Opera. I would be happy to come back but simple things that simple customers like have been pushed aside for more advanced users, which I AM one, however most customers are not and Quick Access and Passkeeper are too complicated for many users.
  3. I moved away from maxthon for awhile and thought I would come back to see if things have improved and maybe start using it again. So, I installed v5.4.2.3000 and the ever lasting problem on of location and weather and the ever present "Loading" issue has not been dealt with. I used to install maxthon on customer computers and the weather was always a selling point for customers to switch to maxthon. But the problem still exists even though I mentioned this MONTHS ago.There is no option to set location, just continuous "Loading". I copied and pasted the error codes here from the page element console which i present again here Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'query' of null at Object.success ( at l (5b2dc7d8.lib.js:1) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (5b2dc7d8.lib.js:1) at d (5b2dc7d8.lib.js:3) at XMLHttpRequest.d (5b2dc7d8.lib.js:3) 2en-us.htm:52 A Parser-blocking, cross site (i.e. different eTLD+1) script,, is invoked via document.write. The network request for this script MAY be blocked by the browser in this or a future page load due to poor network connectivity. If blocked in this page load, it will be confirmed in a subsequent console message.See for more details. (anonymous) @ en-us.htm:52 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) Failed to load resource: net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () So, without this Weather feature, i cannot recommend Maxthon to my customers as no one wants something on the startup page to have something does not work and keeps "Loading". I have tried the NEW install on TWO separate machines with the same results.
  4. Updated User Agent

    I have tried. in 4.9 it always saved but for some reason MX5 isn't saving it. Maybe Maxthon needs to add a save button for saving changed setting. I notice when I make changes in 4.9 a message is dislpayed that changes were saved. I don't see that message in MX5 which leaves me wondering if they are being saved, so I exit out of settings and come back in to make sure anything I changed is actually saved. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Updated User Agent

    I have tried this but it is not being saved. The UA reverts back to the default UA.
  6. Updated User Agent

    How do I save a user Agent?
  7. Can't play twitter video

    whenwill be released?
  8. Can't play twitter video there is a video on this page.
  9. Can't play twitter video

    I also have trouble on some websites and Twitter. Facebook and Youtube videos play just fine. The bigger issue for me is Twitter videos. Win 10 and MX
  10. Updated User Agent

    Thanks, Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 10.0; U; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/ Chrome/53.0.2785.89 Safari/537.36 OPR/39.0.2256.48 QupZilla/2.0.1 Seems to be working, I do encounter a video once in awhile that gives me the "this browser does not support video playback" message. If that happens I just Google the video and watch it at another source if possible.
  11. Updated User Agent

    I am using in Windows 10 In order for me to type in this forum, I have to use the Chrome Agent, when I go back to Facebook, I have to switch to IE 11 Agent to play videos in Facebook. In Youtube I have to switch to Chrome Agent to view comments. So basically, I have to switch gents to get certain website functions to work. Some Agents just don't work at all for example, Opera, there is no difference than IE 11 Agent. Is there an Agent that can address these issue so I don't have to keep switching Agents? Thanks, Bob
  12. FB Live Feed

    I am having this issue where the comment section covers the video feed and the video feed is zoomed in so the full video object is not seen. This video should be showing the man's entire upper body. In addition the comments do not update automatically. I have to refresh the page to update comments.
  13. Adobe Support

  14. I am running Win 10 and Maxthon V4.9.2.1 I have asked this several times. I have tried all the suggested "fixes" for Adobe support in Maxthon. New Falshplayer, coping and renaming Macromed file to Maxthon. Turning Plugin support off and on in Maxthon. Nothing works, Facebook, websites will not play videos and I cannot upload photos in FB without going through Facebook's basic uploader for problems uploading photos. There is no problem in Opera or in Microsoft Edge, so it is a problem in Maxthon. many pages in FB and websites display "Cannot Load Plugin". I want to back up my Guest Startup Page Favorites in the Favorites section of the start up page, so I do not lose all my links and passwords for auto login so that I can uninstall and re-install Maxthon. What is the safest and best way to back up those links and passwords? I am open to trying other "fixes" but so far no one has come forward with a definite fix.