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  1. MX5 Crash

    Ok, got tired of chasing the problem and just did a Windows Refresh and reinstalled MX5. The Maxthon home page is set up in an odd way. .2000 is available but you cannot directly download it so I just installed .1000. Too much waiting and hassle to get 2000. The other issue i have is why must we update flash player manually?
  2. MX5 Crash

    Ok, I entered safe mode and ran Portable as guest, same results "Page Crashed" Reload Switch Engine. I rebooted, went into my wife's profile, reinstalled MX5. Now Imaxthon comes up. From the Imaxthon page, all the "quick Links work, but nothing from the favorites bar works "Page Crashed". I tried MX Menus, Page Crashed. So at the moment I am posting this from MX4 using the Chrome UA. I looked at about and system information and got this for Mx5(at least I could get to this in the MX5 menu.) Version: OS: 10.0.14393. IE: 11.1198.14393.0 Maxthon.exe = MxBrowser.dll = mx_core.dll = Maxzlib.dll = MxService.dll = MxAddonsMgr.dll = MxCrashCatch.dll = MxDb.dll = MxDownloader.dll = MxEncode.dll = MxFilePackage.dll = MxHttpRq.dll = MxIPC.dll = MxMsg.dll = MxResMgr.dll = MxRsc.dll = MxTool.dll = MxUI.dll = MxXDR.dll = MxCmpUrl.dll = MxFav.dll = MxFavDb.dll = MxHistory.dll = MxQRGen.dll = MxSiteIcon.dll = MxSmartUrl.dll = MxStorage.dll = MxMolebox.dll = MxSync.dll = MxUrlSec.dll = MxAvatarExt.dll = MxExtTools.dll = MxAddonMisc.dll = MxMsgCenter.dll = MxMsgPush.dll = MxQrcLogin.dll = MxSvInfo.dll = MxUeip.dll =
  3. MX5 Crash

    Microsoft: Windows 10 will notify you when the Creators Update is available for your device. When it’s ready, you’ll be asked to review your privacy settings before downloading the update. After it’s installed, your device will be running Windows 10, version 1703. "Microsoft officially began the Windows 10 Creators Update rollout on April 11. I cautioned about rushing to upgrade to it at the time, and then Microsoft said much the same thing shortly afterwards, recommending users didn’t install it until the upgrade was offered to them. Six weeks since the rollout began, and still the Creators Update isn’t available to the vast majority of Windows 10 users. SEE ALSO: Microsoft recommends you don't install the Windows 10 Creators Update" So, i don't believe this update has anything to do with MX5 on one computer, otherwise other people would be having the same issue. This is something contained within this one laptop unless other users have had a similar issue. I will try Safe Mode with Portable only as mentioned by 7twenty. And come back later.
  4. MX5 Crash

    Not sure why I need an upgrade or update. Win 10 has the most current updates. I am running Win 10 V 1607 Os Build 14393.1198 taken from Windows Settings, so i don't know why the info.txt would be showing anything different.
  5. MX5 Crash

    I tried Guest, My account, my wife's account in MX5, Portable MX5 and MX 4. MX4 runs but with lots of issues which some can be remedied by changing UA depending on function and website. I have not tried Everything in safe mode. Where does Mx5 store data? I want to do a FULL uninstall by uninstalling and going to any location where remaining data is left behind and remove it as if Mx5 never existed on the computer before since Maxthon has never fully uninstalled itself since, I think 3,. Once all files and folders have been removed, I will go in and run ccleaner registry cleaner and AVG Pc Tune up Registry cleaner to get everything. Here is the most recent dump from yesterday. crash.dmp info.txt
  6. MX5 Crash

    Yes, I have tried the Portable version and the full version. I mentioned way back up, that I had tried the portable version. I also have MX5 on my laptop and it is very "laggy" but not the Crashing issue. All other browsers like Edge and Opera work fine on my laptop. But there is something very wrong on my wife's laptop. I am a repair tech and have been working on computers for 30 years. This is not something that is beyond me but I have no idea why fresh installs and only using the portable version would display the same issue. Even menus/ setting display "Page Crashed". Passport, Maxnote, any MX5 function displays the same message.
  7. MX5 Crash

    Well I uninstalled and removed all data. I created a new user on the pc and installed MX5. I get the same Page Crashed message. I uninstalled again and removed all user data and installed MX 4 and it works, however I have to use the Chrome UA for me to do anything here in this forum. Update: I added the new UA for 4.9 and MX 4 is working here now.
  8. MX5 Crash

    There were no new programs or updates done prior to this happening. When I did the full uninstall, I selected remove all user data, etc, etc..if that isn't enough then MX needs to update the uninstall program. If i select "Remove All" it should remove ALL, including files, folders and registery entries. I checked event viewer but I did not see anything that I could identify related to MX5. But for now, I will Uninstall again and check the Appdata file.
  9. MX5 Crash

    I signed out and entered as guest, crashed page. Did full uninstall, reboot pc,ran ccleaner to clean registry, re-install, crashed page
  10. MX5 Crash

    I have not uninstalled 4 but I do Not open both at the same time. I know only one can run at a time. MX5 has been running with 4 installed for months and I have both installed on my other laptop with no issues. Something has happened in MX5 as the Portable MX5 also has the same "Page has Crashed" with every action, Quick Access crashes, Settings crashes, new tab crashes all give the same message "Page has Crashed" "Reload Page and Switch Engine" buttons are available but neither corrects the issue. I am running Win 10 and the latest version of MX5 and Portable.
  11. MX5 Crash

    I would if it would open the menus. EVERY action results in "Page has Crashed".
  12. MX5 Crash

    Just did a partial uninstall leaving user data, MX5 opened 1 time and then crashed again. Installed V4.9.4.3000 and it runs fine.
  13. MX5 Crash

    I tried the Portable Version and still get page crashes. No pages will load. Still same error messages as my screen shot as in my above comment.
  14. MX5 Crash

    yes, I just updated and every setting or page I try to open says Page Crashed. Sure could use a solution.
  15. MX5 Crash

    My wife is running MX 5 V 5.02.2000. We cannot open anything in MX5 including settings. Clearing cache does not work either.