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  1. hello, i get this strange error every few days, on maxthon 5 (latest version and before) the laptop on which this error happens is usually in sleep modus at night.
  2. "winpc issue" maxthon 5 extremely high cpu usage

    i am currently at 65-70% cpu usage when the page is open. seems like others have the same high cpu usage issue. ----- this is 1 of the very few sites that generate lots of CPU usage, (al CPU cores/threads, are at 65-70%) yet the ram usage is very very low (under 600mb ram is for maxthon used when the site is open (about 450mb when using it normally ))
  3. "winpc issue" maxthon 5 extremely high cpu usage

    that is odd, your specs are worse than mine? yet the cpu usage is lower
  4. "winpc issue" maxthon 5 extremely high cpu usage

    what kind of hardware do you have? this can also be the case? if you have newer hardware with a higher passmark score it is always faster
  5. "winpc issue" maxthon 5 extremely high cpu usage

    another site that causes extremely high cpu usage is ---- this is a site for the show rick and morty https://earth.galacticfederation.com/ https://prison.galacticfederation.com/prisoners/ ---
  6. when using maxthon i experience a high CPU usage (about 50% peak usage) this mostly happens when i have some pages open wich run a video on 720P, or scrolling trough a lot of page length, on longer site pages. this issue can be generated by going to "facebook" and quickly scrolling really fast up and down, the CPU usage wil rise fast to 50-60% and starts to cap at 50% the problem is not so severe but it does generate a lot of cpu usage resulting in hotter CPU ------------- the cpu usage when having 40 tabs open is about 40%, on maxthon 3 this was much and much lower. got about 50% cpu usage when having over 350 tabs open, on maxthon 3. (you need to calculate in about 10% for the system/other apps) ------------ device specifications: (device is upgraded) asus n76vz intel 3630QM 16GB ddr3l 1600mhz ram gt650m 2gb main system runs on a SSD (kinston hyperX) maxthon version: -----------
  7. Password manager forgot all passwords

    have had the same issue, this happened some time before too on maxthon 3 and maxthon 4, and was caused by a data conflict between local and online files. i did do a feature request which can prevent this, (a window asking which user data you want to use "local or online" if you choose local the local will sync and replace the online ones, and if you choose online it will replace the local ones)