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  1. resource sniffer bug.

    update: rapid video host was fixed for a while, but now the random string name is back for only this client/host
  2. resource sniffer bug.

    *bump. currently the bug became worse. now the file extensions are gone, and i have to add them manually. the download names are even corrupt for files from (mega.com/others), since crome can download them just fine _______________________________ for video's the bug has been solved, i will test it soon for the "other sites" i have issues with
  3. resource sniffer bug.

    i am aware of it, but sometimes people will always recommend to do a clean install, and i already test it, before they will start saying it should work/fix the issue. ------------------ some of the video-hosts that have this issue: (this way testing will be easier) "rapidvideo" "mp4upload" "openload" and a unknown one called "beta server" if there is any update regarding this problem please let me know. a fix will be nice, since downgrading will only corrupt the QA window, (had this a few times before. luckily i had a recent local backup, to fix it, since the online data was corrupt and thus showing a clean QA window, {as you have a clean install and not logged in})
  4. resource sniffer bug.

    update:, the latest version still has the same problem, still a scambled or videoplayback.mp4 name for the video files. clean install does not solve the problem. ______________________ edit: some have a semi correct name: like Episode xx.mp4 but its still missing a lot of text from the video name
  5. resource sniffer bug.

    the version i was using before: mx5.1.0.1400-beta yes that is the name of the file/video. the other name it could have is a scrambled name of symbols. ----------------------------------- this happens to all video's even to video's that i have downloaded/leached before, from the same "video" server. normally the name of the video is like this (replaced the name with .....) ....... ... ... ...... Episode *** - Watch ....... ... ... ...... Episode *** ____________________________ clearing the user-data folder does not solve the problem.
  6. resource sniffer bug.

    hello when using resource-sniffer to leach video's from sites, i have noticed that the name always becomes: videoplayback.mp4 while at the site the name of the video is still correct, the version of maxthon i am running: V what is the best solution to fix this issue, i did not have this issue before updating to this version